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story of a deflowered girl FINAL PART...by Akinbo E.O

Short story By: prolific writer

This is the concluding part of the story you've been reading....was sholly deflowered, what's the gain,what's the pain?, how was it?,what was Tonia response? Check it out in this final and concluding part.

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He got up, positioned himself between her legs, his dick hard… Veins popping. She was still in the throes of climax and he'd heard that she would feel less pain when in that state. Guiding his dick, he slowly entered her… Moving past the lips into the beginning of her core. She was very wet and slippery. He pressed in, feeling the tunnel tighten with his inward journey until his dick met a soft but firm barricade. Sholly's eye widened as she stared up at him. He could see the fear in her eyes and feel her clench her muscles instinctively. He leaned towards her till his lips touched hers. He kissed her gently, passionately and whispered words of comfort into her ear. "I want to make you mine Sholly. I know how much you love me and I feel the same for you though I fought it. This is when we start to make memories… This is when two of us will become one…" Sholly nodded but she was still scared. "Temi, can you tell me so I can hear it? From your mouth…" He knew what she wanted and for the first time, he said the words and meant it. "I love you Sholly. I love you so deep it drives me crazy. When I'm with someone else, I imagine its you I'm with… That's how much I love you." She let out a deep contended sigh and smiled warmly. "I'm not going to use a condom. I should but I won't." "What if I get pregnant….?" She asked, her excitement at the moment, mounting. "Then you'll have the baby. I'm graduating this year anyway so that won't be a problem." That was all the lubrication Sholly needed. The thought of having Temi's baby was such a turn on that she kissed him passionately, stunning him with her need and then she whispered… "Fuck me now Temi…" He pressed into her, feeling her hymen resist. He saw her wince and her brows pucker into a frown. He couldn't bear to look at her so he shut his eye and pressed on, feeling the barricade give way slowly. With one final thrust, he entered her and felt a sudden wetness cover his dick. Then he opened his eyes and saw her tears, her cheeks streaked with tear-tracks but she was smiling… "I'm yours Temi… I'm your woman…" She said through her tears before the sobs broke through. Temi thrust into her slowly watching her wince in pain. He knew if he stopped, it would be hell to get back in and if he didn't move, he would become flaccid. So he delivered a few thrusts and leaned to kiss her tears away and whisper words of love to her. It had hurt her and she knew she was bleeding but the pain was not as horrifying as her mother had made it sound. It was pain she could bear. Her tears were more out of emotion that she was no longer a virgin and that Temilolu didn't mind if she got pregnant. The joy of it all was so overwhelming that she burst into fresh tears. Now, he was moving slowly in and out of her and though it hurt a bit, she could feel the pleasure building. He kissed her after every four thrusts and eventually stopped to take her nipples in his mouth. The feeling of exhilaration she got from that simple act of mouth meeting nipples was so strong that she felt her juice flow. Temilolu felt it too and tried hard to maintain his slow pace. He fucked her as carefully as he could, trying hard not to hurt her when all he wanted to do was pound her mindless. They kissed, touched and fucked till Sholly began to whimper again. She knew that this feeling was organism and from the many hidden porn she'd watched, the women always spoke out when they were about to climax. So she pulled him down, kissed him and moaned… "I'm going to cum…" Temilolu lost all coherent thought after that. He rammed into her fiercely and felt her vulva muscles clench in response. He rammed her again and heard her scream. Then he rammed her several more times till her screams were drowned out in his head, overtaken by the mindless need from his scrotum to release the little monsters. Thrusting into her one final time, he shot his seed and groaned aloud, drowning out her moans and whimper before falling on her tiredly. She was crying again and he weakly pulled her into his arms and kissed her tears away. They entered the living room to find Tonia watching TV. An empty plate and bottle of malt was on the side table beside her. Temilolu's friends were gone. Tonia stared at her long and hard and only offered a broad smile. Sholly had showered again and was dressed in one of Temilolu's T-shirts and boxers. Temilolu walk out of the house self-consciously, leaving the girls to talk. "Did you…?" Tonia's asked. Sholly nodded with a shy smile. "Was it painful?…" "… It was" Sholly caught her with a response. Tonia's smile broadened mischievously. "Your dreams have come true now shey? So you'll have to stop acting all weird" "Temi wants me to stay till Monday. He says he'll go drop me off at school." Sholly exhaled slowly. "He wants you to stay because he wants to DO you all of tomorrow" Tonia said with a mischievous laugh that made Sholly blush. " I knew Temilolu was hot for you when he kept calling Ayus and asking about you. Anyway, I hope he used a condom shaa?" Sholly shook her head warily. "He didn't. He didn't want to… I didn't want him to…" Before Tonia could protest, Temilolu returned. He had eyes only for Sholly and though he spoke to Tonia, his eyes were on her. "Tonia, are you spending the night or do you want me to go drop you at home?" " I'd rather go home and leave you two alone." Tonia said with a broad smile that made Sholly blush again. Sholly accompanied Temilolu on the short drive to Tonia's house. She bid her friend goodbye and promised to speak with her the next day. They returned to Temilolu's house, ate a midnight snack and went to bed. This time, when he reached for her, she was ready. They kissed passionately… He allowed her explore his body, kissing his neck, his nipples… Chewing lightly on his earlobes and finally taking him in her mouth. His groan told her she was doing it right and when it was time, he took her gently… increasing his thrusts as the moment became heated… Panting and sweating and never wanting to stop. He made love to her twice before they fell asleep tiredly… In each other's arms. Sholly's day-dreams had become a reality. Temilolu was now her man. She didn't want to think about how the future would pan out but for NOW, she was content to be here with him, in his arms, in the bed that she'd lost her innocence, listening to his soft breathing and wondering if she should tell him that Tonia had slipped her some postinor to ward off pregnancy.


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