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Keep My Secret To Yourself(for A7XRica's Relate It Contest)

Short story By: hyperforce

After he wakes up and sees that his companion is still asleep,a guy sits in front of his computer and starts typing out a story about something he promised someone else not to do.

Submitted:Oct 31, 2011    Reads: 149    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Rick:I've just got up today,looked at the other side of my bed and noticed that she was still sound asleep.That was before I got out of bed,walked into the living room and stared at the rain that is still pouring outside my apartment with only this one nagging my very being,"Should I tell her the truth or keep it a secret that will haunt me forever?"That was before I sat myself down in front of my computer,turned it on and decided to get this whole thing off my chest the only way I know how.

You see,it was at this one beach party that I met a beautiful dark haired babe whose name happens to be Heather Barbeau and who was wearing this steamy nudy micro bikini number from Princessbikinis.com in order to get a sexual rise out of this one guy that she had been going out with for the past six months.But even though he understood what she was trying to do,it had only resulted making Owen Schriber pick up the beach towel,wrap it around Heather and say,"My God,Heather!Will you please stop that?You're making a fool of yourself in front of all of our friends!"

And of course,that had made Heather become so pissed that she had shoved the towel right back at the guy and yell,"GUESS WHAT,OWEN?!I FINALLY HAVE ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING TO MAKE MYSELF MORE ATTRACTIVE TO YOU AND YOU SHOOT ME DOWN FOR IT!I MEAN IT,OWEN!WE'RE THROUGH!AND YOU COULD TAKE YOUR SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR ASS FOR ALL I CARE!",just before she walked herself over to Rick Jackman--who happens to be me--and asked,"Could you drive me home?",which was exactly what I had done.

Now,don't get me wrong!I really do feel sorry for Owen!But when a hot babe like Heather asks a guy like me to drive her home,there was no way in hell that I would ever say 'no' to her!But that was before I had found out something about the poor guy that made me wish that I should've said 'no' in the first place.You see,it was several weeks since Heather broke up with Owen and she and I have been dating since then.As a matter of fact,it was on one of those dates that I bumped into Owen and asked him why he doesn't love Heather anymore.

Of course,that made him look at me straight in the eye and explain to me that an accidental explosion in his lab had caused him to suffer some heavy duty nerve damage which had left the poor schmuck with erectile dysfunction.You know,the sexual dysfunction that is characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance?Anyway,after I told him that Heather might want to know the real reason of why she broke up with him,Owen grabbed me by the arm and said,"No,Rick!You don't understand!I really did want her to break up with me to spare her of this!Just please do me a favor and don't tell her the truth!If you love her as much as I do,just keep my secret to yourself and spare her this heartbreak,okay?"

And after I had let out a sigh and said 'yes' to Owen,Heather walked over to us and said,"Hi,Owen.How are you feeling today?",before he smiled and answered,"I'm doing great,Heather.And from the looks of things,so are you...and I'm glad."Then,after he saw the look on her tear stained face and noticed that she was about to apologize,Owen had wrapped his arms around Heather and said,"Seriously,Heather.I'm okay.You don't have to worry about me.Right,Rick?",before I nodded my head and said,"That's right,Heather.Nothing to worry about.",even though I know in my own heart that what I had said was nothing more than a flat out bullshit lie.

And if you want to know what the strangest part of that whole day was,she actually believed that lie and wished Owen all the happiness in the world anyway!That was when it started to rain and everyone who was not smart enough to have an umbrella with them had decided to get themselves inside and out of the rain.Heather and I would've asked Owen to come with us inside my place to get dry.But he was already gone.Anyway,as soon as we made it inside my apartment and laid our soaking wet clothes in the bathtub to dry,we stood totally naked in the living room and watched the rain continuing its fall on everything in sight.

"Rain,rain,go away...!",that was what I said just before Heather had placed her hand on my chest,looked into my eyes and added,"...It doesn't matter anyway!"And after we kissed each other on the lips,we went into the bedroom where we sat down on the bed and I allowed her to suck my dick.That was before I laid myself on top of Heather and began sucking every last drop of juice out of her wet pussy and pushing my finger in and out of her asshole.

Then,after I took my cock out of her mouth,I placed my hands on her shoulders and started sucking her tits and shoving my dick deep into her pussy which had made Heather lay her hands on my back and beg me at the top of her own lungs to make her want to cum.And after we came,Heather and I had fallen into a deep sleep on that very same bed.However,my moment of peaceful slumber has become short lived because I'm sitting in front of my computer and typing out the one thing that I should really be telling poor dear Heather right now.

And I also noticed that I need a cup of coffee right now.

Heather:Rick,I just got up and saw you making some coffee in the kitchen.I just want to tell you that you don't have to tell me anything.I already know the truth about Owen's impotency because I was standing in the doorway of the restaurant and overheard everything.But you don't have to worry.I'm not mad at you.Far from it.You see,it was Owen who--in a way--helped me realize who I should allow myself to fall deeply in love with...and I'm glad that he did.



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