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Let Sleeping Writers Lie

Short story By: Demonic Dreamer

A short story older one of my first like this....enjoy?

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Let Sleeping Writers Lie…
I hated to wake him up, I really did, he had been through so much these past few weeks and he had finally been able to get some sleep, plus, he was rather rude when he was awake, and now when he was lying there asleep he looked quite calm and peaceful. But, I was exhausted, it was about one in the morning and I had been out all night, I most definitely needed sleep. And he was asleep in my bed. He must have been waiting up for me and had fallen asleep. He wasn't wearing a shirt, he usually didn't if he didn't have to, and the thin cotton pajama bottoms were slung just above his hips, almost daring me to touch him. He was asleep on his back, his hands resting on both pillows. Biting my lip, I walked over to the bed and quickly grabbed my red silk sleep chemise that I usually slept in. Fingering the light, wispy fabric, I looked at him. Did I dare wear this when he was asleep on my bed? Shaking my head a silent but firm no, I flung it into the closet and quietly slipped out of my tight jeans, black tank top, and heels. Reaching behind me to the clasp of my bra, I decided to leave it on just in case. I pulled on a pair of black thin cotton pajama bottoms and pulled on a red cotton and lace camisole over my head.
He had moved here to be closer to her, we both knew this. But, when she had rejected him once again, he had found himself with no where to go. Me, being the glutton for punishment that I am told him that he could move in with me since I had an extra room and all. Reluctantly he agreed, letting me know forthright that he knew that I had feelings for him, but he had feelings for this other girl and if anything were to happen between me and him it would only be because he needed to release some tension that this other girl had caused him. Wasn't that sweet of him? I nodded, agreeing, and, then made sure that there was tons of sexual tension between the both of us, secretly relishing and fearing the day that he finally would snap and lose control. We had come pretty damn close a few times already. He was a writer, and I was a struggling novelist so we always had to argue about books and the like. One day him and I had been arguing as usual about one thing or another and I had gotten in his face and he had told me to shut up. I had refused and he had hauled me up against him and kissed me fiercely. I, ever the stubborn one had kissed him back just as fiercely and as hungrily as he was kissing me. We had come to our senses and agreed that what we were doing had to stop immediately. Then there was the time that him and I were watching a movie and we were both laying on his bed and jokingly, I had laid my head on his shoulder, expecting him to move it off of him. But, he had flipped me over so that my back was against his chest and we lied there spooning one another throughout the movie. The movie was some vampire flick, so jokingly during one of the scenes where the vampire was seducing and biting some poor clueless girl, he bit me on the side of my neck. (Which was a big turn on for me.) Unable to stop myself, I moaned, and he froze for only a few seconds. Placing a kiss where he had bitten, I knew he noticed me shiver because the neck torture didn't stop there. He kept on biting and kissing my neck, and his arms closed tight around me when I tried to move out of his reach. He stopped only when I was quivering violently and panting, then he made the mistake of leaning up over me to get something from his night stand. Leaning up, I attached my mouth to his neck and gave as good as I had gotten from him. Kissing his neck and then sucking his neck into my mouth and biting bits of it with my teeth, I chuckled as I heard him moan. Pulling me away from his neck, he captured my mouth in a totally possessive kiss that took my breath away. Before I knew it, his mouth was back at my neck, and his hands were cupping my breasts through my shirt. Then the phone had rang and once again the moment had been broken.
