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When Deception hits the Heart

Novel By: Mayleila

(COMPLETED) Janessa is an average middle class girl who works her hardest to survive every living day. She then meets her boss who is confident, unyielding, and arrogant. When their path crosses in front of the building lobby he shrugged it off by giving her a written check of 50,000 dollars. She glared at him and ripped the check in front of his face. She then pursued in calling him more names that he has never been called before. Needless to say, he was astounded that there were still people in this world who believe money isn’t everything…intrigued he makes a proposition—she is to be his fake girlfriend for three months and he would pay her the price she ask. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 8, 2010    Reads: 3,827    Comments: 9    Likes: 8   

Janessa hurried out of her apartment trying to get herself to her first day at work. She was anxious at the same time she was running late. Nothing could be worse then this. She groaned in frustration as she hailed a taxi. In the car she quickly put fix her hair and organize her paper work.
"Damn it." She whispered as she dropped her notebook. "God I hate this."
It was her first day as a customer service representative at Colin's Trust Financial Co. She wanted to look her best because after one month of looking at jobs and receiving very little interview she was hopeless until she received a call from here. Her hopes soared and she anxiously begged her guy friend for interviewing advice. When she took his advice into play it worked! In just one week she received a call from Colin's Trust Financial Co.
She adjusted her purse, her briefcase, and in front of her she placed the orientation papers and work orders she had to fill out before the first day of work. She was feeling anxious and she couldn't seem to calm down her nerves. She took two cups of coffee today in order to see if her muscles would relax. It didn't.
When the cab stopped in front of the huge building Janessa sighed deeply as she opened the door and walked out onto the steps as she took it one by one. After she reached the last step she walked a little ways until she came face to face with the door. Janessa opened it and walked in with a sense of confidence as she made her way to the office. When she didn't look she accidently slipped on the floor hitting herself hard on her head. She let out a small cry as she touched her head. Someone came by and kneeled down.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
She quickly picked up her papers and then looked up to him to answer him only to see a handsome man. He was gorgeous. Janessa's mouth dropped and nothing audible came out as she stared at him. He was a total hunk.
"Are you okay?" He asked again.
"Y-yes." She blinked once or twice and touched the back of her head.
"You took quite a huge fall." He murmured.
"I can see that." She mumbled.
"How much do you want?" He asked.
She looked up at him surprised. "What?" She asked him.
"I said how much do you want?" He took out his checkbook. Her eyes widened. He looked at her. "C'mon. We don't need to take this to court. Tell me how much you want and I'll give it to you."
He actually thinks he can give her money like that. He thought she would accept it. Okay, she needs it-bad in fact but she won't let that dumb rich man ruin her dignity like that. She lifted her chin.
"I want nothing from you." She said.
"I'll give you 50,000 dollars. Don't take this to court or I would cancel the check." He said gruffly and unaffected. He wrote it and handed it to her. When she didn't accept it he took her hand out and place it on it.
She looked at the check and then at him. "Did you not hear me?" She said incredulous.
"I did and I gave you $50,000." He answered.
She lifted the check to eye view and ripped the check in front of his eyes. His eyes grew in surprised as he looked at his very own check being ripped out. "I want nothing from you. I don't give a shit if you have money. I am capable of getting my own money."
She nodded her head in satisfaction as she headed to the elevator leaving Colin behind feeling stupid. That woman just denied his money. That was the first time. He grew up knowing woman needing only money. This was definitely something different-she was definitely different.


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