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Married to a Rake

Novel By: Skye121

Lady Rayne, just married to Lord Angelstone witnessed her husbands betrayal and destroyed her heart. Now four years later she has come back into her husband's life to protect their children from his vile brother. The brother wants nothing more than to molest his neice and steal everything from Angelstone.

Jesse, Lord Angelstone is suprised when he comes home to find his wife in residence. When he meets with her he is even more surprised to find that his warm passionate wife has been replaced by a cold and indifferent woman. After one passionate kiss in his study he decides he wants his warm and loving wife back. But can he win her heart back or has he completely ruined her? View table of contents...


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Cumberland Abbey, 1588

It was a beautiful day Lady Rayne Ashcroft thought as her mother and her Ladies maid Tilly helped her get into the beautiful white wedding gown. It was positively the most beautiful gown she ever saw. It had flowing silk skirts and sleeves. It also displayed her shapely bosom as was the fashion in England of late.

"Oh you look absolutely beautiful, ma'am," Tilly gushed happily as she put a wreath of pink and white flowers in her reddish-brunette hair. "If I may say so."

"She's right darling." Her mother told her with a hint of pride. "Wait until Lord Angelstone sees you in that."

Rayne sighed dreamily as she thought about the Earl of Angelstone. He was the most sought out man in England and he had chosen her to be his wife. It had been the night of her mother's annual charity ball as well as her birthday ball, when she had first laid eyes on him. The beautiful black haired man had entered with such masculine grace that he had taken her breath away, making her beg her father to introduce them. When she had gotten her way the newly 17-year-old, Rayne curtsied and as she came back up she had looked straight into his deep-sea blue eyes and fell instantly in love.

A knock sounded on her bedchamber door startling her from her memories as her father, Lord Ashcroft walked in. He smiled proudly at his beautiful daughter who was the spitting image of his loving wife.

"Are you ready, Rayne?" he asked and held out his arm while her mother left to go take her place at the altar.

"Yes Papa, I am ready." She smiled, took his arm and began the wonderful walk to the love of her life. When she looked into his face she smiled a dazzling smile before it faltered at the slight cold look in his eyes. Did she do something wrong? No, he must be upset about something she thought stubbornly. She fixed another dazzling smile on her face as her father handed her to her future.

Later that night, after a long carriage ride to her new home at Angelstone Park, Rayne was looking out the window nervously waiting for Angelstone to come to her. Her mother had told her what was to be expected of her and she honestly couldn't wait. She wanted to feel the pleasure of being in the man she loved arms and fidgeted nervously.

The door adjoining their rooms opened and she turned to him and froze. He stood watching her with cold yet hungry eyes.

"Good evening, my lord." She said with a nervous smile and looked at him breathlessly. It amazed her that this handsome breathtaking man was her husband.

"Good evening." Angelstone replied and came forward. "Did you have a good day today?"

"Yes, it was wonderful." She smiled brightly.

He watched her fidget nervously and decided to get this done and over with. Jesse wasn't one for small talk and he only wanted to do his duty by getting her with child and then continuing on with his life.

He took her in his arms and kissed her mouth lightly. She stiffened before relaxing. She sighed happily and surprised him by kissing back eagerly. Shocked he pulled back and looked at her.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked in horror, her eyes wide.

"No." He said and began the kiss again but this time he felt a stirring in his groin. He traced her lips with his tongue causing her to gasp and shiver with desire. Hmm, who would have thought that his wife would respond so readily to him? He had thought that she would be like his dead wife who hated him in her bed but did so because it was expected. All thoughts of his ex wife fled from his mind as she cautiously stuck her tongue in his mouth causing another jolt to his groin. Groaning, he thrust his tongue in her mouth causing her to gasp with delight. Jesse pulled her closer to him and continued his assault to her mouth.

Rayne had never dreamed it could be like this. Her mother told her it was amazing and that if he did it right she would feel alive. Her mother was right because she did feel wonderful. She brushed her hand through his hair in eager anticipation and met his tongue in a dance. She felt his hand cup her breast and moaned when he rubbed his thumb over her nipple causing it to harden. She felt an ache and dampness between her legs and wondered what to do.

"Take off your gown." Jesse said hoarsely. His cock tightened in his breeches when she slipped the gown off her shoulders and had it fall to the floor. He looked at her wonderful curvy body and then picked her up, and dumped her on the bed. He came down on top of her and began to kiss her again. He couldn't get enough of her taste. Spicy like cinnamon and sweet like strawberries. As he kissed her he guided a hand up her thigh while his other hand massaged her breast.

"My Lord-

"Call me Jesse, in here love."

"Oh Jesse," she sighed and began exploring his arms and chest and then to his surprise she took his shirt out of his breeches and unbuttoned it. She then put her hands to his skin and he groaned at the feel of her hands on his body.

Jesse kissed her more urgently and continued his way up her leg until he reached her inner thigh. He stopped kissing her to look in her face as he began stroking her most intimate place on her body. She cried out with pleasure, sat up and began kissing his muscled chest, He continued his ministrations until she threw her head back and cried out. He then pushed her down, unfastened his breeches, and tore his shirt off. He crawled on top of her using his knee to spread her legs and placed his erect member at her core.

