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Make Love to Me Tonight//Part Two

Short story By: Amy Winters

The continuing story of Tate and Songani.

Submitted:Sep 18, 2012    Reads: 479    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Why the hell did I do that? Songani wondered irritably as she sat in her cubicle at the 13th Precinct in
New York. She had a pile of paperwork on her desk and had barely glanced at them since she'd arrived
at work two hours ago. It was now 8:00 a.m. her coffee had already gone stale and the Chief was yelling
up a storm in his Office ten feet away. He'd been going at it for a full thirty minutes against one poor Cop.
Sadly Johnson was about to be let go. Songani had no Idea why and frankly she didn't care. She just
wanted to put yesterday behind her. Everything that happened.
"Song hun you look wore out, rough night last night?"
Songani's head snapped up to look at AnnaBeth, another of the Precincts' officer looking down at her with
a sympathetic gaze. Songani gave her a jerky nod and smiled politely, though she had to force the expression
on her face. AnnaBeth was very nice and Songani liked her. She had helped show Songani the ropes when
she had first became a cop.
"Uh yes thank you AnnaBeth I just didn't sleep very well." She murmured softly. I kept thinking of a certain
sexy man. Songani's face flushed at the unexpected thought.
"I'm sorry sweetie I hope your day gets better." AnnaBeth said biting her lip, patting Songani's arm and
walking off. Songani watched her go briefly before thunking her head, a bit dramatically, down on top of
her desk and heaving a heavy sigh. Tate had left quickly after the "incident." It was a surprise because
they had been talking together and laughing, just enjoying each others company and then suddenly he
became brooding and quiet. He'd left, muttering about a "Thing" he had to do. Last night, had been a
mistake… Songani groaned.
"What are you doing?"
Songani literally jumped and inch in the air at the deep masculine voice and she raised wide green eyes
to look up at Tate who stood beside her desk with an arched brow. The man who was the current object
of her sexual frustrations. Asshole.
Today he wore expensive faded jeans, that clung to his hips perfectly, and a black t shirt which was equally
as sexy as those jeans that molded his ass. His hair looked freshly washed and he smelled so good. He
was wearing one of her favorite male's cologne, Armani Code. Mmmmm She glared at him. He looked too
damn attractive. She probably looked like death warmed over.
"I'm drinking my coffee. Do you mind?" She muttered picking the cup up and taking a swig. She had to force
herself not to grimace at the slightly stale taste of the lukewarm beverage. She blinked as he took the cup from
her hands and took a swig himself. He didn't stop himself from grimacing.
"Damn girl apparently you don't have taste buds." He mumbled placing the cup down on her desk with a
decidedly loud thunk. She scowled at him. What was with him? He was acting as if nothing happened the
night before.
"Well maybe I like my coffee like I do my men. Stale and boring but gives me the rush I need." She snapped.
She hated his amused expression and flushed when he leaned into whisper in her ear.
"Not what you said last night." He murmured huskily sending a chill down her spine. She glared and moved
away from him.
Tate laughed softly and looked down at her. She was especially beautiful this morning, even if she did look
exhausted. Her hair fell like a silk curtain down just a little past her shoulders, it looked soft and inviting.
She wore no makeup but she never needed it anything. Her skin was always smooth and flawless and
she had the most incredible face. Her lips were soft and full, the upper lip slightly bigger then the lower
one, and her eyes sparkled.
He felt guilty for how he acted last night after their encounter, but he just wasn't ready for a relationship.
He'd been burned badly once before. The thought of it happening again was what was keeping her at
arms distance right about now. Songani was beautiful, and she'd make anyone happy, just not him.
"Actually I came by to tell you that we have a case work. Chief wants us to go downtown to that new night
club, Insanity. There's someone distributing Crimson there and we need to find out who.
"I'll pick you up at seven okay?" He started to walk off but stopped and turned around again.
"Oh and by the way, it's undercover. So dress sexy." He winked before leaving her to stare after his retreating
form and sputter…
Later that night. Seven pm
Songani glared at her front door when the sharp knock resounded throughout her house. Great.. just the person
she didn't want to see no matter how sexy he was. And oh baby he was so sexy.
She walked from the kitchen, where she had been cleaning, and went opening the door. Of course he was immaculate.
He wore a black Alexander Amosu suit, expensive as hell, with a pure silk dark red tie and a silk black undershirt.
His black hair was style carelessly, making it look like women constantly rubbed their hands through it. God he
was so handsome. She frowned and crossed her arms around her chest.
"How the hell did you get that suit? On OUR salary?" She asked incredulous. She reached out and touch his sleeve
to feel the fabric briefly before lowering her hand. She looked down at the short jean skirt she wore and spaghetti
strap white top. It was cheap, she had got it from Walmart. She looked up at him and he arched an imperious brow.
"I'm rich Song, my father owns Wintrope Incorporation. The only reason I don't work there is because I hate the man.
But I have bought a lot of his stock and own half of the companies that we buy so.." He shrugged. Songani gaped at
him. Why the hell did he work as a policeman then? She didn't understand it.
"So why___"
He cut her off by walking into the house with a groan and shutting the door behind him. She gaped at him at his action.
"Look, Insanity is a Night Club for the wealthy. Your REALLY going to wear THAT?" He muttered glaring at her outfit. She
gasped in outrage.
"I look good asshole!" She growled. He rolled his eyes and held out a red bag.
"Put this on and THEN you'll look good." He told her with a mutter.
She glared at the bag and pulled out the thin lacy material. It was a white silk mini dress. Damn the thing was so short
it would only cover her ass. She stared up at him with wide eyes.
"Hell no." She said simply. He rolled his eyes and snatched the dress from her hand.
"Woman I spent 1000 dollars on this dress just for you to wear for one night. Don't tell me no. If you won't put it on yourself.."
He walked closer towards her and touched the cheap material of his shirt, just in the cleft of her breasts.
"I can always undress you." He murmured with a wicked light in his eyes. She gasped softly and tried to move away
but his arm snaked out, wrapping around her waist as he drug her flush against his rock hard chest.
"Want me to undress you Song?" He whispered close to her ear as his finger trailed down the smooth skin of her
breast and into the valley between them. A moan escaped her throat and he shivered placing his lips against hers softly.
"Baby I take that as a yes." He whispered before forcing her mouth open and thrusting his tongue inside to take
possession of her.
She was on fire, well she felt like it at least and the way his hands slid down her body to cup her ass it made her want to come
right then and there. He had the most amazing way of touching her. He knew exactly what she liked and where to touch her.
She felt his hand slide up underneath the short jean skirt she wore and his finger found its way to her core, stroking the lacy
material of the red panties she wore. She jerked slightly in his arms at the caress and moaned against his mouth.
"Oh baby you are already wet for me.." He murmured against her lips with a husky chuckle. She wanted…so much more….
And then the phone rang……….


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