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Make Love to Me Tonight// Part One

Short story By: Amy Winters

This is a short story about two cops from New York who fall in love.

Submitted:Sep 18, 2012    Reads: 801    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

Songani sighed as she entered her small one bedroom apartment in downtown New York.
Finally home. She thought in relief as she walked over to the island that separated her small
kitchen and the living room. She dropped her keys, wallet and badge on the counter top
and then walked over to the refrigerator to grab a beer. Popping the top she arched her neck
and took a long grateful gulp of the chilled beverage.
The day at the Precinct had been hectic. There was a chain of bomb threats that had come into
the Office early that morning by several different anonymous callers. The Chief had practically
been in a panic. They tried tracing the calls but to no avail. The callers would only stay on long
enough to give the warning and they'd hang up. After several false threats things finally began
to die down but then at Eleven am a daycare had been blown up. No one survived…
Songani closed her eyes as she leaned her head back against the wall, trying to rid herself of
the images of those parents. Heart wrenching wails of sorrow, mothers and fathers morning
their children. Songani placed her hand on her stomach biting her lip. She thought about the
child she would have had if she hadn't been shot. It was months ago but she still mourned her
unborn child.
Her eyes snapped open at the knock that sounded on her front door. She frowned wondering
who it was. It was ten o clock and she hardly ever had company over. She set her beer down
and walked over to the door opening it. Her partner that worked with her at the Precinct stood there,
Tate Wintrope.
Tate was a very handsome man, she often wondered why she didn't go out with him when
they first met and he asked her. He was physical perfection. He was very tall, about 6'5 and well built.
He spent three hours a day everyday at the gym so he should be built. His skin had a deep tan to it,
hinting at his Native American ancestry and he had short jet black hair. His eyes were a light golden
brown color, with thick jet black lashes framing them.
"Tate.." Songani murmured in confusion, "Hey um are you alright?" She asked him averting her gaze.
She hoped he didn't see the red around her eyes where she'd been crying.
Tate looked down at Songani wincing at how red her eyes were. He knew she'd been crying, and if
she found out he knew she had she'd be pissed. Songani had always been strong, she never cried.
Especially not in front of anyone. He'd worked with her as his partner for three years now. She'd joined
the Precinct when she was twenty one. She was now twenty four, and he was thirty six years old.
Yet even though she'd been crying she was as beautiful as ever. Her long pale blond hair hung down
just a little past her shoulders. He'd always loved her hair. She was small in height, only 5'3 and she
had smooth lightly tanned skin and small but plump breasts. Her eyes were thickly lashed and bright
green that shone with intelligence. He'd had a thing for her since he first laid eyes on her but from day
one she'd firmly put him in his place on the no dating co workers rule. He admired that about her though.
She had her opinions and all you could do was go along with the ride.
"Yeah…" He murmured solemnly. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to bother you but I..I just needed someone
to talk to you know? Today kinda blew." Blew was an understatement. She sighed and nodded opening
the door wider to let him into her apartment.
Songani never worried about people seeing her apartment. She kept it immaculate. She was a bit of a
clean freak. Looking up at Tate she studied him while his head was turned. He had an air of melancholy
about him tonight. She didn't blame him. She was still shaken up. She shut the door then turned to face him.
"Would you like a drink?" She asked.
"Yeah a beer would be great." He murmured eyeing her half empty can on the counter. She gave a wry smile
as she went to the refrigerator to grab him one as well.
"Yeah I don't blame you I needed a drink too." She said handing him the can. She blushed slightly when
their fingers touched briefly. It was like an electric shock going through her. She quickly stepped back and
looked away.
"Today was__"
"Look I don't want to talk about it." Songani snapped cutting him off. She caught his incredulous glance at
her outburst. She sighed looking down and she wrapped her arms around her chest. She thought about
her child and bit her lip.
