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story of a deflowered girl

Short story By: prolific writer

This is a story of a young girl named sholly and a young guy named Temilolu, they're lovers and they loved each other....sholly is a virgin, temi isn't,

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Temilolu is around!!!! Sholly, funnily, wasn't excited at the text message she just received from Tonia. Certain circumstances in her life changed dramatically after her last encounter with Temilolu Baine. So many sad things… and she did not want to think of him and ruin the relationship she'd suddenly formed with depression. She stared at her pimply face on the mirror with resignation and a forlorn sigh. Not that she planned to go to Bodija for any reason but what if the fates magically arranged a meeting with Temilolu ? He would be disgusted at her face. This was the face of a disillusioned 'Newly out of teenage years' youth whose mediocre standard of living had been rudely pummeled to the dredges only akin to the squalor of skid row. She did not even want to consider her mother's hand in her unfortunate circumstance. Two months after her meeting with Temilolu, their landlord had gleefully yanked them from their tiny apartment. Apparently, her mother had been owing rent for several years. Sholly couldn't bear the shame, especially as neigbhours had been around to notice their shameful eviction. She and her mother had lived for 6months with a Church member. But that had quickly gone awry when the lady realized that an unusual amount of red-wine was the only way Momo Sholly could cope with depression and her rising dementia. With some luck, the pastor of their church had coughed out some money for accommodation for Sholly and her mother; and that was how a bonafide Bodija ESTATE girl became a Mokola resident. Sholly hated their new abode, hated the area and hated her mother intensely. Worst still, she was still a virgin at 19 and suddenly, she hated Temilolu for not taking her roughly that night, when he had the chance. Lord knows she'd had endless dreams, day-dreams, fantasies of Temilolu and his water-shrunken penis and their midnight swim. She was tired of the dreams now and furiously blocked them with thoughts of death, depression and everything negative that would keep her in constant grouch-mode. They'd moved out of Bodija so disgracefully that Sholly couldn't bring herself to go back there; even to visit Tonia her best friend. She managed to get admission into University of Ibadan the following year and had fought tooth and nail to live in the school hostel, away from her mother. That move was obviously the reality check that Momo Sholly needed to get her life back on track. The woman cleaned up her act, started a relationship with a man Sholly tolerated and now seemed a lot less paranoid about her daughter. Though Sholly could still see the traces of madness lurking in her mother's eyes… but to all extent and purpose, all was good in Momo Sholly's hood! Sholly read the text message one last time and deleted it. Tonia knew she was still hung up on Temilolu and made it her business to update Sholly constantly on any and every Temilolu related news. She thought it would cheer Sholly up… She thought wrong! It only served to depress her even more. To ensure that she got no more messages from Tonia, Sholly switched off her phone and returned to her listless, insipid life in the hostel. A week later, she had a shocker. She had gone home for the weekend to harass her mother for more pocket money when their doorbell rang. It was Tonia. Since Momo Sholly's attitude adjustment, she's been far more favorably disposed to Tonia's presence mainly because she knew that was one person that could reach out to her daughter. Momo Sholly's smile was welcoming. Momo Sholly's lover was seated on the couch like an effigy, pretending to watch the early evening news. "Tonia… How are you? See how big you are…" This was Momo Sholly's welcome speech. "I'm fine ma… Good evening sir…" Tonia said shyly. "How are your parents and siblings? It's been a long time … If not that Sholly told me you visit her in school sometimes, I would have thought you and her are no longer friends…" Sholly was a bit relieved to see Tonia but she was even more curious. She grabbed her friend by the arm and dragged her into the kitchen unceremoniously, leaving her mother and the lover in the living room. "Haba Sholly… Your Momsie was still talking to me…" Tonia said with a disapproving frown. "Leave that woman abeg. I want to know why you are here!" Sholly told her. "What? I can't come and see my best friend again?" Tonia asked with a smile "You usually let me know before you come over and besides, you don't like coming here. You'd rather visit me in school. So why are you in Mokola at 7pm, on a Saturday, smiling like one innocenty?" Sholly's suspicion had mounted. Tonia laughed at her obvious suspicion, shook her head and told her… "You know say you dey behave like omo ote shey?" Sholly trained her with a cold stare. "Tonia, I'm not in a good mood. Momsie is being stingy and I have to return to school tomorrow… I want to know what you're doing here." "Please Sholly, you're never in a good mood. At least your mother is happier now she has a boyfriend… she doesn't