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Novel By: SugarCoated

There's something intriguing about Alec and Tessa can't seem to keep her distance. The only problem is that he kidnapped her. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 23, 2013    Reads: 1,347    Comments: 20    Likes: 7   

We were ushered into a truck and enveloped in darkness immediately.

If Alec wasn't still holding onto my hand I would probably float off into oblivion. An oblivion filled with darkness sounded pretty good right now. No kidnapping. No slaves. No slapping. No rape.

No Alec.

No matter what happens, I am glad that I met him and I got to experience love, even if it wasn't for long or very convenient timing. I still met someone that I could give my heart to. And I think that he feels the same way about me.

I tugged on his hand until I could feel his body pressed against mine. I slowly moved my hands up his body, making sure not to lose him in the blackness. My hands travelled up his chest, wrapping around his arms, caressing his neck, until they came to a rest on his silky cheeks.

I couldn't see him but I looked in the general direction of his eyes. I needed to tell him how I felt. I needed him to know that no matter what happened in the future, I was his. Just his.

"Alec-" I started but he cut me off.

"I'm not going to just sit there and watch him have his way with you over and over. I am not going to watch him treat you like nothing, doing things that only I should do. You are mine! Do you understand? Mine!" He growled possessively.

"I'm yours. Forever. No one else's. Just yours." I reassured him. I brought his face down to my own and gave his a soft, sweet kiss. "Yours," I whispered.

"Mine," he said again. The truck jolted and we were sent flying. I hit the ground hard, but I was mostly aware that Alec wasn't with me. I started frantically searching.

"Alec, where are you? Alec?" My voice was desperate.

"Don't fret. I'm over here, love. Follow my voice. That's it, come to me." I felt along the ground until I found him and I embraced him and started crying. I was shocked with myself, but it was too much. The full intensity of the situation hit me at that time and I needed to let it out.

So I cried.

Alec just held me tight, holding my head against his chest and rubbing comforting circles in my back with his other hand. Every now and then, he whispered soothing words into my ears, but other than that he was silent, for which I was grateful. He seemed to know exactly what I want and how to calm me.

Before long the truck came to a stop. The doors were pried open and light flooded the truck. My eyes burned, but when I could finally see, I wished that I couldn't.

Southwood stared down at me, hate and jealousy filling his eyes. I suddenly realized that I was still in Alec's arms. He clutched me closer and I held onto him for dear life. Southwood seemed to realize this and it only seemed to infuriate him more.

He suddenly leant down, grasped hold of my hand and yanked me up harshly. He nearly pulled my arm out of the socket while he broke Alec's grip on me.

"I'm going to show you who you belong to. Not him, me!" he pulled me along painfully. I winced at his terrifying words. I quickly glanced over my shoulder to see Alec trying to fight his way past three men. His eyes caught mine for just a second but I could see that he was trying as hard as he possibly could to get to me. I smiled at him sadly.

Southwood jerked me forward roughly. I was trying to keep up with the quick pace that he was setting, but it was almost impossible. He led me through what looked to be an ordinary house.

We stopped at one door at the end of a hallway. He pushed it open.

I gasped involuntarily.

The room was huge. There was a big bed in the centre of the room with sheets the colour of blood. The walls were covered in shackles and ropes and other restraints. The whole room looked like a torture device.

I didn't get to see much more because before I knew it I was being dragged forcefully to the bed. Southwood threw me onto it and climbed on top of me. I tried to buck him off but he was too heavy and too strong.

Suddenly, my shirt was torn from my body. I couldn't even cover myself up. Southwood looked down at me with greedy eyes. I was disgusted and ashamed. This couldn't be happening. Not again. Not again. Please, no!

I knew it was hopeless. It was happening again, and it was happening now. My bra came off. I closed my eyes, fighting tears as Southwood's fat fingers felt me up. He readjusted his position so that he could remove my pants and my lacy panties.

I felt him at my entrance. I squeezed my eyes shut further. He slammed into me. I cried out in pain. Be strong Tess. Be strong for Alec.


I loved him so much. Think about Alec. The way that he kissed me. His smile. The way that she pushed back his hair. His laugh. The way that he talked. The way that he defended me. The way that he fought for me. His eyes. The way that he made love to me. The way that he said that he loved me.

And before I knew it was over.

Southwood pulled out and finished all over my stomach. Warm, sticky cum covered my stomach and my breasts. I opened my eyes and looked into Southwoods cold ones.

"You're not a flower. You're a slut. You've been fucking that slave boy? I don't care, as long as you know that you're both disposable. You're mine when I want you. Other than that, I don't care what you do. Clean yourself off slut."

He got off me and left the room.

I laid their for a while, silently crying, not moving. Then the door swung open. I closed my eyes tightly, afraid that maybe Southwood hadn't finished with me yet.

I heard a gasp, and without warning, arms embraced me. I tensed, until I recognized the sound of muffled crying and the feeling of a shaking body holding mine. Sneaking a looked under my eyelids, I saw the top of Alec's head, buried into my naked stomach.

He was crying.

Quickly, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and held him why he cried. I hated seeing him so distraught, especially when my emotions were in ruins too. Tears ran down my cheeks but I wasn't us whether it was from Alec's desperate crying or my personal agony.

He looked up at me with sad, shining green eyes. "I'm so sorry Tess. Forgive me. Don't... Don't ignore me again. Please... I don't know what I'd do. I'm so... I'm so, so sorry Tessa." He was mumbling by that stage.

"Alec," I put my hands either side of his face. "It's not your fault. He's a monster. You... You're a good person. There was nothing you could do."


I cut him off. "But nothing." I guided his head towards mine until our lips were brushing. "It's not your fault." Then I kissed him.

I wasn't trying to start anything, and nothing started. All I was trying to accomplish was reassuring Alec that it wasn't his fault. He couldn't do anything to prevent the situation from occurring. He probably couldn't have prevented it the first time either but I still hated him for it.

But things are different now. I know that he would change the circumstance if he could, but, unfortunately, he can't. So we just have to deal with it together. And I wasn't about to let him drown himself in guilt.

So, I put aside all feelings of shock and depression and being raped for the second time, and I comforted Alec.

"Alec, I know that that's not what you wanted. I know that you would have changed it if you could. I know that you love me. So look at me." I waited until he looked me in the eye. "I don't blame you. I love you."

He buried his face into my stomach once again. We stayed like that for a while, silently crying and holding each other. Anything that Southwood throws at us, we can deal with. As long as we are together.

He makes me stronger and he gives me confidence. Without him, I would break down and wallow in self pity. But because he loves me, I know that I will be alright.

Eventually, two men walked in.

"Get up." One of them commanded. I quickly covered myself up as best as I could with my arms and followed the men out the door, Alec trailing behind me.

They led us down some stairs where the air started to get chilly, especially since I didn't have any clothes. When my reached the bottom, a light was switched and the room flooded with light.

There was a sink in the far corner and a mattress on the floor with a thin blanket. Other than that the walls were grey and bare, with no doors or windows.

Suddenly, a door slammed shut and a lock clicked.

I spun around, seeing only Alec. He rushed forward and hugged me before picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the mattress. He laid me down carefully.

"Tess... I'm so sorry. But I'm going to get you out."

He didn't need to be sorry. I had never blamed him and even if had, I would forgive him no matter what.

I love him, and that's that. I don't know how, I don't know why, but I do. It's unexplainable.

"As long as I have you, Alec, I am free."

He smiled sadly and lent down to kiss me.

A/N: I'm sorry that not much happens in this chappie, but exams are coming up so I've been studying more than usual. The holidays are coming up soon though, so I should be able to finish off this story by then! :) xx


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