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Freaky, nasty and sexy,

Poetry By: koolc

Tags: Freaky, Nasty, And, Sexy

freaky,nasty and sexy,

Submitted:Mar 18, 2009    Reads: 48,695    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

altaltaltaltaltFreaky,nasty and sexy;altaltaltalt

Freaky,nasty wet and sexy,just the way that Iike it. I can feel it,i got totaste it,I sense it, i gat to touch it, just can't help it,so why fight it, i want it, I need it,i got to have it,SO she gave it,as her fingers and tongue,intensly took over my body,

captivate my senses,slowly and wet, like a venomous desert scorpion,sending shock waves and chills,up and down my spin,she's blowing my mind,i'm feeling,on her nimbles,& suckling,on her luscious,tasty breast, like a,fresh fruit in,the

graden of eden,oh she is so fine,and she is all mines,she is sucking,slurpin, licking fast and slow,o such sweet sensation,making my shaft grow bigger dam i.gota 2give her, she is driving me insane.say my name she cried,like a dog in heat

whild unimaginable desires,i set her world on fire,as she moan and carring on,she put the nasty on me,stimulating my brain,making it rain, I am steaming puffing,this tiger am about to trained and tame,lust sex pleasure and pain, as i held her

pull her panty off her,hot sexy body kissing, tasting her,like a drug though my vains,as i fold her,giving her every inch,doggy style her,i told her, i can make her toes curl,like a pretzel,i am about to roast and toast,that bootylicious,feeling her every

curves,mm so sweet,and sexy ,she is my favorite dish,2nite.im gonna work her like a vet. I bet she won't regreat my loving and kisses. Question?is it love, or is it the voodoo that u do?,when u do, how u do, what u do to me, she freak me,like

a sex machine, nasty and sexy, i like it. I just can't resist,it, my heart insist,that i give it,all to her,I want it,I need it,she taste it. I can't wasted it. take it, as i lay her face down,ass in the air, i gave it to her from the rear,9inches she said don't hold

back even if she swears,in agony,grab and pull my hair, give it to me,tell me u care,so i whispered in her ears all the nastylies she likes to hear, as i kept on killing her with wood, sexing her none stop,penetrating,and hammering her like

a carpenter,as go deeper,i must defeat her, all 9inchs,in her,satisfaction guarantee,touchin her inner walls,sendn a tingle in my balls,she came like a water fall, reaching the big O,as i gave her my lov portion,oh sweet sensation,its pleasure,

love juice,and pain,in every positions,so we do it over and over again, she makes it rain, so she came again, its the big O let the ,juices flow everywhere, we rolled,around and fall all over each other,climaxing out of control,a manipulation of

my muscle, two sex maniacs.We pause for alittle and( sip on some gin and coniac ),but my aim is to keep on the attack,as soon as we got back,im gonna giving her every drop,on the floor in the kitchen, next to the door,im gonna make her

sour at the end of this tour,o i can't wait 2 coming her open door, waxing that ass,until its red,as we roll aroundin her bed,wwe mud wrestlers, restless and careless, sex, juice like booze,and pleasure,she took every inch, screaming for more,thats the

way she, likes it, in every hole like a swich cheeze,she likes the way that i squeeze on her tasty,brest butt and thighs,oh she's eatn me again like a blue berry pie over and over,like a drug fein,i can feel her slippery tongue around the tip of my dick,ooh i just can't get

enough,of that funcky stuff,she's deep throating,every inch,i put it in her face,almost every place,on her chest,then in her pussy,then her ass,going back door she wants more she's got to be the best, i've ever had.its love sex,joy and stress.release,her needsi met,in and outin acircle motion ,

with her mouth,hot and intense,in the haul way,now we'r on the washing machine, more hot sex,she call me the best,as she freak me over again, oh give it to me she said. as I explored not,once not twice maybe 3times,spraying and squirtin INside

and out side her, with my super sperm,or it feels good,everytime i release and squeezed on her sexy velocious,bootylicious,ass and breast,i know i had to pleased her,to give her my best, every ounce and drop in her, hot tender loveness,

then the rest in her mouth,and chest,my knees buckled,im drain, my eyes seems greedy, im ready to go again.Give it to me babe nice and slow, nasty and sexy.i just can't get enough,but its just the way she freaks me nasty and sexy.

altjust the way,that I like it, i can feel it, i can smell it,and i like,so give it,2 me,Oh she smile as she taste it,she'l never waste it,she's gata to have it.so im more than willing to give it,however she likes italt

from the front to the back,so take it off baby and give it to me, again and again,quench my thirst, feed my greedy habbit,and appitite,i want it, i need it,don't stop,give it to me baby,mmhhh as we both came its magic,all over again.wet)



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