see to your life like she used to. But YOU, with your grouchy behavior, will die a virgin. By the way, let me just use this opportunity to tell you that you're a shrew… I'm saying it in good faith o… Don't think its bad-belle." Sholly sighed in resignation. Yes, she was a shrew… She'd been unnecessarily testy since she found out that Temilolu was in Nigeria. Though she hadn't responded to Tonia's text message, she'd expected to hear more 'Temilolu Updates' from her. But Tonia hadn't communicated with her until today. Tonia's silence had irritated her immensely. "Anyway, I came here today because Temilolu asked after you. " Tonia said flippantly. "Hunnnn…???" Sholly said. "This evening, I saw him drive past so i hailed him and asked him for my chocolates that he promised me the last time he was in Nigeria. That was when he said I will only get the chocolate if he sees YOU!" Sholly's heart stopped beating literarily. She couldn't believe what Tonia had just told her. Temilolu wanted to see her? Dear God…why? "Anyway, I told him to give me transport money to come and get you… I thought he was joking and would brush me off… Instead, he asked me 'how much' I needed. To cut a long story short, madam Sholly, go and bath, change and get ready to follow me back to Bodija. I must chop USA chocolate today even if I have to drag you away from here, kicking and screaming!!!" Sholly gucked at her friend in speechless surprise. Taking matters into her hands, Tonia returned to the living room and sweetly asked Momo Sholly if Sholly could follow her back to their home in Bodija for a sleepover. Momo Sholly agreed quickly… Anything to get her daughter out of the house and out of her hair. "Of course Sholly can go with you… You know you're the sister she never had. You're family Tonia… She's even supposed to go back to school tomorrow. Sholly! won't it be easier if you packed your bags and return to school from Tonia's place in Bodija." Her mother wanted her out of the house. It was obvious she wanted some alone time with her lover. Sholly guessed that there was no point arguing so she packed up her things, showered and stretched forth her hand for her pocket money. Her mother handed her an envelope and Sholly knew instinctively that she was getting less than she asked for. Tonia and Sholly left the house and got a taxi that ferried them straight to Bodija. Sholly expected them to head for Tonia's house first so she could drop her bag but instead the taxi stopped in front of The Baine's residence. Sholly turned to Tonia nervously. "Shouldn't we have gone to your house to drop my bag first? " "Do you know what time it is? It's almost 8pm. You think if I enter the house with you, my mom will allow us stroll out again? Abeg, we're here… Let Temilolu see you, give me my chocolate, probably take us to eat sharwama then we will go home." Tonia stated. Sholly couldn't argue with that but where would she keep her bag? She couldn't meet Temilolu, face to face, after two years, with a student back-pack and an unmade-up face. Luckily, the Baine's security guard was a good spot. He allowed Sholly keep her bag in his small security post and even gave the girls a few minutes to rush through make-up before buzzing Temilolu on the intercom to announce their presence. A few minutes later, Sholly and Tonia were ushered to another wing of the house… It had obviously been newly renovated because Sholly couldn't recall seeing it the last time they were here one year ago. She stood beside Tonia, her heart in her mouth… Wondering why Temilolu wanted to see her and if this wasn't some big prank on Tonia's part. The door opened and standing there, looking like a bag of gold coins was Temilolu Baine… He was more muscular, more handsome, taller and so, so desirable. He smiled at them both and uttered the words that melted her heart… "Hi beautiful Sholly…." His eyes burned her like a fever but his smile was bright and genuine. Sholly felt a sensation down 'south' that she had only ever felt once before. She entered the house self-consciously , walking past Temilolu and trying hard not to faint. There were three other guys in the spacious living room, playing the new XBOX360 and arguing loudly. Sholly didn't know what to expect on seeing him and didn't quite know how to act. Tonia on the other hand bloomed before her eyes at the sight of Temilolu's friends. She joined the friends, started up conversations and was soon cheering one of the guys on like a besotted girlfriend. Sholly shook her head in mock pity. She loved Tonia but her friend had the trappings of a bonafide Runz-Girl. "Eheh, Temi, where's my chocolate? See Sholly's here o…" Sholly almost died of embarrassment. She felt like a cheap ornament used for barter trade. She plotted Tonia's death in her head. Temilolu laughed and turned to look at Sholly. There was something in his eyes anytime he looked at her but she couldn't decipher what it was. "Okay! The chocolate is upstairs… Lets go get it…. Sholly? Aren't you coming?" Sholly, still tongue-tied, followed Temi and Tonia up the stairs to a spacious bedroom with a king sized bed like that of the Carlifornia king where Temi was living in the USA. The room was typically male, scattered but not dirty. It was very cold, despite the A/C being off and Sholly shivered a