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Novel By: SugarCoated

There's something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can't seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her. View table of contents...


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Alec's POV

I woke up wrapped around Tessa. I smiled to myself, before gently sliding out from under her, careful not to wake her up.

She tossed in her sleep slightly, and I held my breath until she became still again. Giving her a quick, soft kiss on her forehead, I walked towards the door and knocked quietly.

It opened, revealing one of the men that pulled Tessa and I out of the other room. I mentally shuddered.

Before I had found her in there, I had been told to meet Southwood in the morning, immediately after waking. I had agreed, without thinking about the consequences because I had wanted to be at Tessa's side. And I had eventually gotten there... But it had been too late.

And I hated myself for it.

I shook the thought out of my head. I needed to remain clear minded for Tess' and my sake. The man gestured for me to follow him, immediately making it clear that he had a gun on him. I followed without hesitation because I didn't want to anger anyone here.

Not yet anyway.

He continued on and pushed through a door, roughly shoving me inside before he stepped in the room. I was engulfed in darkness, a darkness that terrified me. Anything could happen to me and no one would know. Anything could happen and Tess would be left defenseless in the basement with only the sadistic, barbaric, vicious...

I was momentarily blinded as a light switch was flicked.

Southwood was standing directly in front of me, and I cringed involuntarily. I quickly recovered and defiantly raised my head to meet his gaze.

"Bradshaw! How nice to see you again!" His mocking, sarcastic voice rung around the room. I rolled my eyes. Noticing the gesture, Southwood's fake smile dropped from his face. "I'm assuming that you are wondering what you are doing here?"

Not really. I was counting down the seconds until I could leave, was the reply that I wanted to give. However I remained silent, knowing, from years of experience, that it would do more harm that good.

Suddenly, I was on the ground, my cheek blossoming with pain. It took me a few seconds to realize that I had been backhanded. I clutched my face and jumped to my feet.

"You will answer me when I talk to you! Do you understand me Bradshaw?!" He screamed, his face turning a bright shade of red.

I just nodded, but quickly corrected myself when he begun to raise his hand. "Yes... Sir." It was difficult to spit out, but I managed, only because I had been dominated and owned and used since I was much younger. It was second nature to me.

"Good boy." He said, like I was his dog and I had learned a new trick. He smiled was again but there was something behind that smile. Something...cruel? I couldn't exactly place it but there was undoubtably something behind it.

"Now, I won't punish you any more for your insolence, only because I know that what is coming will be punishment enough." Something about his words caused a shiver to run up my spine, little trails of ice settling deep into my heart.

"Now, Bradshaw, I know that you must miss your family terribly. I know I would be. Am I right?" My family? Where was this coming from?

I was so stunned that I could only nod mutely. His jaw clicked but otherwise said nothing about me not answering his question in words. "Good. Would you like to see them again? Right now?"

Meet my family? It would be a dream come true. Everything that I had done, every horrific chore had been done so that I could see them again. And now, suddenly, I was getting the option to? It didn't make sense, especially not from Southwood. He was not someone to give out charity. I narrowed my eyes at him in distrust.

Suddenly, he lunged forward, gripping a large amount of hair and causing me to look at him deep in the eyes. "I am not a patient man Bradshaw. Now I said, would you like to see your family right now?"

I was so stunned that I whispered, barely loud enough for anyone to hear, "with all my heart." Southwood just smiled and released my hair.

"Follow me." He spun on his heels and stalked out the door, without another word. I traipsed after him cautiously, wondering what game he was playing at here. There was still some trepidation in the corner of my mind about seeing my family again, and I tried to push it away but to no avail.

What if my family resented me for all of the things that I had done? I know that I would. What if they didn't want to look at my face? What if they were scarred and broken? What if they didn't recognize me?

I shuddered at the thought. Southwood walked me to a door situated next to mine and Tessa's. I glanced reluctantly at my door, before following Southwood into the adjacent one. The door clicked behind me, leaving the stairs very dimly lit.