Tate watched with pain as she briefly placed her hand on her stomach. He knew she'd been pregnant.
He was with her at the hospital when the doctors announced her child had been lost. Just like her he'd
been devastated, even though the child wasn't his. He reached out and drew her into his arms. She
was tense at first but then finally she began to relax. He felt her small frame trembling slightly and he
knew she was trying not to cry.
"Damn it Song…I'm sorry I know you are thinking about your baby..how much you wanted it." He whispered
leaning down to kiss a tear that had escaped. She was so tiny compared to him, the top of her head barely
reached his chest. But even in that small body she could kick some ass. He'd seen her do it countless
times in the past.
Songani had been trying not to cry, she didn't want him to see her like this but she couldn't hold the pain
in any longer. She needed comfort, god she felt so completely broken right now. All those parents.. just like
her. She need comfort, reassurance that everything would turn out alright. She looked up into his eyes, not
knowing what she wanted. They'd never touched like this before. He was her Partner only..
She watched as his expression turned heated. She couldn't fight it any longer. She needed him. At least for tonight.
"Make love to me." She whispered.
Tate stilled at her words. He wanted to, but was she only asking him this because she was upset and needed
comfort? He was about to move away, to tell her he couldn't when she leaned up on her tiptoes and fastened
her soft lips on his. He shuddered and threw all his doubts to the wind.
He reached down, and wrapped his arms around her, picking her up and wrapping her legs around his waist.
He pressed his lips to hers in a brief hot kiss.
"Where is your bedroom?" He whispered raggedly as he looked into her eyes. Damn she was so beautiful, he
couldn't believe she wanted him.
"Down the hallway to the right." She whispered leaning up ang nipping at his chin with her teeth. He growled
softly and captured her lips with his as he followed her directions. He looked around the room briefly when
he entered it. It was very feminine and so unlike her. At work she was serious, and had no tolerance for idiots
who liked to joke on the job. Which he did frequently. Her bed was made with a thick dark red material with silk
on the outer layer. Her pillows matched the bed.
He bent with her in his arms and pulled back the coverlet so he could lay her down on the bed. He leaned
down to kiss her one again as his hands moved to the buttons on her silk white button up shirt. Normally
she could be see wearing tanks and jeans but that day she had had to attend a press conference with
their Chief. His hands caressed her soft skin lovingly as he slowly undid each button. He loved the small
gasps of pleasure she made low in her throat every time he touched her. She was so incredibly sensitive.
Once her shirt was unbuttoned and she was completely bare to him he arched a brow at the sexy lavender
bra she was wearing. It was lacy and very pretty.
"I figured you for the sports bra type." He teased as he bent and kissed the swell of her breast just above the
lacy material. He smiled at her sharp intake of breath.
"And you wouldn't be far off on that assumption most days. I do own girly clothes you know." She muttered.
Her breathing was a bit ragged.
"Oh you do? Well you'll have to," he used his teeth to nip at her breast gently as he raised his hand up to unclasp
the bra. Was she was free and completely bare to him he groaned and captured one pretty pink nipple into his mouth.
"You'll have to dress up for me next time we do this."
Songani gasped at the erotic sensation of his hot mouth on her cool skin. She wanted more of him. The things he
was doing to her..
She pushed him up into a sitting position and straddled him. Moaning softly she grinded her hips against his and
kissed him, running her hands through his short silky black hair. She grinned at his groan of pleasure. He definitely
wasn't lacking down there from what she could feel.
"Who says there's going to be a next time?" She asked with an arched brow. She shivered at the sound of his husky
laugh. Damn everything about him was hot.
"Oh trust me you'll want more." He whispered with a sexy grin.
He turned her around on his lap so that her back was to his front. He moaned when she playfully wiggled her hips on
his throbbing cock. Shit she was amazing. Just who was seducing who? He used his hands to slide her dark purple
skirt up over her creamy thighs and he slid his hand closer towards her inner thighs. He ground his teeth at the feel
