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The Captive Pirate

Novel By: SoulDiver

Finished! A bodice ripper set in 18th Century Caribbean, starring a tortured pirate and a stubborn widow. The first chapter began life as a slighty silly short story Ravished by a Pirate but I enjoyed writing it so much I've changed the ending to turn it into the first chapter of a novel.

Some sex scenes - not suitable for under 18s! View table of contents...


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The Black Orchid took hold of Letitia's arm and roughly pulled her across the room, into the hallway and up the staircase, yanking her arm so hard she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder and cried out in protest. He ignored her and heaved her up the remaining stairs, with absolutely no regard for her comfort or her safety as she ricocheted into a wall, her elbow slamming into a door post.

"Let me go!" she screamed. "What in God's name are you doing?"

Still keeping tight hold of her, he kicked open the door in front of him with one of his big boots and dragging her into her bedroom, hurled her across it and onto the four poster bed, where she fell in a panting heap, legs flailing in the air, skirts up round her knees. He had ripped her bodice as he had manhandled her up the stairs and her shoulder was bare, one sleeve hung low on her arm, her breasts almost burst from her corset. She looked wild eyed, wild haired and wanton. He stood over her, breathing heavily, looking the picture of an enraged potent male. He threw off his jacket, then he was unbuckling the heavy belt he wore over his waistcoat.

"Tom," she gasped. "What are you doing?"

"You remember my name now, do you?" he growled, slinging the belt across the room and tearing off his waistcoat and his neckcloth. He kicked off his boots and then his hands went to the buttons of his breeches and her breath caught in her throat. Maybe she had pushed him too far.

"I'm going to fuck you in your bed and there's not a damn thing you can do about it." He advanced towards her, his fingers still working the buttons of his breeches and she tried to back away from him, but he grabbed one of her ankles, and then roughly pushed her knees apart.

"No!" she yelled, suddenly coming out of her trance and grabbing handfuls of his shirt, and with a loud sound of ripping seams it came away, shooting buttons across the room, revealing a wide expanse of taught chest and stomach. She was suddenly transfixed by the sight of his rippling muscles and sun browned flesh, and the line of dark hair that travelled down his hard belly to where his breeches gaped open. She stared at the large bulge his hand was stroking and her legs involuntarily spread wider.

He grinned down at her evilly. "The Lady likes what she sees."

"I do not consent to this. I will not bed an animal like you," she said slowly and with deliberation, her voice betraying a tremble of need.

He just laughed silkily. "We'll see about that," and he shrugged off the torn shirt so his top half was completely bare and open to her gaze. Then he took hold of her torn bodice and yanked it apart so the whole thing ripped down the centre and her breasts popped free of her corset. She tried to kick at him but his big hard body was now jammed between her legs and there was very little she could do but helplessly lie on her back and look up at him.

"Look at those lovely titties," he sighed. "The finest I have ever seen."

How dare he treat a Lady this way, as if she were a common prostitute! She was appalled by his behavior but she was also appalled by the way her own traitorous body was responding, because somewhere in the centre of her a slick heat burnt and looking down at herself she could see her nipples were sticking out in hardened little buds.

The dangerously virile man above her stared at her nipples and licked his lips. She clutched a handful of sheet as he grabbed at one of her breasts and said, "What shall I do to you first? Shall I suck these beauties?"

"You are disgusting," she hissed through gritted teeth.

He leaned down and smiling against her mouth said, "I think you like it though," and then kissed her hard and forcefully, his tongue driving into her so powerfully she felt her legs go weak and her hands let go of the sheet and found themselves clawing at his back and mindlessly gripping his shoulders. Their mouths hungrily met and their tongues tangled hotly and soon he was grinding himself against her and she was wrapping her legs around him and they were both grabbing at each other and gasping out loud.

"Oh God!" Letitia cried with obvious pleasure as she felt his fingers slip inside her and he moaned against her breast and sucked her nipple into his hot mouth so hard she yelped. Four fingers stretched her open. Her back arched. He lifted his head and looked down at her, his eyes stormy. "Tom," Letitia moaned as she grabbed at his breeches and dragged them over his backside. His hand went to his excited prick and he spread her juices over the smooth head and then rubbed himself over her folds. She moaned his name again and lifting his hips slightly he growled, "Are you ready for this?" and then he drove into her with one ruthless thrust, so hard and thick it made her gasp. He went in all the way, thrusting fast and deep with a low satisfied moan. She spread her legs wide as he filled her and her pelvis shot upwards to encourage him to thrust even deeper, to plunge his entire length into her, to grind against her and stretch her to capacity. He moaned long and loud as he pulsed inside her then he pulled out slowly and rammed into her again, shaking with the effort. She felt the exact moment he gave into instinct and began to pound her in earnest, his breathing coming in loud gasps above her, the tight muscles of his backside clenching under her hands until his cock surged inside her and with a great animal cry, he pulled out and pumped big globs of his thick cum onto her thighs, his whole body shuddering with the delicious release. He stayed there for a while calmly caressing his cock, wringing every last drop of cum out if it, gently stroking it over the creamy skin of her thigh, and she watched his face, gentle now and relaxed for once, his navy blue eyes smoky and tender.

He kissed her and she felt so boneless and lightheaded she let him, but once he had pulled away she managed to murmur, "Depraved wretch."

He just laughed and gazing down at her said, "Do you know how beautiful you look right now?"

"I look like a Lady who has been violated and treated like a common whore."

"You look beautiful," he said, kissing her again. "I want to keep you like this forever, all sweaty and half naked and covered in my seed."

"You are vile."

"I am going to fuck you again now."

