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The Houskeeper Temptress

Short story By: Mayleila

(COMPLETED) When she received news that he was looking for a housekeeper excitement grew within her. Behind those Devil eyes though, lay lies and a dark past. Determined Gillian wanted to find out what this Dark Lord was hiding. So she entered his home. Although, Lord Brodrick Kincaid could not resist but be tempted by this new housekeeper and he is determine to win her heart.

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Lady Gillian slowly walked up the steps to the Dark Devil's castle. He was her only hope. By the looks of the house she wanted to turn and run back but her only choice to survive. She couldn't give this up or else her little siblings will never have anything to eat and they have been so malnourished by the lack of food. Taking in a deep breath she started up the steps. One. Two. Three. Four…fifteen. She hit the door. Looking up she raised her hand to knock.

'I'm strong, right? Lady Gillian you can do this.' She thought to herself.


No answer. 'Hm…knock again?'


The door slightly opened and peeped out the butler. He opened the door and looked at Lady Gillian.

"Do you have an appointment?" The butler spoke.

"Yes. I'm his new housekeeper that his successor hired a few days ago." Gillian said finally. Her voice was weak.

"Ah, come in then." The butler opens the door wider. Gillian moved inside the castle and when she saw the foyer she believe that this castle did need some cleaning. There were no candles; no light at all, there were no colors; only black and gray, Cobwebs are everywhere along with dust.

"Over here…uh, what is your name?" The butler asked sheepishly forgetting his manners.

"Gillian." She spoke to him and followed him.

"Ah, beautiful name for a beautiful lass." He chuckled. The butler was old but he is quick Gillian had to run to keep up.

"Thank you." She said softly.

"My name is Merripan. I work here as a butler if you need any assistance in any way you can always come to me." He led her into a room that looked like a closet. "My lord is away from home but you can start your job by cleaning the pantry. After this you can come to me and I'll tell you what else needs cleaning." Merripan started to leave.

"Wait! Am I to clean this alone?" Gillian asked him.

"Yes, but if you need any assistance just tell me and I would have someone help you." He added.

Gillian didn't want to lose her job so she simply said, "No, that will be fine. Thank you." And off she went on her cleaning.

When she was done she stepped out of the pantry and took a look. Everything was in proper order. The flour where with all other dried ingredients and other non-dried ingredients were put in one shelf. Satisfied with her work she proceeded out to go find Merripan. When she found him he was talking to somebody furiously. The little boy nodded and the look on his face showed he feared Merripan. She walked closer until Merripan looked up and saw her.

He smiled, "You are done already?"

"Yes." She said to him.

"Good work. Lord Kincaid likes fast pace." He said and led Gillian back into the foyer. "If you can, can you start mopping the floor." He handed her the proper equipments to start mopping.

"Yes, sir." She said and started mopping the floor. Merripan disappeared into the parlor and she heard him giving orders to other maids in the castle. Sighing to herself she went down on her knees and started mopping. The floor was disgusting, it had about one inch thick of dust on the floor it seems no one has cleaned it for years. She groaned in disgust but while mopping a black boot came into view. Funny, she didn't see that there. She followed the boot and looked up and saw that it was a man. A handsome man, he had dark brown hair and brown eyes. His face was set in a grim look but you can tell he was in his early 30's. His breeches hugged his legs so good you can see the lining of the muscles and his cravat was undone. It was enticing. Gillian fumbled for words.

"Who the hell are you?" The man spoke loudly that made Gillian jumped.


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