of her skin. It was smooth and he leaned his head down to press brief playful kisses on her bared neck. She smelled
"Do you want me to touch you?" He asked as he caressed the silky lacy material of her panties. No doubt it matched her
bra which was now flung half way across the room. He watched as she nodded, her breathing was shallow and slightly
ragged from desire. God he loved being able to please her. He hooked his finger underneath her panties, smiling at the
catch in her throat and then he slid his finger over her clit. She was wet already, drenched and he bit his lip in anticipation.
He moved his finger lower and then pressed it inside of her, loving the moan that came from her lips.
"Damn your tight." He murmured huskily has his pumped his finger inside her gently.
"Do it harder." She whispered pressing her ass down against him. He did, pushing down as deep as he could and then
slowly sliding back out. He pumped his finger a few more time before drawing it out and he grinned at her protest.
"Shhh baby don't worry I'll take care of you. Let me undress." He murmured pressing a hot kiss on her lips before moving
away and shrugging off his shirt. He watched her slowly slide the skirt off and his eyes trained down onto her panties,
noticing the damp spot on them. He quirked his lips up in satisfaction and reached down to unfasten his jeans. She stopped
him with a hand on his.
"Let me." She whispered. He raised a shocked gaze to hers and nodded, moving his hands away. She was so incredibly
into it. Her cheeks were flushed and she kept biting her lips. It was sexy seeing her teeth bite down on that lower lip. He
watched as her hands fumbled with the button on his jeans and then she slowly slid down the zipper. He helped her get
them off and she looked at him with wide eyes as she realized he was wearing boxers.
"Your not wearing___"
"Boxers? Nope. Commando babe." He winked at her and chuckled at her furious blush.
Songani looked down once more at what she wanted most. Yeah seeing him now confirmed her earlier suspicions. He
was huge. He didn't seem conceited about it though and that made him even more sexy. She reached out, clasping her
hand around him and bit her lip at the feel of that hard silky skin. He was perfect. She watched as he closed his eyes when
she stroked him and smiled, liking the fact that she could please him so well.
"Tate.." She whispered biting her lip again. She couldn't seem to stop doing that. He opened his eyes to look at her.
"Fuck me."
Tate's eyes widened on those two hot words that almost made him cum right then and there. Shit she was a surprise.
His eyes flared with heat and he turned her over to where her stomach lay on the bed and he moved towards her lifting
her legs up so she was kneeling. He tilted his head grinning at the view she made. Damn she was hot. He stroked
himself as he pressed the head of his member to her entrance and he moved it so it was sliding against her clitoris.
He grinned as she gasped and decided to stop teasing her. He couldn't wait for her.
He pushed forward and groaned as he slide his length inside of her. Her walls clenched his cock tightly and he shuddered
at the incredible feeling. He pushed forward and then pulled out slowly and started a rhythm that had he singing to the beat.
He loved her moans and gasps. He quickened his pace pumping into her even harder and he reached his hand around to
stroke her wet clit as he fucked her.
How long had they been going? Ten? Twenties minutes? Songani couldn't even think straight to tell. He was thick and hard
and filled her completely. Each thrust was like electricity sparking throughout her entire body. She couldn't stop trembling
and she knew she was close. She moaned as that incredible sensation began to build, higher and higher until she was
shoving herself hard against his cock trying to gain her release. When it finally came she cried out sharply, shivering. Her
walls clenched his member as her muscles contracted around him and she buried her face into the pillow finally completely sated.
Tate came just seconds after her. He cried out at the explosion but kept pumping his cock inside of her until he was completely
spent and couldn't move anymore. He slid out of her and literally plopped onto the bed next to her as he reached a hand out and
drew her into his arms, her ass against him. He grinned. Damn she'd been amazing.
"So." She murmured.
"Yeah?" He mumbled, with his lips against her neck.
"Same time next week?" He chuckled at her words and nipped at the skin of her neck with his teeth.
"I knew you'd see it my way."
"Asshole." She muttered.
"You know it babe."
End of Part One


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