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Hijacking On The East Coast

Short story By: Meggie1495

Erika Lancaster has a three year old daughter, and decides to build a life for her, and little Shay in Detroit, what happens when she meets a stranger?
(This is for KuroiOokami1234 erotica/romance contest. This is defined as a romantic erotica story.)
(Originally called Loving a Stranger)

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Erika's POV

I didn't really wanted to go on that plane, fear of flying has kept me in this state in this town for eighteen years, and now it was time to move on from childish fears, and really become an adult. Still, I pursed my lips thinking that if I hadn't told people that I would be leaving on a plane, then I could just leave this state on a bus, a nice safe bus. Shaking my head at that I looked down at the little girl who held my hand, my precious Shaylynn, she had just turned three this year her bright blonde curls rested on the top of her shoulder, sharp bottle green eyes, and a speckle of freckles across the bridge of her tiny baby nose made her the prettiest child ever.

And just because I'm her Mother doesn't mean I can't look at her with a nonjudgmental view, I do, I just can tell you I have never seen a prettier girl, or baby that she was in all my life. Shay can into existence one night at a party, my boyfriend at the time, Cade, and I were high, and decided to have a little X-rated fun, after many hours of going at it, I was finally sober enough to realize we hadn't been using a condom. Lo, and behold our recklessness nine months later Shay was born. Now let me tell you, when I found out Cade wanted to get an abortion I blew up in his face, I didn't care that I was only fifteen, Shay was my baby, and she was going to be born, whether he liked it, or not.

He walked out on me once I told him that, and the only time I talk to him now is to remind him of the child support check, and to let him visit her on her birthday. He tries to substitute his lack of love for his child with toys, gifts, and money. Which means I won't be the one buying her a car for her sixteenth birthday, but I will be the one to pick up her broken heart when she finds out Daddy doesn't love her, and what a heartless bastard he is. I know it in my heart I am going to make Cade ruin the day he was born if she is hurt even a tiny bit.

Picking up my small duffel bag, and making sure Shay has her pink rolling bag, she clutched the tiny teddy bear tighter. I had made it for her when she was born, it was knitted with bright pink fabric, and soft brow plastic eyes that seemed to be almost life like. With all the conversations Shay has with Rala--the bear--I wouldn't be surprised if it was alive.

I tugged Shay along, she followed next to me obediently, she's usually a loud, and bright child, but with moving from her one home, and going on a plane that flies high in the sky, she was unusually quiet. I took a deep breath, and walked closer to the terminal, I handed the lady our tickets, she looks them over, and hands them back with a smile.

"Have a nice flight." I nodded, and gripped Shay's hand to make sure she couldn't let go, I walked though the door, and into the plane. I heard something snap, and I looked down at Shay's bag to see the handle had broken, probably from her holding it so tightly. I placed my bag on the floor, and let go of Shay's hand to look at the handle. It kind of looked like it was crushed, I sighed, and turned to ask Shay something.

I blinked as I didn't see her, I whirled my head around, and still no sign of her. My breath caught in my throat, and started to panic.

"Shay!" I called out, standing straight up, I looked around frantic, and still no answer, or glance of Shay. "Shaylynn!" Everyone else on the plane who were sitting in their seats ignored me, like it wasn't a big deal that my baby was no where to be found. I whirled to go look for her, and crashed into someones hard chest, I glanced up to see a gorgeous of a hunk standing at me with worried eyes. He had dirty blonde hair that was in easy curls around his face, deep chocolate brown eyes, a chiseled chin, and a beautifully sculpted mouth. He looked to be twenty three, or so.

"Miss, are you all right? Did you lose someone?" I looked up at him with wide eyes, he was concerned about my well fare, that put him right in my good book.

"My daughter, Shay. She was just here, and when I turned around to look at her handle which broke she was gone when I turned back."

"Oh my, all right then, let me help you. You said her names Shay?" I nodded, close to tears. "Well, you go look this way," He pointed behind him, "And I'll look that way." He pointed behind me. "We'll find her, and if either of us does, wait here for the other. Is that okay?"