I held my breath and counted each stair slowly.

One, two, three... What if they don't want me? Four, five, six... My mum, my dad, my brother rejecting me. Seven, eight, nine... Not my little sister too. Especially not her. Ten, eleven, twelve... I could imagine her tiny face scrunched in disgust, glaring up at me.




I stepped onto the hard, concrete floor. I looked around the room, which appeared empty. My throat closed. They weren't here.

"Southwood, this isn't funny. Where a-"

"Alec?" The vaguely familiar voice cut me off. I spun around toward the voice. A body jumped out from the shadows under the stairs, barreling towards me. The figure jumped into my arms and it took me a few moments to realize that this girl was my sister. No longer the four year old that I remember, she was now much older.

My arms flew around her and I hugged her to me tightly. We remained like that for quite a while, just relishing in each others company. I locked her to me, afraid of what would happen when I let go. Her small frame was shaking because she was crying, and I realized that her shoulder was damp from my own tears.

"Alec, Alec, Alec..." She kept mumbling my name, reassuring herself that I was real.

"Zara, I'm here. I'm right here. Everything is going to be okay. Thank you God. Zara..." I just couldn't stop mumbling, tears and words gushing out.

She pulled away just enough to look at me. "M-um, dad-d... Jam..." She begun and broke down in tears again. I hugged her into my chest.

"Where are they? What happened? Zara? Stop crying. Tell me what happened." I stroked her hair, trying to comfort her in any way that I could.

"They... They... They're d-de..." She broke off again, but that was all that I needed. I jumped up, prepared to rip Southwood to shreds for murdering them and making my sister suffer.

He just smirked from his position on the stairs and pointed into a corner of the basement that was shadowed over. There was something in the shadows.

My revenge was momentarily forgotten as I tried to make out what was in the shadows. Zara gripped my hand, pulling me back.

"Don't go there. Please." Her voice was scared but I was determined to find out what was in the shadows. I didn't know why, but I needed to get there.

Zara was screaming and crying as I made my way over there. She begged and pulled at me but it didn't stop me. I just kept watching, mesmerized, as I got closer to the corner. The mysterious object became clearer which every step. Zara's crying grew louder and Southwood let out an evil laugh that rung around the room settling deep into my stomach.

The shape turned into three, the middle shape slightly smaller than the outside ones. The noise stopped, or rather, I blocked it out. Zara was still screaming for me to come back, Southwood was still laughing, my footsteps still echoed, but my mind stopped registering all of these sounds until all I could hear was my heartbeat pounding in my ears.

I stepped into the shadows, and let out a blood curdling scream. My throat ran dry and burned painfully, my eyes welled up. I had ice branching into my bloodstream, slowly freezing my veins. I turned away in horror and broke down in tears.

I closed my eyes, but even when they were closed, the image remained printed behind my eyelids. The yellowing skin peeling back from the bone, black holes where eyes used to be, chunks of meat and innards visible to the naked eye.


My mother. My father. My brother, James.

Rotting, disintegrating corpses of my family.

I sprung to my feet and lunged towards Southwood, bloodthirsty and looking for revenge.

"Silly boy. You never learn. Didn't you notice anything? I didn't kill them. The man that you called boss, forgot to feed them. Poor, lifeless family."

I wasn't listening. All I could see was red, my mind raging, wanting blood. I couldn't think rationally, the images kept flashing in my head, teasing me, tormenting me. Until all I could think of was murdering Southwood.

I wasn't even sure how I planned on doing it since he had a gun and I had nothing, but like I said, I wasn't thinking rationally. I just advanced forward, closer to my target.

Southwood regarded me with an amused expression, except I saw a glint of... Fear? behind his eyes. "Poor, poor Bradshaw. The boy with no family except the skinny, little runt over there. The boy, who, after an unfortunate turn of events ended up in a life that he did nothing to deserve. The boy with no one left to care for him, and only a soon-to-be-dead sister."

