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i know there is lot's of people who love bleach i am not the only one comment once your done..... View table of contents...



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"Rei!" I turned around to see Tatsuki running my way. "What's up Tatsuki?" She smiled and playfully punched my arm. "Nothing much, have you heard from Ichigo?" I quickly blushed and turned away crossing my arms. "What makes you think I know where he should be?" She gave me a look. "Well you guys always hang out 24/7." I glared at her. "That doesn't mean anything!" She waved her hands in front of her. "You've been acting so weirdly lately everytime I say his name." I turned away quietly and she smiled. "So you like Ichigo, huh?" I shook my head. "No...." I said in a low tone. "You don't have to be embarrassed about it." I sighed. "It's not that..." I said and thought of how I saw Ichigo fighting some weird thing in the alleyway the other day. The vision of it was a bit a blur, but I'm sure it was Ichigo. I worried for him every single day after seeing that and how he came back with unexplainable injuries....it scared me. "I'll talk to you later Tatsuki." I said running off to Ichigo's place. "Rei!" I heard her call out, but she sighed watching me fade off into the distance. Soon enough I made it to his place panting as I knocked on his door. As it opened Ichigo stood there looking at me with that serious look he always hold. "Rei, what's up?" I gave him a worried look noticing his chest bandaged all up. "Ichigo...we need to talk." He nodded. "Yeah, I've been wanting to anyway." He said stepping aside, letting me inside his home. I looked around and turned to him. "Your dad and sisters are gone." "Yeah they won't be back until tomorrow afternoon." There was a moment of silence as I was about to speak up, but Ichigo beat me to it. "I know you saw me fighting those monsters the other day....you shouldn't have been able to see me though." I looked up to him biting my lip trying to hold back tears. "I just don't want you hurt Ichigo...I don't want you gone. You're my best friend..." He gave a small smile and lifted my chin. "Is that all I'm all to you?" I looked into his brown orbs as he looked into my blue ones. He quickly pressed his lips against mine and I blushed in shock, not knowing how to respond. "Kiss me..." He whispered and I did as told, wrapping my arms around his neck as we collapsed on the couch. I pulled back and looked at his bandaged chest. "Does it hurt?" He shook his head. "No...not really." I blushed looking to the side. "Is it good enough to make...make love to me?" He stared down at me and kissed my lips. "Yeah..." he whispered as his kisses roamed my neck. I grabbed onto his shoulders as I tried holding back a moan. His hands ran under my shirt, touching my bare stomach as his tongue entered ny lips. I can feel his tongue explore with mine as his hands went up further his hand on my left breast. I shivered under his touch, as he slipped his hand underneath my bra massaging my breast. A moan escaped my lips as his kisses became a little rougher. I sat up taking off my shirt as he went to my neck nibbling my sensitve spot. I goraned and nibbled his ear and he growled. "Don't tease..." I glared. "Shut up." I unhooked my bra as it feel to the floor and he blushed a little as he stared at my fully developed breasts. He knelt down, taking one into his mouth making me moan loudly as I arched my back. I felt his other hand go underneath my pants as it slid underneath my panties, touching my area. I threw my head back moaning like crazy as his fingers played with my clit. He traveled to my other breasts as he bit them and licking them, my moans driving him crazy. My hands ran across his well tones muscles to his pants. I undid my pants and took them off along with my underwear leaving me bare underneath him. "I love you..." He whispered and I blushed. "I love you too." "Are you sure you want this? We're only 15..." I smiled and hugged him. "As long as it's with you...I don't mind." He smiled and took of his pants in his boxers. His member erect through his boxers. I blushed looking away as he spread my legs apart his tongue running against me. I grabbed his hair nearly screaming his name as his lick became harder and deeper making me squirm. He pulled my legs over him getting better access as I tried not to scream so loud. "No...aah..Ichi..." I moaned knowing I was about to come, but he stopped before I could do so. I panted heavily as I ran my hand against his erect member underneath his boxers. He grunt a little and but my ear. "Rei...don't..." I slipped my hand in his boxers as I moved my hand to his member, playing with him. I can hear his pants turn into moans as he grabbed my breast. "Stop..." He said moving my hand taking off his boxers aiming at my entrance. He looked up at me and gulped. "This is going to hurt for a while...or you-" "I already told you, as long as it's with you." He watsed no time thrusting inside of me as I tightened myself around him screaming in pain. Tears rolled down my face the pain taking over my lower area. "Relax...I didn't put it all in yet." He said going in slower. I dug my nails in his back, trying to ignore the pain. He wiped my tears away with his thumb and kissed me. "I'm in now." He said waiting until my pain subsided and once it did I told him to move. I moaned at the rush of the pleasure going though my body, making me arch my back higher. My chest against his. He began to thrust himself harder and deeper inside of me making me scream his bame as he hit my spot each time. "Ichigo more! more!"I called out and he began to moan my name name himself in pleasure. "So tight..." He called out as my eyes clouded from the pleasure he was giving me. I began to move with him hugging him as he moved faster in such speed. We came as he gave him one last thrust before collapsing ontop of me, the smell of our love making overflowing the living room. "Ichigo...we did it on the couch." He chuckled. "It will be our little secret."


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