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In A Lonely Woman's Garden

Short story By: hyperforce
Science fiction

A lonely Earth female goes into her house for something to drink,walks back out to her garden and discovers a naked alien being who looks exactly like her late husband.

Submitted:Apr 5, 2011    Reads: 383    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

It was on a nice and sunny Spring afternoon that a beautiful dark haired maiden whose name happens to be Erica Hartman was sitting on a chair in the middle of her garden behind her Malibu,California home and stare at the many photographs and memories of her beloved late husband Steve,who had said that she actually was the almost spitting image of a certain blonde actress named Lana Clarkson.

And when she had allowed herself to remember that little moment in time,poor Erica had shed a tear,placed a gentle hand on a small lock of hair that was taped to a page of the scrapbook and said in a soft voice,"I still love you,you dumb lug!",before she had stood up,placed the scrapbook on the lawn chair and gone into the house for something to drink.

But while she was doing that,an orb shaped object had zoomed itself into Earth's atmosphere and crashed into a wooded area that was about a few feet away from Erica's house.And after it had cracked open,a small orb of living energy had lifted itself out of its damaged craft and headed straight for the lawn chair that still had the scrapbook on it.

And after it had opened the scrapbook and discovered the lock of Steve's hair still taped to a page,the living energy orb had pulled the hair off the page and into itself just in time for Erica to step back outside with her can of Diet Pepsi and witness the orb transform itself into a humanoid male.

That had made a shocked Erica take a can of pepper spray out of one pocket and a cell phone out of another,aim the pepper spray at the still transforming orb and say,"I don't give a shit who or what you are,Asshole!You take one step towards me,I'll spray you with so much mace that you'll have no choice but to...!"

But just as she was about to fire the pepper spray and dial Nine One One for the local police,the fully transformed humanoid had turned around and allowed Erica to see that he had became the spitting image of her late husband Steve before she had looked at his wonderful naked bod started feeling the flames of sexual desire go ablaze within her once again.

And after she had dropped the cell phone and the pepper spray down to the ground,Erica had taken her clothes off and pumped her fingers into her soaking wet pussy before she had slowly licked her lips and asked,"Well?!What are you waiting for,you dumb lug?!Get your ass over here and fuck me!"

That had made the Steve Hartman clone to stroke his stiff cock before he had planted a big kiss on Erica's lips,kneeled down and sucked on her juice filled cunt with his hands on her firm breasts.And after she had placed her hands on the humanoid's bare back and said,"Oooohhhh!Aaaahhhh!Oooohhhh,God!Yeeeessss!Do it,Steve!Suck every last drop of juice out of my pussy!Give me the hard fuck with that tongue of yours!Do it naaaahhhh,sssshhhhit!",they had lowered themselves down to ground in time for the humanoid to poke his finger in and out of Erica's asshole while she was sucking on his gigantic dick.

Then,after he had taken it out of her mouth,placed his hands on her shoulders and started sucking on her huge tits and thrusting his large cock deep inside her totally wet twat,Erica had placed her hands back on the intergalactic visitor's bare back and yelled at the top of her lungs,"AAAAHHHH!AAAAHHHH,SSSSHHHHIT!YEEEESSSS,STEVE!YEEEESSSS!FUCK THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME!SLAM THAT DICK INTO MY WET PUSSY!MAKE ME WANNA CAAAAHHHH...AAAAHHHH...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!"

And then,after they had finally came and fallen asleep on that very same lawn chair,the Steve Hartman lookalike had transformed himself back into his original form and zoomed himself back into the darkest reaches of outer space.As for the Earth woman that he had left behind,Erica had suddenly felt a stranger's hand on her forehead.

And of course,that had made her open her eyes and see that two of her best friends Michelle Dunne and Rosanna Guttenberg were sitting next to her.And while Erica was staring at the large Pittsberg Steelers blanket that had been drapped over her naked body,a concerned Michelle had placed her hand on Erica's shoulder and said,"Look,Erica.I know that you do miss Steve whenever Springtime rolls around.But don't you think that you're taking things a bit too far?"

That was before Erica had let out a smile and a laugh and told her two best friends about the alien encounter that she had before their arrival which had only resulted in Michelle laughing her head off and asking,"Are you bullshitting me,Erica?I mean,are you really bullshitting me?"

"Well,Michelle?What do you expect to happen in a lonely woman's garden?",that was what a sarcastic Rosanna had saked Michelle before Erica had gotten up from the lawn chair and said,"It figures!It just figures!I know that you guys would not believe me!And to tell you the truth,I really don't blame you."



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