I nodded, quickly. "Yes, please, thank you so much." I darted off to the direction he pointed, and started to look for my little girl, she could have gone anywhere too far. I looked down, and saw the terminal closed, and I glanced behind some luggage, and still no Shay, frowning, I tried to breath, but fear for my little girl's life made it impossible, I thought I was going to have an anxiety attack.

"Mommy!" I turned around, and saw the handsome man holding Shay's hand, I dropped on my knees, and he tugged her over to me gently, she through her arms around my neck, after letting go of his hand, and hugged me tight.

"Shaylynn, don't you ever do that to Mommy again, she almost died thinking about what could have happened to you." I hugged her tighter, and rocked her agaisnt me, I looked up, and saw no one, until I lowered my gaze. He was crouched down in front of us, and he smiled at me.

"She was in the bathroom. I asked her if her name was Shay, when she nodded, I told her that you were looking for her, so she came right alone. Although it was a good thing at the time, she shouldn't be so trusting with strangers."

"Yes, I know, she can't help it though. Thank you very much, um..." He grinned again, and ran his finger through his wavy hair.

"Rider, my names Rider Finn, and you might be?"

"I'm Erika Lancaster." I held out my hand, and he took it with a firm, yet gentle grip, shaking it, he ran his thumb on my hand.

"Soft." He murmured, and grinned sheepishly at me. I blushed, and smiled back at him, I let my death grip of Shay go, and pushed my russet hair back behind my ear.

"So, are you on this flight?"

"Yeah, going home, what about you?"

"Shay, and I are moving there."

"How convenient that we met then." I tried to keep my breathing in order, he was flirting with me, a Mother of a three year old was being flirted with. I wonder if that was new.

"I thought so too, where are you sitting?"

"Row A, seat three."

"How interesting, ours is row A, seat one, and two."

"I guess we'll be sitting with each other." I grinned, and started to stand up, Rider slipped his hand under my elbow, and helped me to standing. Shay snuggled herself closer to me, she smiled a little girl smile at Rider, and he flicked her nose playfully. "You are just the prettiest little girl I ever did see." I flicker of surprise came over my face.

"I've always thought that myself, and I just assumed it to be that fact I was her Mom, no matter how much I denied being judgmental."

"Nah, Erika she is the prettiest, just like her Mama, isn't that right Shay?"

"Yeah, Grandma says that we look almost the same, except I got blonde hair, and Mama's is blue... I mean brown."

"She almost has her colors down to a 'T', but she still messes up once in awhile."
"She's a smart girl, how old are you Shay?"

"Um, two? No, I'm three, just turned it." His eyes widened, and he smiled a bright, heart throbbing smile.

"Wow, you are a smart girl. We should get to our seat Erika, the plane's gonna take off soon." We walked back to the inside of the plane just in time, the lady closed the door behind us, and we took our seats at the front, Rider had picked up our bags, and put them, and his bag above our seats. Shay took the window seat, and I sat in the middle of her, and Rider. He sat down, and put his hand in his pocket, he pulled out a deck of cards, and showed me them. "Do you want to play?"

"Yeah, as soon as Shay falls asleep." He nodded, and his hand came out, slowly, just in case I pulled away he brushed the side of my cheek with his fingers, a shiver of heat coursed down my spine, and I stiffen in my seat, shocked.

I had never felt that before, not even during when Cade made love to me, before Shay. Rider smiled understandingly, and bent down, he brushed his lips against my ear lobe, and whispered,

"When Shay falls asleep, if you don't think it forward of me, meet me in the bathroom." My mouth dropped open, and I stared at him for a moment, before I shut my mouth, and nodded mutely. "So that's a yes?"

"Yes, it's a yes." His brown eyes twinkled, and traced his fingers down my thigh, I bit in a groan, and watched his hand slid closer to my inner thigh. He was getting percussively close to the junction of my legs, and I placed my hand on his. "Wait for her to fall asleep." He said quietly,

"I hope I can last that long." The plane beeped, and a voice came over the intercom.

