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What's So Sad About Forever Peace?(for Angel Of Life's Make My Tears Fall Writing Challenge)

Short story By: hyperforce

A girl describes how she had found true love...and lost it...after leaving home to start college at UCLA.

Submitted:Sep 12, 2011    Reads: 51    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I know what you're thinking.You're thinking on saying that I should get off my ass,stop feeling sorry for myself and go outside and do something else instead of sitting around listening to a song entitled 'What's So Sad About Forever Peace?' over and over and over again.Well,to tell you the truth,you're getting no argument from me on that one.

You see,it's not just any song.It actually is the one song that I had sang a duet number to with the most wonderful guy that I had ever met in my entire life.It was after I had finally graduated high school that my father had tried to talk me out of going to college in Southern California.

Oh,don't get me wrong!I really do love my dad with all of my heart!It's just that I had to prove to him that I really am capable of living on my own and not being 'Daddy's Little Girl' for the rest of my life!Anyway,after I had gotten my stuff into the car and Dad had tried one last time to talk me out of going to an out of town college and failed,I had given him and the rest of the family a big 'goodbye' hug,gotten into my car and myself towards a new life in UCLA.

And after I had enrolled myself into the college and gotten myself settled into my new apartment,some of the other girls had walked up and invited me to go with them to some newfound rock star belt out some tunes inside a local club.And as soon as I had looked at my watch and figured that I had nothing better to do at the time,I had decided to go over to the club and check this song man out for myself.

But when we had stepped into the club and heard a song being sung by such a fantastic voice,I had looked up at the stage and saw this wonderously handsome male stud belting out tunes like there was no tomorrow.That was before he had looked and smiled at me.

And after he had jumped off the stage and placed his gental hands on my shoulders,he had cleared his throat and said,"Hi,my name is Ronnie.You must be new in town.Am I right?",which had made me respond by nodding my head and smiling at him before he had turned to the audience and said,"Say,I bet that you have a wonderful singing voice.Would you like to join me on stage and try that voice out?"

Well,I was about to say something in objection to that idea.But after I had looked at everyone else in the room and noticed that they had also wanted me to belt out a tune with Ronnie,I had looked into those beautiful eyes of his and said 'okay' before the both of us had climbed back up to the stage and started singing the song that I had been listening to before you had walked in.

Then,after we had sang that song and found ourselves accepting the cheers and applause of the entire audience,both Ronnie and I had looked at the one person that we had each fallen in love with and kissed that person right on the lips.After that,Ronnie and I had done everything together.We had played a few rounds of mini golf,seen a great movie or two and taken a nice quiet walk on the beach.

Speaking of which,it was on that walk on the beach that the clouds above us had started to get dark and dump some rain on everything that happens to be on that beach...including both me and Ronnie.Thankfully,we were able to get ourselves into a cave and out of the rain before both the thunder and lightning had struck the beach.

And while we waiting inside that cave for the storm to pass or lighten up a little bit,we had decided to get out of our soaking wet clothes before we were about to freeze ourselves to death.Then,after we had stripped off our clothes and hung them somewhere to dry,I had looked at Ronnie and discovered that he was stroking his huge cock right in front of me.

Of course,that had made me slide my fingers in and out of my wet pussy and slowly lick my lips before we had laid ourselves down on the floor of the cave and Ronnie had pushed his finger right into my asshole and licked on my moist snatch while I was sucking on his large beef stick.

Then,after he had taken it out of my mouth,placed his hands on my shoulders and started shoving that giant dick of his deeper and deeper into my soaking wet cunt,I had laid my hands on Ronnie's bare back before we had let one hell of a loud scream,came and fallen asleep in each other's naked arms.

But of course,that was I had woken up,looked at Ronnie while he was still sleeping next to me and thought to myself,*If only my father could see past Ronnie's appearance...!If he could see his soul as I have...!Maybe then,he would understand why his hair is long and I love him!*

As a matter of fact,we were so much in love with each other that Ronnie had gotten down on one knee on one December afternoon and given me the best Christmas present that any girl would ever have.It was a ring with a marriage proposal attached.And when I had slipped on that ring and realized that he had really wanted to marry me,I had screamed for joy,jumped into his arms and said 'yes' three times before we had hugged each other with everyone else watching.


I...I'm sorry,Mom!I really didn't mean to scream and yell like that!It's just that I had found the one true love of my life after I had came out here to start college...and now,some drunk shit had taken it away from me!Why,Mom?Why did he do it?

I mean,I know that he was drunk while he behind that wheel!But I still want to know anyway!What's that,Mom?You understand how upset I really am right now and want me to know that as long as Ronnie's in our hearts,he would always be with us no matter what!Thanks,Mom!I really do need that...and I still love both you and Dad very,very much!



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