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A Slave Girls Needs

Novel By: Meggie1495
Science fiction

Scarlett Jay-Nel, sister to Saralyn was taken one night with her sister four years ago, separated from her she was taken aboard a Slave Ship to serve in any way possible. Being unable to bend to another's will without love she somehow entertained her Captain each night without giving herself to him, but in what way, and what that cost, it's uncertain even to Scarlett. She never really slept unless she wasn't in her Captain's cabin, her body deteriorates slowly due to the freeze dried food, and emotional anguish. Then one day when her Captain sells her back onto the market, and they land on another alien planet a angel comes to save her. But how can she be saved if she is terrified of her angel, how long can she keep her angel away, and does she even want to? Samantha Alein will push Scarlett to her limits of emotional comprehension, confusion, and lust until one day they have to come together to suffer through an accident which one hadn't wanted, and the other did. View table of contents...


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Chapter One
Scarlett's POV

Months before

If every person in the world even knew half the torment the world could be, maybe just maybe people wouldn't be so naive, wouldn't be so stupid. But like that could even begin to happen, the world would always be that way, hopeful on the outside, but cruel on the inside. I was lucky to even have some of the things I have now, clothes, food even if it makes me sick, and life, or as life could be life being trapped on a ship all alone, subjected to cruel treatment, and thrown around.

I sighed, and stood up, the captain would be back soon, and I would have to distract him every night from him true intent when he came to my bedroom, to deflower me. I don't care if I am a slave, I will never let that happen, I would give myself to someone I cared, and loved about, and not before!

I walked to the port window, and pushed the curtain open to stare into open space, it was beautiful, but in here it was ugly, screams, blood, and tears all the time, and of course with laughter by the men.

Sara. I missed my big sister, where could she be, was she still on earth? Was she safe? I hoped so, and I hoped she was happy as well. Unlike me, I thought bitterly, I scowled at myself, and whirled around when I heard the door start to click open. Here it comes. Bring it.
* * *
Some how escaping use with my talents, I was being sold again. The captain was tired of me not letting him use me, and he couldn't seem to get close enough to do it, his head lets say, was somewhere else. I shuttered, and was yanked into a selling ship, he had sold back to the slave distributor, we were being taken to a alien planet, and tried to be sold in each planet.

I would get bought again, but I would refuse my bodies use once more, curling up on a bundle of blankets (that they laid out for us) in just black tights, and a thin white tee, I shut my eyes tight, my knees to my chest, and prayed no one touched me while I slept.
* * *

A sharp kick was delivered to my ribs, and I groaned, I was feeling bad, worse than bad. I was allergic to the type of food that they fed us all the time, freeze dried food, some chemical in it made me terribly sick.

"What is wrong with her?" A woman's voice asked, I felt her drop down next to me, and she brushed my hair back.

"She's sick." The woman scuffled, and pulled my arms away from my face, my eyes blinked open, looking into a face of an angel.

"Please," I said, "just don't move me." The woman smiled at me, her beautiful chocolate honey hair was waved around her face, and deep olive green eyes.

"Why is she sick then! If she is worth as much as you said she is, shouldn't you be taking care of her." The man who sold slaves shrugged his shoulders.

"We do." I coughed, and said,

"I'm allergic to the food they feed me." The man's eyes lit in angry, he bent down, lifted his hand to slap me, but the woman bashed his head with a rounded kick by flipping her whole entire crouch body over, and kicked him with the leg that was the farthest away from him.

"Don't hit her! Damn slave driver." She was dressed in combo jeans, and a black tank with a black belt looped through the pants, on her feet were heavy working boot.

"Thanks." I whispered, and closed my eyes, she patted my face gently.

"Hey, don't pass out on me." I peeled my eyes back open to see the guy stand back up from the kick that had started to bruise his face. "So, how much again?" She ask the guy, he rubbed his head, and said,

"About a hundred thousand dollars." She gasped, her eyes wide, she blinked officially shocked.