"Hello passengers, for the ascend please put your seat belts off, and you may take the off when the seat belt light goes off. We will make a stop in Boston before we land in Detroit, thank you for using Canadian Airlines."

"I really want to kiss you Erika." My eyes blinked up at Rider as I buckled up Shay's belt, then I did mine still staring at him.

"Your really blunt." I statement, and bit my lip, his finger came out, and brushed my bottom lip which I was biting. He chuckled, and traced the curve of my ear with his finger after leaving my lip.

"I also want you so bad, but then again I'm thinking you knew that." Yes, I did, the bulge that I saw growing in his pants proved that, but that also means he caught me looking at his crouch. I lifted my eyes away, and blushed more.

"Mama, I'm hungry." Shay said, I looked over to her, and found she wasn't trying to sleep.

"Honey don't you need sleep though, you did miss your nap." That was true, but also I just needed her to sleep for an hour at lest.

"Yeah, but just a snack, them nap time." I nodded, and looked over to Rider.

"Rider, in my bag above us there is a box of animal cracker, could you get it? It's in the tiny pocket."

"Sure." He stood up, rummaged through the small pocket, and handed me the crackers, Shay dug into them happily.

A half an hour later Shay was asleep as were most of the passengers it was night time anyway. I looked at Rider, and smiled at him, I jerked my head to the bathroom behind the wall in front of us. He stood up, and dragged me up as well, he pulled me eagerly towards it, knocked quietly on it, and opened it, pulling me inside. He locked the door, and lifted me up by my waist, placing me on the small counter with the sink in it, he pushed my thighs apart to pull me to his chest.

He winked at me, and tangled his fingers into my hair, he dragged my head to him, and crushed my lips to his. I watched his other hand caress the buttons on my blouse before popping the first few buttons to revile a white lacy bra, he traced the cup of the bra, and pinched my nipple through the material. I gasped into his mouth, and he chuckled, pulling his lips away from mine, I whined when he did so, but then groaned as his tongue flickered out to lick my collar bone, and down to the valley of my breasts.

He suckled at the sensitive skin of my breast, and marked it there, he looked up at me with a slight predatory look in his eyes, and did that again to my other breast at the top of the bra. He untangled his fingers from my hair, and unbuttoned the rest of my blouse, and pulled it down, kissing my shoulders, and down my arms, nipping at the inside of my elbows. He drooped the blouse on the floor, and pulled back slightly to take a good look at me.

"Your so very beautiful Erika, soft ivory skin, the bluest eyes, and you even smell beautiful, it's like a combination of sweet pea, and lilac. Mm, I just want to wallow in you looks until the end of time." I took a much needed breath in, and bent my head back to get a little space for thought.

"I'm assuming that's a good thing?" He chuckled, and pushed his erection into my inner thigh.

"A very very, good thing." I moaned out loud, and flexed my hips to his, trying to ground my hot, wet core to him, to ease the ache. But it did no good as he held my hips, and mumbled. "No, no moving for you."

"Ah! No fair." I cried out, sniffling with mirth tears, he groaned, and kissed below my ear.

"No teasing, now stop moving so I can work." I grumbled.

"Yes, sir." His hand all of a sudden cupped my breast, and bent his head down to the other one, and bit onto the nipple. My leg jumped, and kicked into the counter, he held my thigh down, and snuggled himself closer so I was pinned in between the counter, and his hard sexy body.

"No making noises either." My head fell back, and I arched my chest to him, thrusting my breast further into his mouth. He dropped his hand from my breast, and undid the snap behind me with one hand, and tugged it off. I reached out, and he pushed my hands back, I slapped his hands, and tugged his short up without his approval, and threw it off, I touched his bare, toned chest. Tracing my fingers down, and found his six pack, so sexy, just washboard abs, and tanned skin.

