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Black Roses Lead To Black Hearts

Novel By: poemfever

After all the things they have been through, you'd think he would care. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1- I Love[ed] You.

Four rings rang on his phone. One of them read "Come on over. I have a whole night planned ;)" Another read "Whanna stay the night?! If ya' kno wat i mean ;)" And the others read things like "Bed+you&me=s.e.x". Even though Evan Monroe already had a wife, he has sex with other girls. Jessica Monroe, of course, had NO idea. Jessica is Evan's wife. They make a gorgeous couple until Evan starts to RUIN it. Does evan have to cheat on Jessica? Nope. Jessica is in love with him.

The reason why Evan has...you know what with other girls is because Jessica HATES having...you know what. She says its a waste of time. She said if she had to..you know what to have children, she just won't have children. She wants the have children but, don't want to have...you know.

It was 1 more day until Valentine's Day. Which girl was Evan going to see first? Evan was probably going to spend the whole day & night with the other 4 girls so he could have the whole V-day to him and Jessica.

"Hey honey, i'm going to spend the night with Kevin tonight. Is that okay with you?" Evan asked. Of course he made up a very shallow, low, lame excuse.

"Um.. yeah thats fine with me but isn't it one more day until Valentine's Day. Don't you want to spend time with me? You said we would go see that new movie, Valentine's Day with Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner!" Jessica complained.

Evan scratched his head. "Oh right. I'm so sorry but I have to cancel. Me and Kevin never see each other and I'm off work tomorrow and so are you! We'll have the whole day together, Jess."

"I know, Evan. But, one day with you just isn't enough. I'm in love with you." Jessica said kissing Evan.

Evan backed away. "No, no ,no. I really want to spend the night with Kevin, babe. I'm in love with you and your the only girl for me. Remember all day tomorrow. We'll go see Valentine's Day tomorrow on V-day! How about that?"

"Ok fine. I'll miss you, Ev." Jessica said handing Evan his bag.

"I'll miss you too, Jess." Evan said. They stood there with their lips touching each others. Jessica wasn't against making-out and kissing. Just sex.

They backed away from each other.

Evan grinned. "Have one of your friends over or something while I'm gone."

Jessica smiled. "I probably will ave my mother over for a while and have Bailey over for the night."

"Good idea. Oh yeah! Your mom called and told me to tell you to call her back. I completely forgot." Even said laughing. Then the worse thing that could ever happen to Jessica, happened.

The phone rang. Jessica ran over to it. "Jessica Monroe,"

"Is Evan there?" Some lady said.

"Yes. Hold on...." Jessica said curiously. "Honey it's for...you..."

"Oh ok thanks love." Even said. "Yello'"

"Hey, Evvy," A girl named Michelle said. This was one of the girls that Evan has... you know...with.

"Hey babe" Even said. "Let me get the cordless." Evan ran and got the cordless phone and went into the bathroom.

Jessica couldn't help but listen. She turned the other phone on speaker. She heard every word that came out of their mouths. She was shocked.

"So are you still up to make my bed rock tonight, Evvy?" Michelle said. Jessica opened her mouth wide.

"Yeah, Michelle darling. I;m ready to play with your moneymake" 'Evvy' said. Jessica's face turned red. She was ready to slap Evan across the face.

"Good. I'm ready for you, Evvy." Michelle said in a soft, sexy voice.

"I'm ready for you, Michelle. Bye." Evan said hanging up. He walked out of the bathroom. Luckily, Jessica hung up in time.

"So I'm going to Kevin's now. Bye babe." Evan said opening the door.

"Wait," Jessica said stopping him. "I want to go to Kevin's for a while, too. I haven't seen him either! Let me get my coat!" Jessica had him now! What will 'Evvy' do?

"Um..okay..." He was caught in Jessica's trap. Jessica ran into the dining room and picked up her coat and they left.

"Honey, Kevin don't live at this house..." Jessica said pointing at the sign that said 'Durham's Home'. Kevin's last name was Davis.

"Oh I know. Thsi is Cathy's house. You know the one I work with?" evan said wiping sweat off his forehead.

"Oh yeah! Go ahead! Tell her I said hello." Jessica said. Evan left the car. Haha like Jessica fell for that bull-crap. She went to look in a window and there he was, standing there with a girl's lips on his. Of course, cheating. Jessica is FURIOUS.

Evan walked outside and happened to see Jessica staring at him very furiously.

"Oh Jessica! Why are you peeping?!" Evan asked. He is DEAD.

"Oh I saw this puppy and came to pet it and happened to see you in her bedroom..KISSING YOU FREAK!" Jessica exploded with anger. The girl inside happened to hear them. She came outside.

"Who the hell are you lady? And why the hell you fussin' and my man?!" asked the girl.

"I'm his damn wife!" Jessica said slapping Evan across the face.

"Jessica!....." Evan yelled.

"Shut up! I'm gone!" Jessica yelled starting up the car. She stuch her head out the window "I LOVED YOU!"



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