"Why so much?!" The man brushed himself off, and rolled his eyes, scoffing at the woman.

"She's a breeding slave, she's fifty thousand, then for her virginity another fifty thousand." I winced, my head pulsed against my skull, and I groaned, rolling to my back with effort.

"Fine, I'll write a check." By that point I had no idea what the angel in front of me was talking about, and I closed my eyes once more, feeling darkness seep into my brain, blacking out.

Samantha's POV
Early that day

"Mom! I'm off to work." Picking up my lunch that Mom had made for me, I felt her hand on my shoulder, I whirled around to see her staring at me with a slight worried expression.

"You know Samantha, I worry about you. You're almost thirty years old, and you haven't seemed to found anyone. I don't mind feeding you in the lest since you're so helpless at that, but you need someone to take care of you, and love you when I can't." I sighed, and set down my bag, I crossed my arms over my chest, and took a breath to let out on another sigh.

"Don't you think I wonder about that myself?" My foot decided that it needed to tap so I let it, the only noise in the kitchen was the annoying tapping of my irritated mood which was being let out through my excessive movement.

"I know honey, but you know what would help you find someone? You need to get out more, and stop being so responsible. I know that is contradicting coming from your mother, but it's the only way your going to get anywhere in that area." I rolled my eyes, but chuckled.

"Sometimes I wonder if your my mother, or my friend, I'll be fine Mom, but if it helps with your worrying I'll go out later tonight." Mom grinned, her dimples dipping in, and eyes flashed a bright brown, almost tinted red.

"Good! Be safe, and don't work so hard today, you'll need energy." Mom had something up her sleeve, her eyes darted away from me when she said I needed energy, what did she know?
* * *

"Samantha! You did awesome today with executing everything perfectly, my wedding was great, and I thank you!" Kelly Weston, now Kelly Langley, my previous client was thanking me, her face flushed, and eyes bright with unshed tears. I was a wedding planner, and I do say so hers was one of my finest so far.

The theme had been orange, and torquiest, we had orange roses, bowls of torquiest stones on the tables, and blue, white, and orange decorations. Her dress had been a light baby blue going to her upper knees, and her beautiful platinum blonde hair had been curled, and pushed back with a sapphire encrusted tiara.

"Your welcome Kelly. I hope you have a long, and fulfilled life. You'll tell me when a little one come wont you?" Kelly blushed brightly, her eyes wide, and cheeks a reddish hug, little virgin, I always found that cute, and I hope Damon saw it that way as well.

"Well of course, I-I...You'll be the first to know, besides Damon." I held out my arms, and she gave me a tight, and happy hug.

"Bless your marriage, and love Kelly." Giving her our sacred words that had been passed down as good luck, and hopeful prayers. I let her go, and kissed her cheek affectionally. "Go, and dance with your man Kelly. He's looking over here with a jealous face." Kelly blushed, and pulled away quickly, she gave a quick smile, and turned to run to Damon.

So little virgin got that joke? I giggled, and watched them with affection as they twinned themselves together, and danced flushed to one another, I sighed wishfully. I swayed my hips to the beat of the music, and wished that I had someone special to dance with, someone who would dance well with me, make sure I was well taken care or, who I would take care of, and who would be who they were, and having a deep connection with.

I haven't dance with anyone in over ten years, last love tends to do that. He had been an incredible dancer, talented lover, and sweet man. My Taylor. I growled at myself, so his love wasn't meant to be mine, and mine not his. We parted on good terms after he realized that he had been in love with his best friend for years, he begged me not to hate him, and I don't. Like I could even if I wanted to. Now Taylor was married to Asa, and had a little girl.

I straightened up, and pushed my hair back from my face, I needed out, I needed fresh air, and a good sweat. I said my good lucks, and goodbyes to the couple, and jogged out into the night with my heels clicking against the pavement. I threw open the truck of my car, and tugged out my gym bag. There was a gym two blocks away, and a good work out is just what I needed to clear my mind.

