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Love by the beach

Short story By: Basheria

Proving love to each other can be an intense thing, here two lovers join together as they prove their love by the waters edge on the beach..

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Its 9pm and I just picked you up as the suns going down, we keep smiling at each other with look of anxiousness in our eyes and I can see you gently biting your lip. We head over to the beach talking about our day discussing how happy we are to be here and what might happen next. Finally we pull up to the beach and grab a queen size sheet and a couple blankets and race to the shore side, your hair flying behind you and your legs gracefully keeping up with me. When we get there the water is calm and sun is just touching the horizon. We carefully place the sheet down then the blankets and leave them just to walk a little. No one's around except us and the soon to be moon lit sky. We walk slowly with your hand in mine to the shore line our toes in the receding waters. It's cold but we don't care because our bodies are getting hotter by the second with the intenseness of the moments passing. Then you tell that you want to lie down, so I pick you up and Piggy back you to the blanket then swing you around and gently place you down on the soft ground. I lay down next to you and we cuddle as we watch the waters run, and the sun disappear as the moon creeps up in its half-shape form. You slide your legs in mine and our legs lock together, I embrace you in my arms and hold you close to me and your heart beating against my arm while your head is on mine, I silently listen to your soft breathing and tell you I love you, your response is a satisfying giggle and soft kiss on my arm, we lie there for what seemed like generations till the moon was high above us and the stars showed brightly. Then I turn you around and stare into your eyes and kiss you passionately on the lips and when I pull back you grab me and kiss me again. I put my hands on your back and start kissing you as you did me, we twist and turn as we kiss longer and better, making out was all that mattered now. I grab your ass with both hands and pull you up to me. Then as our soft warm lips meet over and over and my hands to the crease in your back, you pull my shirt up and off. I then take yours off in a fumbling manner while you kiss my chest. Next you stop me, and I ask if I love you truly. I then kiss you and reply "Yes my light, you shine more than all the stars above us and my love for you is bigger than the moon that watches over us in this loving night". You then remove your bra and take my hands in yours and place them on your breasts. And move to my ear and whisper "Prove your love to me". I squeeze you and we start to make out all the more. Our lips never leaving each other's and your tongue meet's mine in an entangled love. Never have I met someone as graceful and passionate with lips like yours. I knew at that very moment that we would continue to get closer and closer together as every moment passed no matter what happened we would always be connected. I feel your hand as it slides down from my head over my chest, running over my abs and grab "me" in a way that only we can understand, it meaning you want me. Our lips part for the first time, but only to unbutton my tight jeans, then you help me remove them by pulling them down my muscle chiseled thighs, and scarred legs and feet. Then you get on your knees while I stand, you look up into my eyes, and I look deep into yours. Grabbing my boxers by the front you also lay your head on my abed, stomach looking up at me while your hair runs by its self in the moon lit night. I feel an ice cold breeze as the boxers fall to the ground and I step out of them. You then grab "me" at the same time you stand up and tell me… "It's your turn big boy" I drop to my knees as if gravity had increased tenfold, I look up once again into those passionate eyes questioningly waiting for your approval, all I get is a gentle bite on your lower lip, I keep my eyes on you as I unbutton, then unzip your jeans. I slowly pull them over and down your ass and off your legs. Next I kiss your panties and the stomach I rise and continue to kiss your body as I do. When I reach your shoulders I pull you down back on the sheet. And there our bodies lay again making out but we both wanted more, so you pushed my down and I already understood as I kissed you once on the head, once on your cheek, and then once on the lips as I move down. I get to your panties and grab them by the back and gently pull them down, not going to fast or to slow, but at the right speed to show you I love you. After their off I go up and start kissing you again and telling you how beautiful you are and how much I love, while I do this my hands are grasping you tits and pinching your nipples in a rough but gentle way. Our lips separate as I move down and start suck on your tits you take my hand at that moment and push it down to your