He lifted the gun towards my sister's cowering frame. I didn't think, only reacted. My sister was in danger and I wasn't about to lose her after just getting her back. She was the only family that I had left. I had to protect her.

I lunged forward again, attempting to wrestle the gun from his grip. He paused, startled, for only a second, before he fought for control of the gun. Vaguely, I heard it go off, but I didn't think much about it, knowing that it wasn't directed toward my sister and knowing that Tessa was safe next door.

She was away from the action.

She was safe.

I knew if I didn't get this gun now, I would be dead, which consequently meant that Zara and Tess would be dead also. And I couldn't let that happen. So I held onto that gun with all that I had in me.

Eventually, I felt his grip slipping. Because of the force that I had been pulling, when he finally let go, the gun went spiraling across the room until it came to rest at my sister's feet.

"Zara! Pick. Up. The. Gun." I gritted through clenched teeth as Southwood tried to wrestle me into a head lock. I saw Zara hesitate and then she lent down with a determined look on her face.

I managed to get free of his grip and begun running toward Zara. However, I didn't get very far until strong hands clamped around my upper arm, yanking me backwards. I looked desperately at the gun in my sisters hand. I couldn't defeat Southwood without it. He had the upper hand in body strength.

I took a kick at Southwoods legs. It didn't knock him over but it caught him off balance, so I threw in a quick punch which got him on the floor.

I kicked him in the gut. "That is for my mother."

I kicked him again. "That is for my father."

And again. "That is for James."

And again. "For making my sister suffer."

And again. "And that, is for what you did to Tess."

Satisfied that he was doubled over in pain, I walked over to where Zara was and pried the gun from her startled fingers. I walked back to Southwood, pointed the gun at his face, and smiled at the fear in his eyes.

"You will never hurt my family again."

Before I could pull the trigger, both of my legs were kicked out from under me, landing my on the floor. The gun slid away. Southwood gave me a swift, agonizing kick in the ribs before retrieving the gun.

I became desperate. How did our roles get switched so suddenly? He smiled down at me evilly, and I couldn't help but wonder if my smile was as cruel as his, just seconds before.

"Don't worry. I'll have fun with your little sister over there, but you won't have to watch this time. You'll be dead. But just imagine it. And as for Tess, well, I might just give her to my guards and they can have a little fun with her. How does that sound?"

I looked around desperately, but saw nothing. He stood far enough away that I didn't have a chance to kick his legs out before he shot me. I slumped down and admitted defeat.

"Do you want to know why I bought you, boy? Partly, it was because a fool could see how you and Tessa looked at each other and I knew that I could use that to my advantage as well as having some fun breaking it apart. But, mostly, it was because of what your boss told me. That first day when I came and... Deflowered Tess, he told me about your family. About them dying, and how you still didn't know. The only reason that he kept your sister was because he thought that he could get a bit of money out of her.

"Anyway, I bought you because I knew of your family and I wanted to watch a sane man, well, lose his sanity. I saw how you reacted that day when I had my way with Tess, and, I wanted to see that again. It is a sick, sadistic game, I admit, but after all, I am a sick, sadistic man."

I couldn't help but agree mentally. I knew that my time was coming to an end. "Zara, find a way out. Promise me that you will be free." Southwood just laughed from where he was standing.

"There's no way that she'll ever get out. She's mine. For life." His face twisted into a malicious smirk. "Now that we've cleared that up, do you have any last wo-"

A gun shot appeared on the side of his head, blood immediately spilling out over his ear. He fell sideways, and stopped breathing.

Tessa's POV

I shot a man. I pulled the trigger and ended that monsters life.

A/N: Okay, so, what do you think? I know that it has taken me agesssss to upload, so I am sorry. Anyways, I'm really nervous about this chapter because I'm not good at writing action stories, so tell me what you think. Anyways, bye :) xx


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