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My first time sharing a book with other people, please read.

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She stared sadly out at the blue-green water. 'They're dead.' A tear caressed her cheek at the thought. All of her family, murdered. Even the ones she hadn't seen in years. 'I'm alone now. I have to take care of myself.' The memories of that day were dull. She had been away when it had happened. "Why?" She glared down at the cold waters.
"I don't think the water did anything. And besides, it's not wise to talk to something that isn't alive." A man in a black suit detached himself from a crowd of nearby people. "Well, when your in public anyway."
"Leave me be." She turned away from him.
He sighed. "I have an offer to make you."
She looked at him through the corner of her eye. Shaggy brown hair and kind green eyes. "What?"
He smiled slightly. "How about I tell you over lunch?"
She studied the man for a minute. 'Should I trust him?' She wondered. 'He doesn't seem to be hiding anything. And he certainly looks nice enough.' She nodded. "Okay, but I don't have any money. So I suppose you'll be eating and I'll be watching." She said getting to her feet.
He looked at her, frowning. "I meant that I was going to buy you lunch." He said as if he had just been turned down.
She blinked a few times. "Oh. Well, I um. Thanks."
He smiled. "So you'll eat with me?"
She hid behind her hair so that he couldn't see the redness of her face, and nodded.
He laughed. "If you walk like that you're going to run into a wall."
She blushed deeply, but moved her hair. "Whatever."
They walked down the street quietly. He kept to the right of her, and she noticed for the first time how tall he was. He towered over her by at least a foot and a half. If not more.They walked until he stopped her at a little café. He held open the door and motioned her inside. "After you." He smiled.
She walked in, and stood not knowing where to sit. He quickly came over to her, and nudged her to a window booth."Sorry." She muttered.
He cocked his head. "What are you sorry about?"
She looked up at him. "Never mind."She said, her voice a whisper.
He shook his head. "Whatever you say." He looked over at the menu. "Want a sandwich?"
She nodded. He looked down at her. A thin lipped smile spread across his face. "What do you want to drink? A soda?"
She nodded again. He sighed. "What type? You're going to have to talk to me here."
She shrugged. "I haven't eaten out in a while."
He nodded. "It doesn't look like you've eaten at all." He said examining how skinny she was.
She frowned and stared out the window. "Yeah."
He shook his head in defiance. "That's not right. Somebody should be taking you in." He sighed and seemed to calm down. "Okay, do you like root beer?"
They ate in silence, she making short work of her sandwich. His eyes bugged out at how quickly she ate. "You don't have to eat so fast! It's not going anywhere." He exclaimed.
She stopped chewing and stared at him for a moment. Then she began chewing again, although not as fast. He shook his head. "Slower."
She rolled her eyes and chewed slower. He smiled. "Better." He nodded.
He was still eating when she finished. To pass the time she watched the passing traffic. He watched her as she gazed intently out the window. Once he had finished he crumpled up his napkin and threw it towards her. "Catch."
"Huh?" She looked up startled just as the napkin collided with her forehead.
"Hey! What was that for?!" She glared at him, holding the wad of napkin in her hand.
He tried to hide his laughter by sipping his coke. "Sorry. I said catch." He apologized after his humor had dispersed.
She frowned and chunked it back at him. "Catch my . . ." She muttered the rest under her breath so that he couldn't hear.
He caught the wad easily and put it down onto the table. "I said sorry. There's no reason to be getting angry." He frowned back at her.
She just rolled her eyes, shook her head, and looked away. He sighed. "Look, I'm sorry. Really. Please don't be mad at me. I was just messing around." He smiled apologetically.
She sighed and gave him a slight half-smile.
He laughed loudly. "Alright."
She smiled fully now. But then her face became shadowed. "So what is it that you brought me here for?"
His laughter abruptly ceased, and his expression darkened. He sighed deeply. "Yes. I suppose we should get that matter out of the way." He looked away from her. "There is a government lab that would be willing to provide food, shelter, clothing, and money to you."
Her brows furrowed in misunderstanding. He swallowed and looked up at her before continuing. "But you will have to give them legal permission to use you as a test subject." He said lowly.
She breathed in deeply, and chewed her lip. "What type of tests will I be used for?" She asked hesitantly.
He looked away from her. "They're sort of genetic."
She frowned deeply. "Like mutation genetic?"
He nodded slowly.
She licked her lips nervously. "Well, um. Are there any repercussions?"
He pursed his lips. "Not that I know of. But look at the bright side." He smiled now.