After having put my pajamas on, I took a deep breath and then carefully climbed into bed, making sure not to wake him. I was just about to roll over and go to sleep when an idea popped into my head: I could tease him a little bit more. Lightly, I ran my fingernails down his neck, down his chest, and stopped when I got to his six pack. I caressed his abs with my fingertips, daydreaming about him kissing me again, biting me, touching me. I didn't even realize that my fingers were now far away from the safe zone until I heard him stir. I was just about to brush my fingertips against him, when suddenly my arms were pinned above my head, and he was on top of me. He was definitely awake! I looked up unto his brown eyes, quite startled. "Jack! I-" Was all that came out of my mouth before his mouth went straight for my neck. Gasping, panting hard, I bit back a moan as his teeth found the spot just where my neck meets my shoulder and went to town on it. My eyes fluttered closed as my hands clenched above my head. I wanted to touch him and he knew it! He shifted so that he was completely on top of me, and I gasped at the feeling of his hard length pressing into me. He lifted up from my neck to look down on me, a wicked smirk on his lips. Leaning down to nibble my earlobe, he whispered. "This is why good little girls should never wake the big bad wolf up. They might just get eaten." His tongue darted out to taste my earlobe. I shuddered as I half moaned. "Then the big bad wolf should not have fallen asleep in the good little girl's bed." He chuckled low in his throat as he attacked the other side of my neck. Tired of him being the only one who got to touch, I tried to wriggle free of his grasp. That only made him hold on tighter to my hands. He covered my mouth in a searing kiss that told me he was as turned on by this as I was and that like me he was not planning on stopping this any time soon. He kissed my lips, my forehead, my eyelids, my cheeks, and finally went back to my neck once more. Gently, he bit my collarbone causing a surprised moan to come from me. His hands followed where his mouth had been. Pretty soon both were on my almost bare shoulders and the two straps on each shoulder that were keeping my camisole and bra on. Changing tactics, I gasped when his hands came up under my camisole to cup my breasts. Feeling the lacey red bra under his hands, he rolled his eyes at me. "Coward, were you afraid I would try something like this? And, I was waiting to see if you were daring enough to wear that little red silk number that you usually wear to bed with me or not. Are you afraid of me?" He asked me as the camisole went up over my head and disappeared. I shook my head no. He nodded as his talented fingers released the back clasp and my breasts sprang free and right into his hands. Rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger with pressure he looked down at me again. "You should be." Now holding my wrists with only one hand, he shifted his weight on top of me again. Kissing and nipping his way from my lips to my neck, he chuckled as he felt me shiver and nipped and kissed down to my chest. Letting his teeth graze the top of my breast, he still rolled my nipple in between his fingers as his tongue circled closer and closer to his fingers and my nipple. Wriggling, trying to get him to let go of my hands so that they could sink into his dark brown hair, I groaned and gave up when he shook his finger at me. "Please?" I begged him, my voice barely above a whisper and husky with desire for my tormentor. "Uh uh uh. I don't think so. You've been teasing and torturing me since the day I moved in. Now, it's my turn." And with that, he took my nipple into his mouth and bit down on it. Letting out a moan that was almost a scream I let my head fall back onto the pillow. Jack growled with approval low in his throat when my hips rose up off of the bed to touch his arousal when he bit down harder on my nipple. Releasing my nipple with a low pop, he went over to my other breast and repeated the treatment. Coming back up to kiss me once again, he moaned when I bit his bottom lip during the kiss. "Angela, do you know what you do to me?" Smiling because during the kiss, he had released my hands, I grabbed his cock through the thin cotton. "I think I might have an idea what I do to you." Hissing through his teeth as I stroked him through the fabric, Jack trailed kisses low on my belly. I shuddered when his tongue stopped to dip into my navel and then when his teeth gently pulled down my pajama bottoms revealing the red mesh thong beneath. Fingering the flimsy see through material, he smiled in approval. "Now that's more like it!" Starting to rub me through the fabric I growled at him to remove it. He only brushed his fingertips over me, chuckling when his fingertips brushed my clit through the thin underwear. "I'll keep these on for just a little while longer…" Pulling his head back up to me, I kissed him feverishly and then sank my teeth into his neck. Pulling me closer with one arm wrapped around me, I chuckled when I felt his other hand tugging at my thong as if to rip it off of me. Releasing him, I smiled innocently at him. "You were saying?" Leaning over me so that his mouth was on my hips, he slowly pulled down the thong with his teeth, biting me all the way down. When the thong was discarded, he went right for my clit, stroking it and spreading around the moisture that had already gathered from his torture. Grabbing onto his shoulders, I gasped as he pushed a finger inside me. Spreading my legs farther for him, I dug my nails into his shoulders. Looking down at me, he smiled. "Passion certainly becomes you, Angel. You look amazing." Positioning his mouth over my clit, he breathed into me. "I wonder, do you taste as amazing as you look?" The first sweep of his tongue was pure magic. The sweeps that followed were pure ecstasy. His finger returned to torment me by plunging and withdrawing as his magical tongue cast its spell on me.
