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Man in the Mirror: Part Five (the end)

Short story By: raindown

A young lady is mesmerized by a mirror she finds at an estate sale...she gets more than she bargained for...

Submitted:Jul 7, 2008    Reads: 640    Comments: 18    Likes: 9   

Part 5.

Man in the Mirror

Then he was there, on top of her kissing her and she was kissing him. He held his weight up on his forearms making sure not to hurt her, while putting pressure in between her legs with his thigh making her ride him. He took in her lip gazing into her eyes and bit hard enough to cause her to whimper, but she liked it. Her breasts tingled with excitement and she kissed him back harder and more urgently, holding his face with her hands wanting and feeling every inch of him, running her fingers through his hair. Then it occurred to her that she didn't even know his name. She felt she needed that much, but she couldn't quite bring herself to separate their mouths, which were fused together in an urgent embracing of tongues and lips.

His hands ran up her thighs dragging up her shift with tempered patience as his tongue teased and stroked her mouth. She opened her hips wider for him and his patience snapped. He sat back on his haunches straddling her hips and leaned down kissing the valley between her breasts, when he reached the place where the v on her shift prevented access he made a slight nick with his teeth and sat back once more. With his hands he gently completed the cut, tearing her shift precisely down the front. He looked her over slowly, enjoying hearing her pulse rise to a crescendo as he did so. She was ready.
He took her trusting hands in his and placed them above her head holding them there firmly. With one free hand he stroked her face carefully tracing her cheek and lips. "Its Vellentino. You may call me Vell. Sarah…" He smiled. He ran a finger along her pantie line over her pelvis bone tickling her and enjoying her sweet giggle as he did so. Then he leaned down and kissed her.
Distractedly pulling at her panties he became frustrated with the effort and gave the thin elastic a jerk. With one try he had them ripped off faster than her shift. She gasped with his tongue in her mouth and could take no more waiting. She pulled her hands free and started tugging at his shirt; he took it off in one fluid motion. Taking off his pants was a little more complicated albeit somewhere between kisses he managed and they too came off swiftly. Even in the semi darkness of her room she could see he was tan all over and built just right.
Again he placed both her hands in one of his above her head. This time using the free one to part her thighs with his thumb he traced her sex kissing her in unison and insinuating with one deep plunge of his tongue what he intended to emulate below. As he entered her she felt fire spread within her loins and gasped her pleasure. He filled her slowly taking his time and watching her pupils dilate as she searched his eyes for reassurance. The level of her excitement scared her and he smelled that fear.
"Shhh…" He breathed against her temple. "I wont hurt you I promise. Hold on to my neck." He said letting go of her hands and when she did as he said he began to press in and out of her listening to her breathing and letting her get a feel for his rhythm. When she closed her eyes and turned her face to the side he started to pick up the pace. She held on tight to his neck and let him take the reins of her passion. He liked the control and obliged her every need, always one step ahead.
Timidly at first her hips started to compliment his strokes, then more demandingly urging him to go faster and deeper. He pushed her to her limit and went so deep as to elicit a cry of surprise from her parted lips. The thrill of it raced through his veins bringing him close to orgasm. Then feeling her nails dig into his lower back he decided to get a little rougher.
His thrusts became dominating and he knew she liked it that way, same as he knew she had wanted to know his name. He pulled out long enough to tell her to turn over and she eagerly complied, pausing for him once as he slid a pillow under her pelvis elevating her lower half and allowing easier access to his entry.
He filled her languidly and reveled in the sound of her sucking in a breath. Pumping in and out he placed one hand across the small of her back, with the other he squeezed her thigh and used it to pull him self into her deeper and deeper until she cried out her ecstasy into the darkness. He resisted the urge to come along with her and instead eased his rhythm to a stop. Staying inside of her he helped her to a sitting position in his lap and used this vantage point to rock her g-spot.
Placing her hands along side his thighs Sarah lifted and sat melding with his pace until she wasn't sure where he began and she ended. Their bodies became one gently swaying joining force. Her bottom bounced faster and faster against his upper thighs and he grasped her breasts feeling them bounce as well. Finally he could hold it no longer and as he came he felt his incisors hone to two sharp peaks ready to pierce flesh…he brought his lips to graze the back of her neck still pumping and herd the breath freeze in her throat. She knew.
She waited for the pain with her eyes squeezed shut feeling him moving inside her and braced her self in fear. The pain never came. He resisted the bone deep urge to feed his evil desires for blood. He couldn't hurt her, he would wrather die.
His cry filled the night as the little death took him with shattering force in an eruption that shot through his whole body. Light filled the room shooting like electricity from their joined bodies and connecting with the mirror in an explosion so powerful that it shattered the beautifully beveled glass sending the pieces flying in every direction, a shower of glittering fury.
All at once silence filled the room and the shadows returned to their places in the corners…the only sound left their heavy breathing, which came further and further apart. Then she slid off of him feeling every movement liquid grace in slow motion. She turned to face him her knees touching his and placed a kiss on his lips. "Are you okay?" She asked softly holding up his face in her hands, and knew.
Something profound had changed in him in that moment of the little death…something that caused him to glow now, with an inner light that she hadn't noticed before in him; something more malleable and touchable.
Then looking into his newly familiar eyes she saw it clearly, life. The mirror had given him back his life. Maybe it had been the promise made by the gypsy woman, the promise of a returned favor, never to be forgotten. Or maybe the mirror had taken too much from life and had finally self destructed under the pressure of so much power.
Whatever it was he knew it too and hung his head with exhaustion and relief against her chest and rested it there. Threading her hands through his hair she kissed the top of his head and rocked him that way until they sank to her bed in a tangled heap and slept.
For those of you who need more…closure:
Sarah and Velle married two months later. It was a private wedding, consisting of a bride a groom and a preacher. They were wed on a cliff overlooking the sea at sunset, and at the end of the nuptials as the sun sank into the ocean, the bride hand in hand with her man (in lieu of throwing a bouquet to a crowd of shrieking girls), tossed a burning sack out into the ocean. Only the bride and groom knew that inside that sack were the shards of glass and splinters of wood that had been left of the mirror after that night…the only remains leftof the man in the mirror.


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