She gave him a confused look. "What?"
"You'll be living close to me!" He laughed.
She smacked her head. "Really? You think that's bright?"
He frowned. "Yes. I do. I mean come on, at least you'll know someone."
She sighed and looked at him. "Okay."
He cocked his head. "Okay? Okay as in you agree?"
She nodded. He smiled and pulled out a folded piece of paper. "Here. Sign this. I've read it a hundred times. It says that you give them permission to do blah blah blah." He held out the paper and a black pen.
She frowned and read over it quickly. It was a bunch of medical things mainly. She sighed and took the pen. With a shaky hand she signed the paper in her best cursive. He nodded at her decision and smiled grimly. "The rooms aren't much, but they're clean. I think you'll like it there. I'll go with you to get your stuff and then we can head over there to get you settled." He said kindly.
She continued to frown slightly. "I don't have anything to get." Her voice was softly remorseful.
His eyes widened in shock. "You don't have any other belongings? Nothing?" He asked incredulously.
She nodded. "My house was destroyed when my family was killed. It was burned down. All that was left were the things that couldn't be turned to ash by the fire." She said softly.
He looked down and gently placed his hand on hers. "I'll take care of you. You'll be fine."
She smiled up at him. "Thanks."
He nodded, and stood up quickly. "Come on. We had better get going."
She stood up and followed him outside. "Where's your car?"
He pointed to a black Toyota Supra. Her eyes widened, and she whistled. "That's pretty nice looking."
He laughed. "It's not mine. They let me borrow it to come get you."
She sighed. "Well, shouldn't we be going?"
He nodded. They got in and began to drive down the highway. "It's a bit of a long drive. So there are some snacks in the back seat if you're hungry. And drinks are in the cooler." He smiled at her as he watched her look around.
She nodded. "How long of a drive is it?"
"About a days drive. That means day and night, by the way." He answered coolly.
She groaned. "I hate long drives."
He laughed. "Me too, but I gotta drive so quite complaining."
She smiled to herself and looked out at the setting sun. Its dying rays created a beautiful array of colors on the surface of the water. She put her hand to the cool glass sadly. 'If only I could touch it. Such beautiful colors.' She thought to herself.
About an hour later he heard a faint snore rising from her. He smiled to himself as he caught a glimpse of the sleeping girl. She looked so peaceful in her sleep, though her long black hair made it hard to see her face. 'I hope they don't hurt her. If they use her for the same research they used me for. . . No. I won't let them do that to her. I won't let her become like me.'
She woke up a little while later and found that her arms prickled with sleep. "Ow." She muttered rubbing them to restore circulation.
He looked over at her briefly. And smiled at her messy hair. "Unfortunately I forgot to pack a hairbrush." He joked.
"Shit." She cursed pushing her hair back into place.
"You know what I just realized?" He asked studying the road.
"What?" She asked sleepily.
"That I haven't introduced myself. And yet you completely trust me. I mean, you don't even know my name!" He laughed.
Her eyes widened. "You're right!"
"Would you like to know my name?" He peeked at her through the corner of his eye.
"Would you like to know mine?" She countered slyly.
He laughed. "Alright. You first."
She smiled. "You probably already know my last name. But my first name is Veera."
His eyes widened. "That's an interesting name. A lot more interesting than mine anyway."
She blushed. "Thanks, so what is your name anyway?"
He smiled. "Well, um. Heh. My name is Chance."
She cocked her head. "I like it. Although I must admit that I once had a dog with the same name." She teased.
He laughed. "Yeah. A lot of people do."
She sighed and looked out the window. Large dark pine trees loomed up from the black ground. A pale slight of the moon hovered above. She stared deeper into the darkness. A blur of movement caught her eye, but before she could look closer, it was gone. "That was interesting." She murmured.
"Huh?" He looked over at her briefly. "What did you say?"
She sat up straight and stared at the road. "I thought I saw something, but we passed it too quickly for me to get a better look." She shrugged.
"Oh. Okay." He nodded.
She leaned her seat back a little more and closed her eyes. He looked over at her and frowned to himself. "I hate to pry, but what happened to your family?" He asked tenderly.
She sighed deeply, but kept her eyes closed. "They were murdered."
He blinked in astonishment. "Murdered? By who?"
"I don't know. The police refuse to believe that they were murdered. They say that the fire was an accident, but it wasn't." She whispered faintly.
He cleared his throat. "How do you know?"
"That it wasn't an accident? Because I saw the man who ordered for them to be killed." Her voice was aggressive now.