"This is going to hurt at first, darling." He told her. "I shall try to go easy on you."

"I know it's supposed to hurt the first time, and I don't want you to go easy." She replied with a sexy smile.

"Are you sure?"

To answer his question she nipped his shoulder and moved to where he entered her just a little which made them both groan. Jesse lost his control and thrust into her. Her gasp of pain was quickly followed by a moan of pleasure as he began to move within her. She felt the same pressure from before except it was wild and dangerously close to something she didn't know.

"Let it come," Jesse groaned in her ear.

She exploded and cried out and heard Jesse moaning above her as he emptied his seed deep inside her. He then collapsed on top of her where her arms hugged him to her.

"I love you, Jesse." She said softly and then fell asleep.

The next morning she was introduced to her stepdaughter Abbey, who was seven and to her brother-in-law Lord Tildon. She took an instant dislike to Angelstone's brother because of the way he looked at Abbey. She had found him later that afternoon in the schoolroom touching the frightened girl under her skirts.

"What do you think you are doing, sir?" she said in outrage and rushed in to stand between him and the child.

"Why playing with my niece, my lady." Lord Tildon said.

"If you don't leave sir I will tell Angelstone what you have been doing to his daughter." She threatened.

Tildon laughed, then grabbed her by the throat, shoved her up against the wall and replied. "If you tell my brother anything you will pay with your life."

He then kissed her hard on the mouth before walking away. Frightened she took Abbey in her arms and fled the schoolroom.


Two months later Rayne began experiencing morning sickness every morning and found to her utter delight that she was with child. She couldn't wait to tell her husband. She decided to go do some gardening while she waited for Jesse to return from town. She was humming to herself when she heard her husband whispering with someone near by. So excited at telling him her news she practically skipped to him but stopped in her tracks when she saw him with his breeches down and a blonde haired women bent over with her skirts pulled up over her waist revealing her backside, and her huge breasts were hanging out of her corset being fondled by her husbands hands as he pounded his cock into her pink flesh.

Rayne gasped in horror causing both of them to look up at her in startled surprise. She backed away slowly; tears burning in her eyes before turning and running out of the gardens, across the lands and into the forest. She ran and ran until the tears took over and she couldn't see anymore. She dropped to the ground and cried until she exhausted herself and just sat there staring at the ground. She didn't know how long she'd been out there and she didn't care, but then the sky began to darken and so she got up and tried to find her way out but soon found out that she was lost. Exhausted and frightened she sat down and began rubbing her belly in reassurance. Eventually, she became too tired to walk or even to stay sitting up and so she just waited until someone found her, if they ever did.

Jesse was out of his mind with worry. He had assumed she had ran to her room but when he questioned her maid, Tilly told him that she was last seen out gardening and that was in the afternoon sometime. She also told him congratulations and when he asked her what for, she told him that his wife was carrying his child. He sent everybody out to search the lands while he went to search the forest. It was midnight when he finally found her. Lying on the floor just staring at nothing.

"Rayne," he said softly trying to get her attention. She didn't look at him or move other than to breathe. He knelt down to her and picked her cold body up and walked the slowest minutes of his life back to Angelstone Park where a doctor waited.

"Is she going to be okay? How about the baby?" Angelstone demanded when the doctor came out of her rooms and hour later.

"They will both be fine, my lord. She just succumbed to exhaustion when panicking to find her way out of the woods." The doctor explained. "She just needs lots of rest and some broth won't do her bad either."

After the doctor left Angelstone entered his wife's bedchamber and saw her rubbing her belly like she was reassuring the life within that she was going to take care of it. He came to the side of her bed and sat down on the edge of it.

"Why didn't you tell me you were with child, Rayne?" he asked.

She looked at him with such emptiness in her eyes that he cringed inwardly. "I had only had it confirmed today, my lord." She said softly and then went back to staring at nothing.

"Then why did you go off alone into the forest?"

"It was when I saw you with her that I ran into the forest. I didn't know where I was going and I didn't care. I only thought to find solitude away from you." She answered obediently.


"Why do you think? If you want to take a mistress that's fine, but do it in London. I will not have your whore in my home where I am Countess. I will also not share a bed with you while you fuck that whore or anyone other whore you decide you fancy."

"You are my wife and I will share a bed with you whenever I feel like it. I will also have my whore as you call it wherever I please and you will still act the honorable Countess you are." He told her angrily, but shocked at her anger and language.


"No? I don't think you have a choice."

"I can't stand it. I am having your child. Do you understand the stress that will cause me? I could lose it and I won't be able to stand another shatter in my heart that you put there. Please just take your whore and go." She said and began to cry.

Feeling guilty for hurting his wife and making her cry he put a hand through his hair and tried to take her in his arms and comfort her.

"Don't touch me." She hissed venomously and cried harder.

Sighing in disgust with himself he stood up and left her room and her life.


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