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I Wouldn't Let Him Kiss Me(for PokerFace's What To Do Know contest)

Short story By: hyperforce

While feeling guilty about not letting a guy kiss her on their first date,a beautiful maiden decides to let him give her that kiss,only to receive quite a shock.

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Once upon a time within the city of Berea,Ohio,a beautiful Baldwin-Wallace College student whose name happens to be Michelle Guttenberg had suddenly bumped into another student who happens to be a handsome stud named Jerry Krofft in a hallway while they were each in a scramble to get to the next class.After they had gotten themselves off the floor,they were about to apologize to one another for that indoor smash-up,only to have Michelle look into Jerry's wonderful eyes and suddenly fall in love with him in the same way that he had suddenly found himself becoming deeply in love with Michelle which had made Jerry clear his throat and invite her to go with him to the Cuyahoga County Fair.

Of course,she had allowed herself to accept and join Jerry for a whole day of rides,carny games and having a wonderful time.But after they had left the fairgrounds and a smiling Michelle had given the big stuffed teddy bear that Jerry had won for her a big hug,let out a sigh and said,"Thanks for inviting me to go with you to the fair,Jerry!I really had such a wonderful time!",Jerry had placed a gentle hand on Michelle's cheek and was about to kiss her on the lips,only to have Michelle pull her head away from Jerry and said,"Look,Jerry.I really am sorry about that.Don't get me wrong.You're a nice guy and I really do love you so very much.It's just that I had came out of a bad relationship and am not ready for that type of commitment yet.Do you understand what I'm saying,Jerry?"

"Sure,Michelle.No problem.Besides,it was foolish of me to scare you like that anyway.",that was what an understanding Jerry had said before he had taken Michelle back to her dorm,said 'goodbye' to her and walked back to his own place.And when she had gstepped into her dorm room and carefully placed the teddy bear on her bed,Michelle had swiped her hands in front of the bear and said,"I know that it was wrong of me to not let Jerry kiss me.But it was because of the fact that I had came out of a bad relationship and I wasn't ready for it yet.Besides,I bet that he really is a virgin who would rather wait until he does find the right girl for him to marry someday."

But as soon as she had stepped into the shower,turned the water on and started rubbing soap all over her bare ass naked body,Michelle had closed her eyes and started pushing her fingers into her wet pussy and calling out the name 'Jerry'.That was before one of the other female dorm residents had banged on the shower door and demanded to know how long Michelle was going to be in there."I'll be out in a minute!",that was what a suddenly embarressed Michelle had said to the dormmate and let out a sigh of relief just before she had slammed her fist on a wall of the shower and yelled,"GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!I REALLY DO NOT BELIEVE THIS SHIT!I JUST CAN NOT FORGET JERRY!HE IS SUCH A HOT STUD!"

That was before the next day on which Michelle had suddenly heard through word of mouth that Jerry had gone to the park for a little skinny dipping and decided to go over to that park and let him kiss her on the lips.But as soon as she had reached her destination and carefully made her way to a small lake,her eyes had grown wide at the sight of Jerry and another beautiful maiden swimming naked and splashing water on each other.And when she had watched the both of them kissing each other so deeply on the lips,a saddened Michelle had placed her hands over her eyes and said,"Oh,no!Jerry with another girl!And all because I wouldn't let him kiss me!"

But that was before she had accidentally slipped and plunged into the water which had forced both Jerry and the other girl to help poor Michelle climb out of the lake and into an recreation vehicle.And after she had stripped off her soaking wet clothes and allowed Jerry to hang them out to dry,Michelle had wrapped a beach towel around her nude body and stepped out of the bathroom just in time for her to see the other girl sitting at the dining table drinking a small bottle of Pepsi and saying,"You must be Michelle.Jerry had told me so much about you."That had made an embarressed Michelle roll her eyes,let out a sigh and say,"Look,I really am sorry about...!I mean,I know that he really is such a nice guy.And if you guys should ever get married...!"

"We're already married,Michelle.I'm Hilary Krofft,Jerry's wife.And to tell you the honest truth,there really is nothing for you to be ashamed of because Jerry and I share everything in our marriage...and I do mean everything.",that was what a smiling Hilary had said to Michelle before she had gotten up from the chair,slipped off her robe to expose her naked bod to her newfound guest and asked,"So tell me,Michelle.Have you ever allowed yourself to have some hot and steamy sex with another woman before?"And after Michelle had slowly shaken her head in response to that question,Hilary had quickly swiped the towel off of Michelle,pushed her down on the bed and said,"Congratulations,Michelle.You're about to do so right now."

And just as Michelle was about to say something in objection to that idea,Hilary had placed her hands on Michelle's cheeks and planted one hell of a deep kiss on her lips.Then,after Hilary had placed her hands on Michelle's tits and started sucking every last drop of juice out of her wet pussy,Michelle had looked up and noticed that Jerry was standing naked in the doorway and jerking off on his huge cock.That was before Hilary had turned her smiling face towards Jerry and said,"Hey,Stud!Why are you standing there and jerking off like some dumb asshole instead of coming over here and joining us?",which had made Jerry place his hands on his wife's belly and start shoving his large dick right into her shit hole before he had finally given Michelle that kiss on the lips that she was yerning for.

Then,after Jerry had taken his cock out of Hilary's butt crack and allowed Michelle to suck on it,he had started pushing his fingers into Michelle's cunt and sucking on Hilary's moist snatch which--in turn--had made Hilary put her hands on Michelle's arms and suck on her huge jugs.That was before Jerry had taken his dick out of Michelle's mouth and began thrusting it deep into Hilary's soaking wet pussy while he was sucking on Michelle's juicy cunt.And then,after Michelle had laid her hands on Hilary's bare back and began sucking on her tits,Hilary had put her hands on Michelle's butt,slowly licked her lips and let out a scream of untamed sexual pleasure that was so loud that even people outside the park would be able to hear it.

That was before the three newfound fuck buddies had all finally came and fallen asleep on that very same bed.Later that evening,after the RV had pulled into the driveway of Michelle's dorm,a smiling Hilary had leaned over from the back and asked,"So,Michelle?Same time tomorrow?",before Michelle had looked at Hilary with a smile of her own,shrugged her shoulders and answered,"Sure.Why not?"And after a concerned Jerry had placed a gentle hand on Michelle's shoulder and asked,"Are you feeling better now?",Michelle had given each of them a kiss on the lips and said,"I am now.",before getting out of the RV and heading back into dorm room.



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