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Could it be that easy?

Short story By: HopelesslyDevotedxx

this is about a guy, its someone that I have liked for a while and i wanted to get my emotions out, this has atually happened but true love, that didn't so unfortunatly this is not exactly true xxx

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I was sat in an english lesson, nothing more to do then write up some thoughts and feelings in the form of poetry, it helped me to have a little book where i'd write this all down wheneverI felt like everything was becoming too much. But this wasn't going to be the normal day, where i'd sit quietly and not be noticed, oh no this is the day my life changed, where i became the centre of attention, something that i'd never wanted to be.

"Could you please stop writting or doodling and please stand up and take your new seats" Miss lewis said, she was one of our english teachers and i didn't much like her, even less so now I was being forced into a seating plan where i would be sat next to someone that would not want to be next to me, then i smiled and saw Ronnie as walking over to me, thank god he was in my lesson.

"Didn't think you would be in" I said hugging him and dropping my bags, he did the same and everyone just carried on talking and packing up their stuff, no one took any notice of me.

"Course i would, can't leae you in english alone can i my chloe" He was so cute. Ronnie had been my best friend for the last4 years in secondary school, we spent alot of time together and me and his girlfriend were close friends too, so she didn't mind me spending time with him.

"Well we better get ready" I said smiling and grabbing my stuff praying and hoping I was sat next to him.

Later on that dayI saw him, brown hair, dark and curly, endless eyes which bore into me, I felt as if at any moment I fall loose my balance and fall over, it was something which happened frequently whenever i saw him. I couldn't see his face because he wa being surrounded by the other guys he hangs out with. That was something which always got to me. His friends. Now i'm not your average girl, I'm slightly below as I'm not super smart, or have a talent for anything really, I am not pretty, no matter how much people say I am, I'm your geek plain and simple, as I love omputer games. My track record has not been great with guys, I have had 15 past relationships, and thats just in this last year, but not many people know about it and thats the way i'd like it to stay. Oh and I also have erotophobia, the fear of sex. Now that doesn't go down well when your a 16 year old girl, surrounded by horny 16 year old boys, its almost impossible to find a "decent" guy.

But he's different.

He's the guy of my dreams, the one that I've wanted but somehow never got far enough to ask, or even mention i like him, but i know he knows it, like i know that he likes me, he holds my stare whenever our eyes meet and its magical, its powerful.

And he is waiting for me, like an angel brought down to help me, to be with me but theres no way we could be together, because of his past.... and mine.

I was walking home, my heart beating fast, i knew that I was going to see him, we'd arranged to meet up, I couldn't believe my luck! but i was nervous and as i turned the corner I saw him leaning up against the wall, head and shoulders droped down and staring at the ground his hands thrust into his pockets bracing them against the cold. I smiled but he didn't see.

"How are you?" I said walking up to him and staring opposite, I leaned against the wall feeling my heart, it was out of control.

"I'm alright but Chloe theres something I wanna tell you" I could see his eyes flitting back and fourth. "I....god damn it... I love you"

My heart raced as his cheeks flushed, his hands were on mine and then hi arms around my waist, my arms around his neck and holding him tight, i never knew i could feel this way, his lips softly touched mine and it was the beginings of something I would never forget.

True lovee had finally found me.


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