My sparkly yellow dress paled my skin to a harsh degree in an alluring way though, I entered the gym, and took a deep breath, time for an intense cardio session.
* * *

The cold air being tugged into my lungs at a rushed rate felt sharp, and painful, but in a refreshing way, I bore on the concert, feeling the soles of my boots slam down hard. I bent forward, and sped up, my breath coming in shorter, and skin feeling the power of the wind against my bare upper body, and face.

I turned my head towards the shipping docks, and gasped. A huge ship was sitting in the dock with lots of woman walking around in basically the same outfit of stretchy tights, and sweatshirts. My eye caught one woman laying on the ground, she was on a pile of blankets, curled into a ball with only a short sleeve tee on.

Her tights looked too big as did the shirt, I jogged up to her in curiosity, and found a man standing guard. He was tall with brown hair, and harsh blue eyes, dressed in a white tee shirt, and black work out pants, his feet were wearing black steel toe boots.

"Who are you?" I asked the man, his lips tugged into a small smile as he looked me up and down with appreciation.

"Hello darling, I'm David, a Slave Driver/Guard." He had a very southern sounding drawl, like from the movies, he must of been from Earth. I looked down at the girl on the blankets, he was hovering over her, intently watching this one specially. Her dirty blond hair was in disarray around her tired, and worn face, her cheeks bright with the cold, and lips chapped.

"What is she, a Slave?" He nodded.

"She expensive, that one is. More than people be 'specting to buy in a Slave Market." "I'll wake her." His foot kicked a little bit too hard if I might say to her ribs, and she groaned.

"What is wrong with her?"I asked, I drop down next to her, and brushed her hair back.

"She's sick." I scuffled, and pulled her arms away from the girl's face, her eyes of silver blinked open, she looked up at me with awe.

"Please," She pleaded, "just don't move me." I smiled at her.

"Why is she sick then! If she is worth as much as you said she is, shouldn't you be taking care of her." The man who sold slaves shrugged his shoulders.

"We do." She coughed, and said,

"I'm allergic to the food they feed me." The man's eyes lit in angry, he bent down, lifted his hand to slap her, but I bashed his head with my rounded kick by flipping my whole entire crouch body over, and kicked him with the leg that was the farthest away from him.

"Don't hit her! Damn slave driver."

"Thanks." She whispered, and closed her eyes, I patted her face gently.

"Hey, don't pass out on me." She peeled her eyes back open to see the guy stand back up from the kick that had started to bruise his face. "So, how much again?" I ask the guy, he rubbed his head, and said,

"About a hundred thousand dollars." I gasped, my eyes wide, I blinked officially shocked.

"Why so much?!" The man brushed himself off, and rolled his eyes, scoffing at me.

"She's a breeding slave, she's fifty thousand, then for her virginity another fifty thousand." She winced, and groaned, rolling to her back with effort.

"Fine, I'll write a check." The girl passed out from exhaustion. "What's her name, anyhow?" The man rolled his eyes as I signed the virtually check on his work tablet, he pulled it back, and started to flip through her files.

"I'll send you a copy of her files, her names Scarlett Jay-Nel, she's a Kela, water brach of Nemos from the Delta planet. She's an alien like you, but in a different way, she can control the element of water, while your type can change your eggs to sperm, a little trick to keep your population up, neat. She's a handful, be careful." I sighed, but nodded, I had no idea what I was doing, it was a stupid idea, but I couldn't leave her here all neglected, and sick.

I lifted her up, and carried her to my car.
* * *
"Stay away from me!" She screamed loudly, she tried to stand up, but tripped on her own feet, and I caught her before she tumbled down.

"Scarlett, calm down! Your sick, and in no condition to fight, you need a hot bath, some tea, and bed. Let me help you, all I want to do is help."

"B-but you bought me! You want more than that." Scarlett's voice turned accusing as I helped her flat to her feet. True in deed, I wanted her as I've never wanted another person, but she needed me now, not sex.