My hips rose off of the bed as I tried to get his tongue and fingers deeper inside of me. Grasping his hair in my hands I guided his mouth, half moaning half screaming. He didn't stop until I had come twice, and then he kept his finger inside me as I clenched around him. Slowly pushing it in and out, creating more friction as he continued to stroke my clit, he smiled. "I always thought that you would be quite responsive. With how sensitive your neck is." I rolled my eyes at him as he plunged his finger in and out of me, adding a second finger as my hips shot off the bed. "I always knew you were a wildly passionate man from all the pent up energy I could feel from those kisses. And, I was right!" I squeaked as he took me to the brink of an orgasm yet again. He growled low in his throat as his fingers withdrew and he got into position above me. His eyes widened in surprise when I flipped us over so that I was on top of him. He chuckled breathlessly. "I always did think that if this ever happened that it would be a power struggle between us." I stopped kissing his chest to look down on him. "You said that like it's a bad thing?" He caressed my face with his hands, making my light brown eyes meet his darker ones, and I saw the passion shining in his eyes like I knew were in mine. "Normally, it would be. I hate it when I have to fight for the girl this badly," I looked away quickly, knowing that I was quite stubborn when it came to him, and was surprised when he made me meet his hot gaze again.. "But, with you I wouldn't have it or you any other way." I lowered my head this time to hide the blush that heated my cheeks and kissed down his chest down to his stomach and even lower as his hands sank into my long light brown hair. I smiled as my hands stroked the length of him and my tongue snaked out to lick the tip of him. He moaned and his hands tangled in the waves of my hair. I took him into my mouth, tasting him and twirling my tongue around him. His hips rose off the bed slightly as my lips wrapped around him. I started a back and forth motion as he bobbed in and out of my mouth. My hands continued stroking the length of him and he gasped as I took all of him in my mouth. He struggled to sit up and succeeded and started rubbing my clit again as I continued to torment him. I pushed him back down, trying to escape from his questing fingers and gasped as he could still reach me. I moved my mouth off of him to beg him to stop. "Stop, please?" I pleaded panting as he continued to torture me. He just shook his head, and pushed my head down gently back to him. "Go on. I wanna see how long you can continue before you just can't take any more." I whimpered as I continued to go down on him, moaning around him in my mouth. He stopped and suddenly I was pinned under him again and he was once again poised at my entrance. He captured my mouth in a searing kiss as he entered me with one thrust that had us both gasping. My legs wrapped around him and my nails sunk into his back, leaving a trail of scratches.
He moaned as he began moving in and out of me, I pulled his head down to me for another kiss and then bit down on his neck, causing him to go harder and faster. He hissed through his teeth as I chewed a path from his collarbone to his shoulder. He moved his head so that he was out of my reach and lowered his head, gently biting my neck. I moaned loudly, shaking as he bit down harder and pounded into me. I screamed as I came around him, and he just kept going. He gently flipped us over so that I was on top of him, still impaled on his hard length and I started to move up and down on him, when he stopped my hips. I stared at him questioningly. He smiled as he began thrusting under me and I started to shake again. "What makes you think you're in control, Angel?" He chuckled as he continued. "Now, just relax, hold on. And enjoy the ride." I nodded as I buried my face in the pillow we were laying on and screamed into the pillow. I gasped with surprise when the pillow was pulled out from under me. He shook his head at me. "Nope, sorry. I want to hear every little whimper and squeal that you make. They're so sexy, Angel." I nodded and bit my lip hard as he continued thrusting into me. He growled and then kissed me passionately and full of hunger. I gasped and then moaned into the kiss and he bit my lip roughly. His hands fisted into my hair as he roughly pulled my head back and deepened the kiss, his tongue imitating what our bodies were doing. I whimpered into the kiss, and he chuckled, breaking the kiss to nibble my neck once more. I shook harder and harder and he quickened his pace, going faster and deeper. I moaned and then grabbed him and pulled him to me for another kiss. He returned the kiss and then bit my lip gently, the kiss turning languid and slow, but still passionate. His thrusts kept going faster and faster as he broke the kiss to bite my shoulder and I froze on top of him as orgasm after orgasm rushed through me. He stiffened as he came as well and his thrusts slowed down until they stopped altogether. I bit my lip, not looking at him as I realized that the moment was over and that now he would leave, go to his own bed and resume the chase for her.
He gently turned my head to him and kissed my lips gently. Lifting me off him, he turned us around so that he was holding me against him, my back to him. He gently stroked the shoulder that he had bitten and I winced. "Sorry." He said, placing a kiss to it. "I didn't mean to leave a mark." I nodded and leaned into him. "I like having your marks on me," I admitted. He pressed a kiss to the back of my head and gently cupped my breasts in his hand. "Good. Because you'll be getting a lot more from me." He whispered as he tipped my head up and back to kiss me. I nodded, smiling. He sighed happily and laid his head on my shoulder. I looked at him and bit my lip nervously. "So, why were you waiting in my bed?" I asked curiously. He laughed as he pinned me under him again. "Because all this time, I was waiting for a girl to wake up and realize that I love her. And I never noticed that there was a girl who loved me that I loved, waiting for me right at home." I nodded, wrinkling my nose at him playfully. "Took you long enough!" I said, kissing and biting his lips again. He nodded. "I know, we're both pretty pig headed." I nodded as I bit his neck once more. "Who is?" I asked, raising my brow. He chuckled as I felt him grow hard again. I squeaked as I felt it against my stomach. His dark eyes burned into mine.
Pressing his mouth over mine, and his hips into mine, he smiled wickedly. "You're going to need to get used to that." I arched up back into him and wrapped my arms around him. "Oh really?" I asked breathless, but amused. He nodded, looking at me with love in his eyes. "Because we're going to be doing this for the rest of our lives." I kissed him and sighed happily.
Sometimes good things can come out of not letting sleeping writer's lie!


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