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In the Duke's Bed

Novel By: Mayleila

(COMPLETED) At ten years old Fiona was terribly teased by her older brother’s friend James Maddox, Duke of Rothbury. She grew up despising him and wanting nothing more than to prove him wrong. Therefore, this season was Fiona’s first entrance to the ton and she is more than excited. Before that nobody ever recognized her during the time when her older sister Charlotte was introduced to the season. They ton knew her by nothing more than Charlotte’s younger sister. She’s desperate to prove people wrong and to show that she too has what it takes to be a bride…

James Maddox, Due of Rothbury was growing weary of his grandmother who has been constantly complaining about his rakish way. She wanted him to settle down and bear a heir to the next dukedom. Most importantly, she wanted to see her future grand son before dying. In attempt, to make his grandmother happy he decided to go to Lady Caroline’s Ball in hopes of finding a potential bride.

All those years has gone by and when they finally meet again would love spark or would fire flare?

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Submitted:Mar 8, 2010    Reads: 2,130    Comments: 21    Likes: 15   

THIS CHAPTER IS A LITTLE BIT RATED FOR THOSE WHO DOESN'T LIKE SEXUAL SCENES. You are warned but those who does not care can read on! :D
The very next day, Fiona Maxwell was officially married to James Maddox and she officially became Lady Maddox, Duchess of Rothbury. Many people came to celebrate the wedding with them. James and she sat at the top of the table while everyone sat alongside. Fiona could feel the warmth of James thigh against her and she could feel an ache build up between her legs. She wanted him but she won't let him see it. She didn't notice that she was gripping her fork tightly until James set his hand on her thigh. She looked up at him.
"Don't be nervous." He said.
"I'm not." She replied.
His eyes twinkled at her lie and his mouth quirked at the corner in amusement. "Then why are you gripping your fork tightly?" He asked.
"I-I…" She didn't have anything else to say because in fact she was nervous. "It's just that I never thought I would be here and married. It's just a little bit apprehension that is taking me over."
He chuckled. "Do you want to leave then?"
If they leave then everybody would know they are off to consummate the marriage but if they stay the group will stay until they do it. She wanted to jump up and run away but she knew that she wasn't able to do it although her feet itch to run. So, no matter she would have to do it. She looked up at him and nodded slowly. He responded with his own nods and turned towards the group.
"Excuse me everybody. I believe my wife and I will be going now." James said.
The men chuckled and rooted for James. The girls blushed and giggled as James took hold of her hand and led her up the stairs to their bedroom. Her body seems to be weak. She wanted to sink to the floor and disappear but she somehow kept moving with him until they reached the door. Then she turned to him.
"Remember our deal, James." She repeated.
"I do." He said. "However, I'll like to start my seducing tonight."
"Tonight?" She paused for a moment.
He bent down and kissed her lips before speaking again. "Yes, tonight. Leave your door unlocked."
James couldn't believe it. He is married to Fiona. God, when they stopped at her door his need for her was so strong but damn her for mentioning that damn game but the faster her seduces her the faster he gets her into his bed but he has to be careful not to fall in love with her. It just isn't how it is done. He paced the floor and drink more of his port as he pondered on when he should go to her bedroom which is adjoins to his with a door in the way. There were many times when he walked up to the door and then stopped and walked back.
When he was halfway done with his port he stood up from his chair and headed towards the door. He opened it only to find that he took too long and Fiona has fallen asleep in her couch. He walked up to her and saw the serenity that played on her face as she slept. Her lips pouted revealing such delectable lips and she raised her hand to scratch her nose as she sighed and turned to her back. Her hair fell loosely around her. God, she is beautiful and he wants her now but he promised her. He can't do it but without thinking his hand went to her face and smoothed back some hair away from her face and traces her lips and her frame. She sighed in her sleep at the touch of his hand. The candle light that reflected on her skin seems flawless and enhanced her beauty even more.
God, this drink is getting to him. He needed to stop. He looked away and examined her room. It seems to him that she was up and waiting for him and then decided to take a quick nap. He walked up to her and scooped her backup to place her on the bed but she stirred a little and wrapped her arms around his neck loosely as she snuggled closer to his warm body. When he placed her back in bed he walked back to the fireplace and placed two more logs into the fireplace. Then he turned and went over to sit by the bed. He though only to look at her for a while but he didn't expect her to be awake.
"What are you doing here?" She asked him sleepily.
"I'm sorry that I woke you up. I came in and saw you sleeping on the couch. I had to bring you back to bed or else you would get a backache by tomorrow morning." He said.
"Oh." She replied and yawned. Without thinking, she stretched in her bed and his eyes turned dark. He wanted her even more and her stretching like this isn't making it any better. "I'm sorry that I fell-" Before she could continue his lips were on hers as he crushed her body against him. He steadied her body with placing his hands on her back.
He kissed her with demands and possession. His kiss slanted across hers and when his tongue flicked against her lips she moaned and opened it willingly to him. He took the advantage right away as his tongue went back to its normal haven and explored it once again. He couldn't seem to get enough of her. She kissed back with equal ferocity and she is learning quickly. She knew when to suck on his tongue and when to flirt back with her own tongue. When he pulled away she would dip her tongue into his mouth and rub hers against his. He tightened his grip around her.
"Tell me when to stop, Fiona." He whispered huskily against her lips as he traced small kisses down her neck and then licking them. She gasped at the pleasurable sensation and gripped his arms to support her soaring desire.
She never felt this kind of desire before. When his lips land on hers she couldn't think any more but the feel of him against her. She felt intoxicated when ever he does this. She isn't able to think and now she is bold enough to let him kiss her and to return the same pleasure to him. She heard him groan deeply and she responded with a moan. She couldn't help but respond to his every touch, to his every word, and to his every movement. She matched him equally.
He used his available hand to trace up her side and cup her breast. He began molding it into his hands and using his thumb to rub against her nipple and she let out a soft moan and arching her back for more. He leaned back a little to see the passion that played across her face. She closed her eyes at the sensation and her lips parted as he played with her breast. God, she was desperately making him crazy. He couldn't think. He needed to be inside her but right when he thought to switch position she spoke.
"Stop." She replied.
At first it was hard to understand what she was saying because he too was intoxicated with the desire to have her but when she said it again he heard her. His hand stilled.
He groaned. "God, you are going to make me insane."
Her eyes glazed with the desire to have him made him harden even more. She was very much affected by this as he is. Her breath was heavy but she answered him. "You aren't the only one."


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