"Oh. I'm sorry. I don't think it's right for them to doubt you." He stared at her closed eyes. "Are you hungry?" He asked changing the subject.
She nodded. "Yeah."
He fished around in the backseat till his hand found a bag. He placed the bag of chips in her lap. "They're just regular potato chips. But I've got some barbeque flavored ones back there somewhere, if you'd prefer those. I just can't look back there to find them." He explained.
She opened her eyes and stared down at the bag of chips. "Thanks. These are just fine." She picked them up. "Oh."
"What? Is something wrong?" He looked away from the road and instead at her for a brief moment.
"They're not open." She said innocently.
He slapped his forehead. "Good lord. Just open them silly."
She blinked a few times and then pulled them open. A few chips erupted from the bag as she forced it open. They flew onto the floor. "Oops." She whispered scrambling to pick them up.
He laughed but didn't look away from the dark road. "You are so funny sometimes."
She blushed and continued to pick up the last few chips. "Where do I put these?"
He handed her an empty Wal-Mart bag. She placed the chips in it and then set the bag down. "Are we almost there?" She asked placing a handful of chips in her mouth.
"Sort of. We've still got a while to go though." He replied.
She groaned. He smiled to himself. They were quiet for a while, the only sound being the soft munching of chips and the hum of the engine. Soon the chip munching ceased and he heard the familiar slight snore from her direction. 'Must be nice to get to sleep.' He thought. 'Although I don't really need all that much sleep.'
She slept till the morning sun came shining through her window, and warmed her face. She pulled away from the window, and yawned as she stretched. "Good morning, sleeping beauty." He reached over and playfully ruffled her hair.
She blushed and smoothed her hair back down. "Good morning, Chance. Did you drive all night?"
He nodded. "Yeah, and you slept through the wolves."
Her eyes widened. "Wolves?!" She asked anxiously.
"Yeah. I could hear them howling almost all night,"
She groaned. "Yeah, after I go to sleep!"
"What's wrong?"
"I love wolves!!!" She exclaimed.
He chuckled. "Okay, okay. I'll tell you the next time."
"But there might not be a next time!" She protested.
He sighed. "There might be. You can't know that there won't be a next time. But regardless I promise to tell you when there is. Okay?"
She nodded. "Alright."
He shook his head and looked back at the road. "If you're hungry again, then there are some granola bars in the back."
"Okay." She turned and grabbed a blueberry filled one. "Thanks."
He shrugged. "I just knew that you'd be hungry."
Veera blushed as she bit into the bar. She chewed the soft granola bar and stared out her window. Tall pine trees shrowded around the road. In the distance she could see rolling mountains covered in trees. The golden sun was shiningon the window sheild. She frowned at the bright light that was making it hard to see. She pulled down the sun visor and smiled at the shading affect. Chance laughed and flipped his down. "Good idea." He commented.
She laughed back at him and stared out the window. "How much longer?" She looked over at him.
He sighed. "We'll get there by sunset."
Veera nodded."Okay. Whats the sad face for?"
He shrugged. "I don't know. I guess that I'm just nervous about what will happen. You know, considering they do genetic testing and all."
Her brow furrowed and she frowned slightly. "Why? It's nothing serious is it?"
Chance chewed his lip bitterly. "Not all the time."
Veera looked straight at him,surprised by his reply. "What do you mean?"
Chance sighed deeply. He unhappily drummed his fingertips on the steering wheel. "Veera, I wasn't planning on telling you,but there have been deaths. And it just makes me worry about you. Is that understandable?"
She nodded slightly,her face paling as she did. He heard her take a deep breath to steady herself. "It's really nothing. I mean they weren't all related to the tests. And the ones that were,were shut down immediately. There's really nothing to worry about. I promise. It was silly of me to even mention it." He said softly reassuring her.
She smiled palely. And nodded. "Mmhmm."
He winced. He could tell that she wasn't going to be okay for a little while. 'She doesn't know the half of it.' He thought unhappily. "Hey,"He looked at her,"it'll be fine, I promise."
She smiled at him weakly. "I know. I'm just worried is all."
He nodded tightly. "I understand."
She was thoughtful for a moment. "Chance?"
She stared out the window innocently. "Where is your family?"
He clenched his jaw."I've been an orphan since I was born. My mom died while having me,and my father was never found.So the government took me for testing." Memories of his painful test-filled past surged through his mind.
Her eyes widened."I'm sorry. I should of kept to myself."


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