"That's not the point Scarlett, baby. You need help, your just going to get sicker." She looked at me with eyes wide in fear, and pain in her body, she was wracked with harsh coughs, and shivering. We were in the middle of my living room, Scarlett standing there seeming like a deer in headlights. "Let me get a bath ready for you, you can bathe by yourself, and I'll get you clean warm comfy clothes, all right?"

Scarlett narrowed her eyes at me, before letting out a breath.

"Fine, but no funny business."

"Scar, I have no intention of that when your so ill, come let me get you up the stairs." I wrapped my arm around her waist, and half held, and half carried her up the stairs, when we got to the landing I lead her to the left, and entered the bathroom.

On the left was a row of mirrors, on the right was the sink in the far corner, the toilet next to it, then the shower. I pulled back the curtains, set Scarlett on the toilet seat, and turned the tub on, filling it up to the top, and scented it with lavender to help her relax.

I looked to the window on the wall in front of the bathroom door, and was happy to see the blinds shut tight.

"I can manage now." Scarlett said slowly, her eyes gazing at me with confusion, and wary trust.

"All right, if you need help ask please, I won't do anything. Set yourself in the tub, I'll be back with clothes." I left, shutting the door behind me as I heard her murmured voice, and the ruffling of clothing, I walked passed the stairs, the two doors in front of the stairs, one a closet, and one with the heater. My room was across from the bathroom, and I pushed open the door, turning the lights on.

I was met with my kitty Tally sleeping curled in a ball on my bed, she was a black cat with white strips. I shut the blinds, and pulled my thin white curtains over the window in front of the door, and the other one to the right of the room above my working desk. Scattered papers, opened laptop, and left over soda can was all over my desk.

I took a second to throw the soda in the recyclable can next to my desk, shuffled my papers into a pile that I would deal with later to organize, and saving the things up on my computer, and shutting it down.

I turned back to my bed, walked passed it, and into my closet to pull out a extra blanket, laying it on the bed, I pulled a thick pair of black sweats, and a comfortable green tank top out of my dresser next to the closet. It had a mirror above it, and on the top was bottles of perfumes, jewelry, and make-up. I grabbed a pair of girl style boxers, and carried them back to the bathroom.

I knocked three times, and pushed the door open to a sight.

Scarlett was half way out of her pants, they were around her waist, down her hips, and had the tee tangled around her head, showing a delicate belly, soft skin, and a beautiful pair of breasts cupped in a plain black bra. The tops of her matching black panties were showing above her pants.

She popped her head out of the tee with a squeak, and tried to cover herself up, resulting in her slipping, I caught her around her waist, and pulled her up. I took her shirt off, and tugged her pants down to revile the rest of her patines, and looked into a flushed, embarrassed face.

"Scar, didn't I tell you to ask me if you needed help, your as weak as a kitten. Come, I'm gonna have to help you out." She didn't protest much besides an occasional grumble when I stripped her of her undergarments, and lowered her into the water.

She helped me as much as possible with cleaning herself, she was blushing the whole time that I was cleaning her hair, and limbs, she got the rest by herself.

"I've never done this before." She commented as I washed the last of the conditioner out of her hair, and squeezed the water out.

"I figured that. Come, lets dry you." I dried her with a fluffy white towel, and helped her into my clothes. I tugged her to my bedroom, and set her down gently. I pushed her hair out of her face, and smiled at her, I brushed her cheek softly, and she started to blush again. "Do you want some tea?" Tally stretched down my the end of the bed, and pranced out of my room.

Scarlett shook her head, and said,

"I just need some sleep." I nodded, and pulled my comforter, and sheets back, I slipped her in between them, and tucked her in. "I have some work to do, cleaning the house because I just got back from finishing a clients wedding, and I have been ignoring the duties of my house. I don't expect you to be awake when I slip in for bed, please don't freak out when I do, I won't touch you while you sleep."

I pressed a light kiss to her forehead, with one last blush, her eyelids fluttered close, and her face slackened in a deep slumber. Time to get to work.

Well, this is the first chapter! I hope you all enjoyed it. -Meg


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