"Your absolutely sexy." I groaned out, and started to kiss his shoulder, and down it to his chest, and even flicked my tongue on his nipple. He pulled me back panting, and nibbled on my earlobe, and his tongue traced the inside of it before whispering in my ear,

"Your too goddamn sexy for your own good, you can't touch me, or I just might disgrace myself before we even start. Now keep your hands to yourself."

"Your just no fun." I grinned, and giggled at him. He undid my pants, and tugged the off with my panties, he dropped to his knees, and grinned a devil may dare grin before he started to bit marks on my thighs, sucking hard on each thigh he gave me more hickeys. His finger slipped into my wet heat, and I licked my lips, and watched him intently, trying not shout out, like I wanted to, I wanted to scream, I wanted to beg him to take me now, but I kept my mouth shut just in case I couldn't hold it in.

His mouth closed around my clit, and circled his tongue around it, sucking down hard on it as he pumped two fingers inside me, he tried to slip a third one in, but I wasn't big enough for that. So instead he used his free hand to grab my left breast, and roll my nipple in his fingers, I tensed, and I couldn't move frozen to the spot as white hot heat shot through me, I yanked his face up, and kissed him, he still pumped his fingers in my, but I smothered my scream in his mouth.

My thighs twitched, and my ass ached as I rubbed my hips into his fingers, before I finally started to come down. Once I did, he pulled his fingers out of me, and I watched with wide eyes as he sucks my juices off his finger, he offered his fingers to me, and I hesitate before I tentatively licked his finger. Hmm, apples, and strawberries, how strange. I licked my lips, and nodded. My hands shot out, and I undid his pants, and pushed it off his hips with his black silk boxers.

I stared gap mouthed at his erection, it was at lest nine inches long, maybe even longer, I gulped, and looked up at him. He saw my reaction, and he pulled me to him, he hushed me in my ear, and rocked me for a few seconds before I relaxed. When he released me he bent down, and pulled out his wallet, he opened it up, and looked through the pockets. He swore.

"Oh, shit. I knew I should have bought those condoms." I looked up at him, and groaned with him.

"I'm not sure if I feel comfortable without one." He bent his head down, and nodded.

"If you don't then we'll wait, I don't want to make you uncomfortable." I looked up at him with a shocked look on my face.

"You would do that?"

"A real man respects his partners choice, and comfort zone." I mumbled, and looked at him again.

"You shouldn't have said that, I'm now tempted to just go on with it. Your a sweetheart." He laughed, and nodded.

"Yeah, I know, but we'll only do it, if your okay with it."

"We're naked in a bathroom, in the air, and you say that. Oh god I can't believe I'm gonna say this. Just fuck me already." Rider's face was priceless, it lit up, and he laughed at my use of the word fuck.

"That's fine with me too." He kissed me hard, and positioned himself.

"I should tell you before we do this that I'm not on anything, so we're being a tiny bit risky."

"Risky is my middle name."

"Really? Well mine's Loretta." He chuckled again, and started to push inside me. "Wait! Um, what happens if well you know?" He stopped, and looked at me, he smiled.

"If you get pregnant?" I nodded.

"Then I'll just have to marry you, now can we get on with this, I'm a little bit anxious." I was surprised at what he said, but nodded my head. He thrusted into me with a groan, and I moaned, feeling him fill me nice, and full. I've never felt this way, so wanton, so naughty, I mean for Christ sakes I was fucking Rider, a hot, yet almost complete stranger in an airplane bathroom, yeah that just said a lot about my morals.

Moving faster inside me, I moved with him as well as I could, clutching him close to my breasts I shuttered as we started to move even faster, he pushed deep into me, and tipped his pelvis bone up, I cried out as he hit my magic spot deep inside me, he hit it hard a few more times, and I dragged his face up to me, crushed his lips to mine, and yelled into his mouth, most of it wasn't held in. He shuttered, and slammed down hard, and I felt him jerk inside me as I felt his seed blast inside me, hot, sticky, and more certainly going to get me into a world of trouble.