pussy. I rub one finger through its lips and look up, it was warm and wet, and your already looking down at me with you lip in-between you teeth nodding I then go lower and spread your legs as I do, I say again I love you and then lick your pussy tasting its wetness from the cum. Its taste was the most glorious thing in the world and I knew then I would never be given anyone as good as you. I continued licking and could hear the soft moans coming from you. Wanting to see what your reaction would be I went to your hole and penetrated it with my wet tongue. You go louder and your legs went up and stuck out, this made me all the more hard and turned on, I could feel the pre cum from my dick dripping out. I proceeded to penetrate her with my tongue in and out I would go and her reactions were never the same each more intense then the last, I then pull out and lick all the way up to your little clit. There I start sucking and licking both in one, and I move my arm down and run my finger to your hole and just push a little in. You scream and moan both in one and I push more in, in my finger is all the way in, by this time your legs are all the way extended into the night's air. I repeatedly start to finger you slowly at first then speed up to a more constant speed. Your moaning increases and then I hear you scream louder than ever then stop I feel my finger touch something very hot and wet I pull out to find that you have cummed on my hand, I smile and laugh a little and move up and see that your breathing fast and that your face is red. I show you my hand that's dripping from your pussy when you cummed. I lick my fingers and you giggle I smile and go back down and start licking up all your cum, you finally get my attention by running your fingers through my hair, I move back up and all I can see is you mouthing the words "Fuck Me" I look down and your thrusting your tight warm pussy, I push you down and slide my wet cock across your pussy teasing you as I do. I slowly poke the head of my dick in you and you grab my back in scream out into the night. I start to stop but you squeeze me tight and tell me to not stop, that you want this. I kiss your lips and then push in deeper , feeling your tight pussy spread apart, your nails go into my back I feel blood coming my back but I don't care I'm proving my love right now. After a few moments I push deeper and deeper until I'm almost all the way in, by this time your moaning has turned me on to the max, and your nails are scratching and digging farther into my skin this only drives me to go on. So I do, I slowly slide it out then in, while I am watching your face for any sign to stop me, but all I see is your face staring back at me telling me not to stop. I then speed up and you get louder and so do I as your pussy feels so damn tight and warm against my big, thick cock. I can feel you throbbing and your heart beating faster and faster as we near you climax. Then I can feel how you're also thrusting to help my dick go deeper inside you. I again speed up pushing deeper and harder and your moans somehow increase even more; both of our moans are carried away with the sea air. My hands on your hip pulling you in as I reach my climax, I tell you I'm about to cum and you tell me to hold it a bit longer, that your about to orgasm too. You suddenly stop me and push me on my back, my dick falls out and it's wet all over and I can see you've cummed again, but you're not done yet, as I lay On my back the sweat on my chest dripping down. You stand over me with legs on either side of my bare naked body. You slowly start to sit down and as you do you position my, cum soaked cock in your wet pussy, you go down on it. Slow at first sitting your pussy down on my cock, you start riding me like no one else could. Then you begin to speed up rocking your body back and forth, making my dick slides in and out of you in a rhythmic way. At this point I am grabbing your breasts with my hands, whiles yours are on mine doing the same, then as your still moaning too, I join you as I can't take the feeling anymore it's too much, I manage to say another warning that I am about to Explode! You say just a little longer in between your groaning that your about to make it. You want us to cum together so I hold it, it hard oh it's hard. I can feel it coming up and I finally scream "Fuck babe I Cumming!" Then you start screaming louder then never before and out of your pussy you start squirting you're cum. At the same time my cum shoots inside you just when you orgasm, your cum and mine both pour out onto my abs and chest rolling off my sides. You fall down at my side and we lay there just breathing heavily looking up at the stars. I turn and so do you and we face each other and whisper our thoughts of approval, and now you know I love you so. I reach over and your hair behind your ear and kiss you… yet again and it feels like nothing has ever felt before. I have been able to show and prove my love for her…..


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