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A new beginning

Novel By: saratancredi

Michael visits Sara in rehab
will she give him another chance? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 31, 2007    Reads: 295    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Michael drove his car to the Silvermoon Rehabilitation Centre
Sara had been there for two weeks now
He had done nothing but think of her for the last 14 days
He missed her, her voice, her laugh, the way her hand felt in his. her lips
He had no idea if she actually wanted to see him
She didn't need him anymore, he didn't have to save her,
She was safe and sound, but he still needed her
and today he would see her, in a few minutes actually.
He pulled up in the parkinglot of the red brick building
he walked to he front enterance and saw her sitting outside.

She was sitting on a wooden bench
slim blue jeans and a longleeved white sweater
her hair had it's naturel color back
and had grown a few inches.
she jumped up when she saw saw him standing two feet away from her
her eyes widened slightly at seeing him in the flesh and not in her dreams as she was used to. he looked good. dark denims and a blackshirt
"you're here. why are you here?"
she sounded confused and he wasn't sure wether she was happy or angry to see him.
"i came to see if you were okay
but..uhm...if it makes you uncomfortable
i can go"
she took hold of his arm and gave him a slight smile
"no, it's just no one's ever visited me in rehab before"
"what about your father?"
her face saddened at the mentioning of her father
and he regretted voicing his thoughts emediately
"i don't think he wanted to be seen near a place like this"
"i'm sorry"
"it's okay
do you wanna go for a walk or something?"
they wandered the grounds neither looking at the other but at the road in front of them instead
"how are you?"
"i'm doing okay"
"what are you gonna do once you get out of here?"
"find a job i guess
other than that i don't know
just get my life back on track, you know? "
"will i still see you?"
"what do you mean?"
he calculated his next words carefully,
not wanting them to come out wrong
"i mean you don't need me anymore
and i hurt you"
she closed her eyes for a second before answering
"you did.
but i'm not angry anymore and you did what you had to do"
"i didn't want to hurt you"
'i know michael"
he asked the question he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to
"do you want me in your life?"
she wanted to tell him she loved him
she wanted to say she did need him
but she just looked to the ground and said
"yes I do"


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