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In The Interest Of Science(for MAmberConrad's Ooh,It's A Challenge!)

Short story By: hyperforce
Science fiction

A college student goes to his friend's house to find out what's going on and makes a most shocking discovery.

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It was around Nine in the morning that a student at Baldwin Wallace College named Walter Newbury had arrived at the home of a fellow student whose name happens to be Timothy Davenport to check up on him because the dean had received a phone call from a woman saying that Timothy was not going to attend any classes on that day because he had suddenly became way too sick to do so.

Of course, that had caused Walter to become concerned about Timothy's health because he had known full well that his best friend had never missed one single class no matter how under the weather he truly was which had made Walter to go check on Timothy and find out what was really going on with him.

After he had found the spare key that Timothy had kept under the swing on the front porch, Walter had unlocked and opened the door.And after he had walked over to the fish tank in the living room, looked at the rock bass that was suppossed to be male and discovered with a great deal of shock that it had somehow became female, Walter had said, "Wholly shit! I don't believe it! You son of a bitch! You've actually done it!"

"And that's not all, Wally! Turn around and see what I had done for an encore!", that was what the voice of a mysterious female had said to Walter just before he had turned around slowly and noticed that a hot looking blonde babe with only a pair of eyeglasses and a trenchcoat on was standing in front of him.

That had made Walter look at the transformed Timothy straight in the eyes and said, "I've got to admit it, Tim! When you invent something, it really is a big one! Only one question! Why did you inject yourself with that sex change serum?", just before Timothy had opened her trenchcoat to expose her new body to her best friend and fellow student and said, "It's funny that you should ask, Wally! Look at this! Can you believe how far it has gone in such a short time? Look at my body!"

"I am, Tim! Believe me! I really am! And from what I'm seeing right now, it really is amazing!", that was what an impressed Walter had said to Timothy before she had rolled her eyes and said, "You're not kidding! When I've started with the treatments, I've never believed that it would do anything like this to a human being! I mean, I've thought that it had only done this sort of thing on fish like Monty in the tank!"

That was before Walter had raised his hand and said, "Don't say it, Tim! Let me guess! You've just realized that you were wrong! Am I right?"

And after she had let out a sigh, Timothy had said, "You've got that right, Wally! I mean, my cock is completely gone now! I know that it has been tiny for the last month or so! But now, I've got a pussy! And look at these tits! Does this look anything like my old male chest to you?"

"Not anymore!", that was the answer that Walter had given to Timothy before she had said, "You better believe that it doesn't! I mean, I just can't believe how big they are nor how much they bounce when I walk!"

"You also have to admit, Tim. Those puppies really are hard to miss.", Walter had said to Timothy while he was staring at her large jugs and she had looked at her bare chest and said, "That's for sure! When I look down, they're just way out in front of me! When I lean forward, they hang down from my chest and pulling me over!"

Then, after Walter had opened his big mouth and said, "And when you get down on all fours, they hang and sway.", Timothy had suddenly became her best friend's choice of words, looked at her tits and said, "You know, Wally. I really do wonder how much they'll sway when I'm getting fucked from behind."

"As in doggie style?", that was what an equally curious Walter had asked Timothy before she had looked at the spot between her legs and answered, "Well, Wally. Now that I've got a little hairless pussy, I can't wait to find out. After all, it should be in the interest of science. Don't you agree?"

And after Walter had walked right up to Timothy and said, "Let me put it to you this way, Tim.", he had grabbed her by the arms and planted one hell of a deep kiss on her lips just before they had gone into the bedroom and gotten themselves naked.

Then, after Walter had kneeled down and started sucking very last drop of juice out of her moist snatch and pushing his finger straight into her asshole, Timothy had laid her hands on his bare back, slowly licked her lips and said, "Yeeeessss! Oooohhhh, God! Yeeeessss! For the ssssake of sssscience! We musssst do ssssoooohhhh, fucking sssshhhhit! Aaaaahhhh, fuck! Do it, Wally! I want you to fuck me now!"

That had made Walter stand up, place his hands on Timothy's huge tits and start slamming his large dick hard into her shit portal just before she had grabbed a hold of his hair and yelled, "MY PUSSY! I WANT YOU TO DO IT, WALLY! FUCK MY PUSSY NOW!"

And after he had taken it out of her butt, Walter had spun Timothy around, plopped her down on the bed and started sucking on her massive breasts and shoving his Kong sized cock so deep into her soaking wet piss vortex that it had forced Timothy to dig her fingernails equally deep into Walter's back and let out one hell of a monsterous scream before a full gallon of cum had poured itself right out of the newfound fuck buddies and they had stopped to catch their breath.

That was before Timothy had put her hand on Walter's shoulder and her head on his chest and asked, "So, what do you think we should tell everyone else at Baldwin Wallace?", only to have Walter lay his gentle hand on Timothy's forehead and say, "Well, Tim. One thing's for sure. There's no way in hell that they would be able to believe us when we tell them the truth."

And of course, they had both agreed to keep the whole thing to themselves.

As for what Timothy should do with the rest of her life, she had her name changed to Tiffani Daven and gotten herself a job as an artist's model which happens to be a good thing because she really does have one hell of a great bod for it.


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