We pulled each other closer, and took deep, long breaths of air, silence remained for a moment longer before he pulled back, and kissed me tenderly.

"That was the most intense feeling I've ever had Erika." I laughed, and nodded.

"I'm right there with you Rider." I snuggled my face to his shoulder, and I felt him kiss my neck.

"We should get out of here, other people might need to use the bathroom, and we have Shay to get back to."

"You really are sweet if your thinking of Shay when were naked, and your still inside me."

"I've always thought so." He groaned, and kissed me quickly before pulling out of me, I frowned as he did so, slightly disappointed, he saw my face, and chuckled.

"We'll do this again, but not on the plane, I'd like you in my bed, if your not opposed to it."

"I am sure not."


* * *

We landed in Boston for a quick stop, I held Shay's hand as we got off the plane, it wouldn't leave for another hour, or so. Rider stepped next to me, and slipped his hand in mine, he stopped me, squeezed my hand, and kissed my lips, sucking on the bottom lip for a moment before pulling back.

"You sure do kiss my Mama a lot Rider." Shay commented, and pulled closer to me, he chuckled, and came to Shay's level.

"Well, of course I do, I care about your Mama, and that's how adults show affection little one." She pursed her lips before nodding.

"Just don't hurt her, Mama's been through a lot, and my Dad doesn't like her too much. Their kind of mean to each other, although I'm on Mama's side cause I don't see my Dad a lot." I sighed as Shay talked to dear much about anything, I looked down at Rider to see his reaction, he looked up at me, and smiled tenderly.

"I won't hurt her Shay, honey." Shay grinned, and held out her other hand for him, he took it, and stood up, we walked in the airport, Shay holding each of our hands, and her humming between us, it gave my heart a twinge, we must look like a proper family.

We stopped at the food court in the mall next to the airport, and bought sandwiches, with drinks. I sat down at a table with Rider sitting across from me, and Shay next to me.

"You know what?" Shay asked, taking a bit out of her sandwich, looking at Rider.

"What little one?" She took a sip, and swallowed.

"You should be my Daddy, your better at it than Dad." She said conversationally. My eyes widened at Shay, and I started to chock on my food, Rider's hand came out, and patted my back a few times before I swallowed my food, and was able to breath.

"Shay! You need to watch what you say." I said, embarrassed.

"Erika honey, I don't mind, she should feel she can say things to me." Shay smiled at Rider, and swallowed more food.

"So what do you think? About being my Daddy I mean?" Rider's face became thoughtful, and he smiled.

"That is up to your Mom, whether she wants me around long enough to be a Daddy." I knew what he was getting at, he was pretty sure that he had gotten me pregnant, and he wanted to be there for me, and Shay. Which I found endearing, since we've only known each other for two days.

"I don't know yet, why don't we just wait, and see." Shay grinned, sipping her drink.

"That usual means yes, but says it because she wants you to think it could be a no." I growled at my talkative daughter, Rider just chuckled like he does, and covered my left hand which was resting on the table. I tangled my fingers in his, and bit more into my sandwich, Shay was just giving more, and more of my secrets away, and I just couldn't yell at her, or even be mad really. She's my first baby, so I suppose it will always been hard.

"Come on, let's finish here, it's almost time to go back to the plane."

* * *

Taking deep breaths I walked onto the plane again, it wasn't so bad once in the air, but until then it was hard to deal with, Shay ran back over to her seat, and sat down with her face brightly lit. Rider was still holding my hand, and walked me over to our seats, we sat down, and waited. A man from the cockpit emerged from behind the curtains, but he wasn't alone he had another man follow behind him, and I felt a scream stop in my throat, the other man held a knife to the pilot's throat.

"THIS IS A HIJACKING!" The man with the knife said, the other man nodded, and some of the people on the plane stared wide eyed, rest screamed out loud.

"Shut the fuck up you ingrates." The other man said, narrowing his eyes at us. Shay looked over at me with panicked eyes, I pulled her into my lap, and held her lightly. The man saw my movement, and pulled out a gun. "What are you trying!?" I stared at him, my mouth fel open.