little. Apparently, Temilolu hadn't unpacked his luggage because his suitcase was on the floor, opened, with clothes spilling out. He reached into it and brought out a box of chocolates which he handed over to Tonia. She took it and flew into Temilolu's hand in appreciation. He hugged her and laughed. Sholly stood by silently, feeling like an intruder. "I'm not giving you any chocolate,Tonia said to Sholly. If you want, you'd better ask Temi for yours." Tonia announced greedily. Sholly gulped as both Temilolu's and Tonia's eyes stayed on her. Before she could speak, Temilolu spoke up… " I wanted to see you because I thought you'd be all grown up and matured but apparently, you're still the 18years old girl that left my house crying because she couldn't find her friend…" Then he shook his head and walked out of the room with a disappointed frown. Tonia gave her a disdainful look. "See your life? This attitude you have ehn Sholly, it will ruin things for you. You like Temi and I think he likes you too but I don't even know what's wrong with you. You have your mom's character and its bad. Abeg just let's go before you fall my hand more than this." Tonia turns and walks away. Sholly stood frozen and immobilized in Temilolu's bedroom. Sholly sat on the the bed, paralyzed with shock at what had just happened. This was not how she'd dreamt it would be. This was not the expected outcome. She was supposed to be in Temi's arms, lost in his kisses, pressing against him till his manhood poked her belly. She'd read enough and even heard enough sex stories to make her confident that she would be good at it. Unfortunately, she had succeeded in making Temi hate her and felt her heart breaking into tiny, fragmented pieces. She bawled on the inside but the tears didn't flow… Couldn't flow. She stared unseeingly ahead; images of her millions of daydreams flashing before her eyes and bursting into tiny, flames…Lost forever. She had killed the chance to provide Temi with the perfect chubby, dimpled baby that would smell of baby powder and would have soft downy hair and a cherubic smile. Tonia was right. She was like her mother… A dream-crusher. Lost in her mournful reverie, she didn't realize that Temilolu had returned. He stood by the door and stared at her; wanting to apologize for his outburst, but she looked like a lost antelope and the apology caught in his throat. Taking a deep breath, he walked up to her. Sholly's snapped out of her thoughts as soon as Temilolu's tall frame darkened her path. She looked up at him in regret and blurted out the first thing that came to her head before her nerve failed her. "I'm sorry Temi, I didn't mean to upset you. I know I act weird but I can't help myself…" The tears had welled up her eyes and she turned to run away so he wouldn't see her cry. But he held her back… pulled her to him and embraced her. Locked in his embrace, she recalled his hurtful outburst. Her initial mortification and eventual regret turned into despair and she let out the water-works. He held her in silence as she bawled out her shame and misery. He said nothing. He didn't speak words of consolation but he held her close till her tide of emotional tears subsided. Then she stepped back with an awry smile, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "I'm sorry……" "Stop apologizing…, I should be the one apologizing to you." He said to her softly. "I want to show you something." He turned abruptly, went to his suitcase and got out a gift bag which he handed to her. She looked at it in surprise… "This is for you…" She was puzzled by the gift but still smiled at him. "Thank you…" "Aren't you going to open it?" She smiled again and peeked into the bag, gasping in surprise as she looked through its contents. "Wow! I'm - I'm - Wow!!!" Her obvious delight pleased him. "Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!" She said and hugged him. Temilolu hugged her back, noting that her breasts were pressed against him. He felt stirrings in his loins and gently pulled away. Sholly was beautiful in a way that constantly enthralled him. She was taller now; her hair seemed longer, her naturally full breasts seem bigger and she had mysteriously grown hips which made her look so feminine. He clearly remembered her boyish figure from their midnight swim 2 years ago and the sudden emergence of curves on her body left him with mixed feelings. "Let me go and show these to Tonia…" She said excitedly but he stopped her. "Don't. She'll harass me for a gift bag too and I don't have any to give her." Sholly giggled. She could actually visualize Tonia harassing him for her own gift bag. "I can't take it downstairs without Tonia seeing this. And my backpack is at your security post." "Really? Why did you leave it there?" "I'm going back to school tomorrow… So I've got stuff packed in it. I didn't think it would be nice dragging it into your house." She explained. Temilolu gave her a strange speculative look. Sholly's smile faltered a little and she hoped she hadn't unwittingly done something weird. "Let me go ensure that my friends haven't killed themselves and get your bag up here." He told her with a small smile before leaving the room." Sholly wondered briefly at Temi's sudden change of mood but the gift bag didn't make her dwell on it so much. She