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Riding The Wave

Short story By: clsiegfried

This started as the intro to another piece but as i worked on it i decided that it could stand on its on.

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She stood in the kitchen hard at work cooking dinner. She felt his presence behind her and smiled when she thought of the night to come. It'd only been a week since they'd last been together but after each time her desire for him grew more intense. She found herself thinking about him all the time. In class, while driving, in the shower, in bed, whenever her mind found a moment to wonder it always found him. His sweet smile, laugh, lips, firm hands, broad shoulders, strong arms. It took all her will power to focus on the meat in the pan and not on the man behind her. She wanted to turn and go to him. They could feast off each other. The food wasn't necessary. She just wanted to be in his arms. She made a halfhearted attempt at conversation but in the back of her mind she secretly wished he'd come up behind her and slide his arms around her.

There she was, standing in front of the stove. In the week since he'd last seen her, all he'd thought about was being with her again. The thoughts came to him at work, in class, and every moment when he thought he was too consumed with other things. She'd gotten under his skin and damned it all to hell! He liked it! It would only take three good steps and he'd be right behind her. He could already smell her hair. He closed his eyes for a moment and imagined having a fist full of its silky dark length and tugging her head back to expose her soft smooth neck. He opened his eyes again and she was looking at him smiling. She was talking about her day but he was only half listening. It's not that he wasn't interested or didn't care. All he could think of as he watched her soft lips move is how they tasted.


If it hadn't been for the fact the she cooked dinner, she wouldn't even know what they had eaten. Her mind was already in the bedroom just waiting for her body to catch up. After dinner, she sent him on to the bedroom while she cleaned up. When she walked into the bedroom she saw him seated at the desk with his back to her. She walked up behind him draping her arms around his neck. She leaned foreword and started to kiss and nibble on his neck. It pleasured her greatly when she noticed an obviously response. She felt him tense up and noticed his fingers pause on the keyboard before he turned quickly to wrap his arms around her waist and buried his face in her chest.

He ran his hand up under her shirt and in one smooth motion pulled it up over her head She embedded her fingers in his hair as his mouth found her right breast and his hand found her left. She held him to her as he kissed and caressed one breast and then the other. He drove her crazy with his tongue. He alternated sucking and nibbling while quickly flicking his tongue against her already hard nipples. Her knees grew weak as she leaned against him so he stood up and put one arm around her waist to better support her. He was kissing her neck and mouth alternately when she stepped out of her jeans. His heart raced as he slid one hand down to test her, to see his effect on her. She was already wet from her desire and he felt her sway a little as he rubbed her slowly. Just when he thought he knees would give he pushed her back on the bed and dropped down to his knees. He tasted her and he could hear her moan. He teased her at first, just barely rubbing his tongue against her, then a little harder. He began to caress her rhythmically with is tongue. He could feel her body tensing up as he picked up the pace. Suddenly, he began to suck. It almost drove her wild, and her excitement drove him even more to push her over the edge.

Lying on her back, she reached out for anything to fill her grasp. She wasn't sure how much longer she could take it. She wanted the release that his mouth so strived for but the process of getting there felt so good that she wanted it to last forever. She was so lost in the motion of his tongue that her hips were rocking with the rhythm he made. She arched her back and raised her hips trying, however impossible, to get even closer to his mouth. It was wonderful. It had never felt this good before and it amazed her at how quickly she lost herself. She caught herself moaning and breathlessly whispering him praises. She wanted him to move faster and slower all at once. She closed her eyes and all the existed was him and her, nothing else. Not the bed she lay on or the sheets balled up in her hands. Suddenly a warm feeling came over her body working from the middle out. She felt her whole body tense up and waves of pleasure racked over her. He continued on. It seemed to last forever. Wave after wave flowed over her until she could take no more. It felt as if it didn't stop she would explode.

In one smooth motion he was over her and deep inside her. He was determined to take her even further. Repeatedly he pushed himself hard and deep into soft warm wetness that was her. When she threw her arms around him and pulled him tightly to her he had to struggle to explode himself. Her labored breathing and nails digging into his back and shoulders was driving him crazy. He groaned when she bit into his shoulder to keep her from crying out. Her hips began to meet each of his thrusts with just as much force and after each one he could feel her shudder. When he heard the long passionate moan muffled by his neck, he let go. He could feel the release and it was so right. He collapsed and buried his face in her neck k and hair. Still gripping him tightly he could her breathing even out and she relaxed.


She wasn't sure at what point they had moved but when she woke up she lay with her head on his chest and his arms were possessively around her waist with his hand resting on the small of her back. She closed her eyes again and let out a long pleasant sigh. She couldn't remember the last time she felt so content. This was the man that she'd been looking for and she was happy to be able to say that she belonged to him in every aspect, Mind, body, and soul. The last thing she remembered before she dozed off was that she hopped that this would never end.


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