"N-nothing! I'm just holding my daughter, please, just continue your hijacking really, enjoy it." I stuttered out, the man laughed, and pocketed the gun.

"I love woman who crack me up, all right, now where was I?" I saw Rider move slightly, and all of a sudden he shot out of the chair, and threw the man with the gun on the floor, they started to wrestle to get the gun out of his pocket, Rider pulled it out of his pocket, shot the man in the gut, spin, and kicked the knife out of the other man's hand, pushed the pilot out of the way, grabbed the man, and held him with one arm, holding the gun to his head. He froze, and stared at Rider with a grim expression.

"I suggest you give up, I'm a CIA agent." He looked down at the pilot. "Go call the police, and tell them what happened, they'll know who to call. Also tell them that Agent Rider Finn has it under control, but back up would be nice." He nodded, and ran out of the room, Rider kept the gun to the man's head, and watch the other, he wasn't getting up after a few moment I realized he had bleed to death.

A few minutes later police ran in the plane with FBI, they arrested the alive man, and bagged the dead man. Once Rider's hand's were released I threw myself at him with Shay still in my arms. I started to cry into his shirt, and he shushed my quietly, Shay snuggled to him as well.

Everyone had to leave the plane, and talk to the investigator.

Rider, Shay, and I were standing together in the airport, Shay was being held by Rider, and she felt safe. A woman with black hair in a bun, green eyes, and a skirt suit walked up to us, she lifted a eyebrow at Rider.

"Looks like Agent Finn has gotten himself attached to a victim. Didn't you just finished an assignment?"

"Yeah, Eleanor we just finished one together don't you remember?"

"Sure. So it looks like you cleaned everything up yourself, but you should have alerted backup from your watch, and not acted alone." Rider shrugged his shoulders, and pulled me closer.

"I couldn't not when they were endangered." I frowned, and looked at him.

"Why didn't you tell me you were an Agent?" He shrugged once more, and pressed a kiss to my head.

"You never asked what I did for a living."

"Your going to tell me everything once we get to Detroit."

"Yes, Erika." Shay looked at Eleanor, and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Shay. That was kind of scary, but my Daddy saved me, and Mama." I groaned.

"Oh for the love of god Shaylynn, your not gonna let this Daddy thing go are you?" I asked, a bit embarrassed, she hugged Rider to her.

"You can share Daddy." I threw up my hands, and looked at Rider sheepishly, he smiled at me.

"That wasn't what I was getting at." Rider grinned, and kissed Shay's cheek.

"I like being called Daddy."

"Not you too!" I said, the whole group laughed, I pulled Rider closer to me, and felt him kiss my head once more. We are so taking a bus the rest of the way to Detroit.

* * *

Three months later

"Mama wake up, it's snowing!" I frowned, and tried to snuggle down more in the sheets, hopefully Shay would get the picture, and go away for a bit.

"Now Shay leave Mama alone, she needs her sleep." Rider said with a chuckle, Shay got off our bed, and was gone. I rolled over, and felt Rider's arms elope me. "Good morning, Wife." I laughed at that, it sounded weird ever time I heard it, but it was a good weird.


"How's Daddy's little guy?" Rider asked, his hand slid down, and cupped my slight bump.

"Fine, although how do you know it's a boy?"

"I don't, but I'd be happy with another little girl." I sighed, and opened my eyes to my husband, Rider, and I fell in love at first sight, made love in a airplane bathroom, and had a conversation about him being a Daddy, then my little girl's Daddy became a true hero in her eyes, saving us, and others from being hurt. We married the day we found out we were having a baby together, just like her promised, but not before he told me I was everything he asked for, and more. He thanked me for everything, and told me he loved me, and Shay more than life itself.

Now he loved all of us, and the new baby, very much so. I laid my hand on his, and sent my love to the little bundle.

"I love you, Rider."

"I love you too, Erika."


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