removed the contents of the bag and spread them on the bed with a huge smile. She didn't know much about gifts but she knew he must have spent quite a bit on this. She refused to ponder the reason for the gift and for the first time in a long time, she allowed her thoughts drift to her favorite Temilolus day-dream… Their first night together. She lay back on the bed, closed her eyes and drifted into day-dreamland. Temilolu returned to find Sholly laying on the bed, her eyes closed and a bright smile on her face. He knew she wasn't asleep because her feet moved in a steady rhythm, like car wipers. Her T-shirt had ridden up a little and he could glimpse her flat stomach. He felt the stirrings again and turned to lock the door behind him as quietly as he could but still it made a 'click' sound and Sholly opened her eyes. She smiled at him as he walked towards her and sat beside her on the bed. She was embarrassed that she had poured the contents of the gift bag out and hurriedly packed it up. He sat there, watching her with a smile and darkened eyes. Trying to make light of the suddenly charged atmosphere between them, she started a conversation. "I'm sure Tonia is wondering why you brought my bag upstairs" she said. "She was. I told her you wanted to get something from it" he responded. "Didn't she ask why I'm still up here?" "She did. I told her I wanted to talk to you about what happened earlier" he explained. Silence fell between them… Then he reached for her hand. "You know I like you right?" He asked her. She nodded shyly and avoided his gaze. He moved closer and leaned to kiss her. A million thoughts zoomed through her head but was quickly forgotten as his lips met hers. They kissed… Softly, tenderly… His tongue sneaking into her mouth and pulling out a response. She kissed him back, shyly… Feeling heat pool down her jeans. Then he broke the kiss and stared into her eyes. She noticed his eyes had darkened even more and now looked like orbs. A suddenly fear and excitement gripped her. " I missed you. Back in America I thought of you alot and wondered what you've been up to. When I heard you've moved, I wondered if I would ever see you again." "Really?" She asked softly. A sudden joy engulfing her and making the heat in her loins spread. "Really-Really. And I wondered if you're still a virgin." He told her earnestly. His words made her shy and she looked away. "Are you still a virgin Sholly?" He asked. He wanted to know. She responded with a nod and smiled uncertainly. " Do you want to be with me…?" She nodded again. He smiled and pulled her close; kissing her more fervently. She couldn't believe he wanted her and was a bit surprised when he reached one shaky hand to hold her breast. Sholly moaned softly as he tweaked her nipple through her T-shirt while his kiss deepened. He broke the kiss again, breathing hard. "Do you trust me Sholly" She nodded again and looked at him. He got up and she could see the bulge in his jeans. He pulled her up till she was standing in front of him. Then he tugged at her T-shirt and pulled it over her head. She was shy but she held back from covering her bra-encased breasts with her hand. He tossed the T-shirt carelessly away and reached for her jeans. Sholly's shyness heightened. She swallowed hard and stood immobilized as he squatted before her and pushed her jeans down her legs. She stepped out of them, avoiding his eyes and wondering what she was expected to do. In her mind's eye, she would have grabbed him and yanked off his clothes but in reality, she was so shy and aroused by him and his nearness. He pulled her close again and kissed her, reaching for her hands and sliding them under his T-shirt, aiming for his nipples. "Touch me there and tweak it like I tweaked yours" he told her hoarsely. Tentatively, she let her hand slide over his body. He sucked in his breath as her hands made contact with his skin and his eyes widened when she touched his nipple. His kisses became more ferocious, pulling her soft body into his and grinding on her slowly… Letting her feel his bulge. His hand reached behind and cupped her buttock, kneading it like dough. She moaned and the sound made his dick harden even more. He led her to the bed, their hearts beating fast with excitement. Pushing her on her back, he reached to remove her panties. A sudden embarrassment engulfed her and she covered her exposed crotch with her hands. She was suddenly self conscious that she didn't shave and her pussy hair looked like an Afro. She prayed this wouldn't tick him off. "You don't shave?" He groaned out. She shook her head, unable to speak for fear of worsening the already mortifying situation. He said nothing but got up and went to his suitcase yet again. She didn't bother to peek and find out what he was doing or what he wanted to get. She just wished a horrid tornado would come blow her out of here. He returned to the bed and sat beside her, holding a small portable clipper. "I'm gonna shave you… And after that, I'm gonna wash you all up and give you head. You know what head means right?" Sholly nodded shyly. He smiled and turned on the clipper. She shut her eyes at the whirring sound and tried to pretend she wasn't scared. She felt his hand gently part her thighs becoming increasingly uncomfortable when the smell of her own