"Already!" she gasped looking down at his cock which was rising enthusiastically in its nest of dark hair.

"Turn over," Tom ordered and pulling her gown and under drawers off but keeping her corset on, he flipped her over onto her front.

He took a moment to run his hand over her luscious arse, appreciating her creamy curves. Then he took his hardening cock in his hand and rested it in the valley between her cheeks. He smiled to himself as he noticed she had ceased protesting all together now. In fact she had relaxed into the mattress and draped her arms above her head and presented her arse to him quite happily. He gave it a little slap just to see how tamed she was. She yelped, a feminine little yelp of pleasure and his cock leapt and his balls tightened. He had tamed the wild beast all right, he knew he would and he felt a surge of masculine pride, and taking his shaft in his hand he pressed it between her legs finding the stretched wet opening and then he leaned over her and whispered in her ear, "Is this what you want Letitia?"

She muttered something into the sheet and pressed her arse up towards him.

"Say it Letitia. Tell me you want it."

She moaned as he nudged a little way in and her arms stretched up the bed as her back arched.

"Say it," he demanded. She pressed her arse higher as he gritted his teeth and growled, "Say it!"

"Just do it!" she yelled. "And make me come this time!"

He laughed and wrapping his arm around her middle so he could pull her up onto her knees, with one great surge of his hips he slid into her so hard he pushed her up the bed and she had to hold onto the bed post to keep upright while he pulled out and thrust into her again. He was so hard he could pull all the way out and then ram back into her, his fingers digging into her backside, the mind numbing pleasure of it making him moan unintelligibly as somewhere in the distance he could hear her screaming for more. His hips began to piston uncontrollably into her over and over again and then he felt her whole body begin to shake under his hands and she erupted around his cock, her ecstatic cries leaving no doubt of the pleasure she took from his deep thrusts, her quim clamping around him so tightly his balls swelled and before he could even think he released himself inside her with an explosive force filling her to the brim with endless streams of his seed. When he pulled out, it was still leaking from his hard cock in seemingly never ending spurts.

He'd had her twice now and he was not nearly finished. It was going to be a very long night.


The open verandah doors let in the sweet morning air and growing cacophany of bird call as Letitia opened her weary eyes and surveyed the mess around her. Clothes were strewn all over the floor. The sheets of the bed were in crumpled disarray, stained with the ejaculation from countless furious matings. And a naked pirate lay spreadeagled on his front, his arms and legs stretched out, his face turned to one side, relaxed and beatific in its repose. She examined his face for a moment and was surprised not to feel any anger at all, but then she surveyed his body and realised why. Here was a prime specimen of manhood in top physical condition, naked as the day he was born and in her bed. This is what the Greek Gods must have looked like, she thought, as her eyes ran over his muscular shoulders and back and down to the perfect round globes of his backside, and his long lean legs. She felt aroused just looking at him even though she was so sore from his exhaustive ministrations of the night before she could barely open her legs. Then she remembered a moment from the night in vivid sensual detail and a rush of heat flooded her still sensitive core. Dr. Ferris had been right, Letitia realised; pirates could be useful.

Then he opened his eyes and smiled. His eyelashes were long and black against the deep indigo blue of his irises and Letitia's heart skipped a beat. He stretched and flipped over onto his back, her eyes going straight to his cock which was lying thick and hard on his taught belly. He was still smiling at her, a wolfish grin that went straight to her groin.

"Good morning, my Lady," he said, his voice husky and slow.

She could feel a curl of anger now, working its way around her heart. How dare he be so irresistibly gorgeous? But at the same time so uncivilized and completely unacceptable.

"You must leave," she said, even more coldly than she had intended.

He just fixed her with those implacable eyes. "So you use my body all night and then throw me aside like a cheap whore," he smiled, his hand stroking his prick as he spoke.

She gulped. There was something about his relaxed demeanour that made her a little scared.

His eyes grazed over her body. "What if I haven't finished with you?" Then he suddenly uncoiled like a wildcat and she found herself pinned down to the bed, his erection grinding into her belly.

"Tom!" she cried in exasperation. "Don't! I am too sore!"

He laughed wickedly and then lowering his mouth onto hers kissed her with surprising tenderness. "I could stay here with you and be a farmer," he murmured, his fingers tangling in her curls. "We could toil together in the fields all day and then you could use me every night. Strip me naked and have my big cock, all for your pleasure," and he stroked himself against her, rubbing his rigid shaft along the smooth skin of her belly just to demonstrate what she could have.

She breathed in the musky scent of him and shuddered with the promise of it. A sudden vision of dark haired blue-eyed children came to her and she quashed it, blushing at her own unconscious mind. "Ridiculous fancies," she said, pushing him away. "As if the Crown would leave you in peace to grow sugarcane!"

"As if I would become a slave master," he said, his face suddenly serious."Farming is an honourable pursuit Letitia, but not when it is done with the labour of bonded slaves."

"Is it less honourable than piracy?

"Yes. At least pirates are free men."

"Free men who steal and kill."

The pirate who held her in his arms was silent for a moment and merely gazed at her steadily then said, "I think we should leave it at that," and slowly withdrew from her. She felt the loss of his heat like a physical blow.

He was tugging on his breeches with his back to her. The muscles of his shoulders were pulled tight. She shifted towards him and laid a hand on the brown skin of his back, making him flinch. She laid her cool cheek on his hot skin and he stilled.

"Will I see you again?" she asked.

"Who knows," he replied. "I am a wanted man. I am hardly free myself," and he turned and took her face in his hands and kissed her with such passion and longing she knew she would have his taste on her lips for days to come.


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