juice hit her nose. She didn't smell bad… She knew it… But she was worried how a man would interpret her smell, especially now that she was aroused and wet. The clipper touched her pussy and began to weed off the Afro. Temi's fingers touched her down there, guiding the clipper, opening her pussy lips to shave her labia, lifting her butt up slightly to get those errant pubic hair that had taken residence along the narrow path between her vulva and anus. Her eyes were tightly shut… Waiting for him to finish… Enjoying his fingers touching her so intimately and feeling herself moisten over and over again at his probe. "I feel like eating you so bad Sholly… You are so wet and it's taking everything in me not to fuck you right now. But I have to be gentle… I don't want to hurt you…" He told her hoarsely. He finished and pulled her to her feet, helping her remove her bra and watched her with darkened, narrowed eyes as she stood naked before him. He stripped off his jeans and T-shirt and stood naked and proud before her. "Touch my dick baby…" She reached out and touched him, circling her small palm over it and was amazed to feel its hot, throbbing mass. He was fully erect and his veins were visible and bulged out angrily. His penis was a darkened pink with a light pink cap. To Sholly, his was the most beautiful penis in the world. She squeezed him slightly and felt him throb. The feeling thrilled her. She squeeze again and he throbbed yet again. She looked at his face and squeezed a third time… This time she saw him inhale sharply. Sholly felt a sudden power. She could excite him just by touching and squeezing him. His eyes were narrowed slits as she squeezed and moved her hand all over his dick. His breathing sounded guttural and he held her hand and directed her on its movement. She did as he directed and spotted a clean sheen at the tip of his dick. She suddenly felt the urge to kneel and suck that sheen off. His eyes flew open instantly as he felt warmth and wetness engulf his dick. Sholly was on the floor before him, like a Romanian maiden before her master, sucking on his dick. Temi watched her, mesmerized as she tried to take his full length in without gagging. The sight endeared him even more to her because he knew she'd never done this before and she was only doing it to please him. But novice as she was, she seemed to be doing better than most girls he'd been with and coupled with her shy innocence, she was going to make him cum. He didn't want to gross her out by cumming in her mouth so pulled her up, lay her on the bed, spread open her leg, held his dick firmly and began to caress her clitoris with his dick head. A sudden feeling of shock coursed through her as he rubbed on her clit vigorously with his dick-head. He got carried away and almost penetrated her until he heard her gasp in fear. Barely holding himself back, he concentrated on the dick-head/clit massage till he heard her whimper and trash about. She was about to cum and was fighting it. The sight of her twisting, turning and whimpering was too much for him to bear… He aimed his dick at her mound of Venus and shot cum on it, groaning aloud and squeezing her lap and her ass . Sholly had never seen sperm so she sat up and looked down at the slimy, creamy glob on her pubis. Temilolu looked at it too and smiled. She reached and touched the slimy mess, rubbing it all over her newly shaved mound and enjoying its warm sticky feel on her fingers and pubis. "If that had gone into you, you would definitely be pregnant with my baby." The thought of Temilolu's babies made Sholly so wet that she uttered words even she couldn't believe… "Temi, please fuck me…" He looked at her, stared into her innocent eyes and sucked in a deep breath. Without a word, he pulled her up and led her to his adjoining bathroom. Like a baby, he bathe her, covering her with a masculine shower gel that smelled of tar, sandalwood and night musk and aimed the shower at her to rinse the gel off her. He reached and washed her pussy, parting her soft lower lips and slipping his fingers between… Tickling her clit and rinsing it off with warm water. The feeling was ticklish and she laughed… A genuine tinkling sound that made Temi's dick harden instantly. He joined her in the shower and smiled as she also tried to wash him just like he'd done to her. Their shower time was perfect. It was exactly how Sholly had day-dreamed it would be. Temilolu lifted her in his arms like a baby and took her back into the bedroom, not bothering to wipe their bodies. The A/C was still off and the chill in the room had reduced. Placing her carefully on the bed, he folded his thick duvet and placed it under her ass then he spread her legs and leaned down. His lips met her southern lips and kissed them tenderly, enjoying the gasp that escaped her before parting them with his tongue. He sucked on her clit and looked up briefly to watch her clutch the bed sheets and pulled her hips down as she jerked up. Temi ate her pussy… Enjoying the taste and scent; savoring her juice as it poured out and ate her with more hunger when her moans became loud whimpers. He didn't stop until she screamed, grabbed his head and tried to push him away, all the while cumming on his face. To be continued


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