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In the Duke's Bed

Novel By: Mayleila

(COMPLETED) At ten years old Fiona was terribly teased by her older brother’s friend James Maddox, Duke of Rothbury. She grew up despising him and wanting nothing more than to prove him wrong. Therefore, this season was Fiona’s first entrance to the ton and she is more than excited. Before that nobody ever recognized her during the time when her older sister Charlotte was introduced to the season. They ton knew her by nothing more than Charlotte’s younger sister. She’s desperate to prove people wrong and to show that she too has what it takes to be a bride…

James Maddox, Due of Rothbury was growing weary of his grandmother who has been constantly complaining about his rakish way. She wanted him to settle down and bear a heir to the next dukedom. Most importantly, she wanted to see her future grand son before dying. In attempt, to make his grandmother happy he decided to go to Lady Caroline’s Ball in hopes of finding a potential bride.

All those years has gone by and when they finally meet again would love spark or would fire flare?

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Submitted:Mar 2, 2010    Reads: 2,090    Comments: 17    Likes: 13   

Sorry for the long wait. Booksie's updates or technical difficulties have given me a hard time on publishing and I couldn't update. Here is a new update. Hope you like it!

It is almost midnight and everyone still stood around talking amongst each other. The eager chatter continued and laughter sounded in the air. Fiona forgot all about James as she talked to Lord Collins. He wasn't a bad looking guy. He's a potential husband and he seems very sincere. Lord Collins was a good looking man. He is as tall as Alex with blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. Fiona could see that he is well built with the coat hugging his arms.
"Back then when my mother was well she use to go out into society enjoying special events and occasions but it seems now that she's ill she hasn't the energy to come no more." Lord Collins said to her.
"That's terrible. It must be stressful to see someone you love ill." Fiona began. "I know I won't be as strong as you are."
He smiled gently at her. "I might be strong on the outside Lady Fiona but on the inside I'm a horrible weakling. I love her very much and to make her very last wishes come true is what I want to do. I want her to be happy..."
Fiona knew exactly what he was saying. He's trying his hardest but it seems he's falling apart at the same time with pretending to enjoy the stay and courting ladies but really he's worried about his mother and he wanted to be home with her by her side. "Lord Collins, you would make her the happiest mother alive and she will definitely feel better soon. God knows best and he would not make you suffer if you don't deserve it."
He took a drink from his wine glass and gave a sad chuckle. "I don't know if there is God, Lady Fiona."
"Don't lose hope at all, Lord Collins. You have to trust me on this." Fiona wanted to make him happy-to reassure him.
"I think we are past formalities, Lady Fiona. You can call me Nicolas." He replied.
She smiled then. "All right. I'll call you Nicolas but you, dear sir, have to call me Fiona."
He chuckled lightly. "You are a delight to talk to after many repeated conversations. It is refreshing. Plus, you made me a little bit happy with hope."
"Thank you." She replied. She was then interrupted by seeing James walk to a nearby corner with Lady Keira behind his tail but he wasn't looking at Lady Keira. Instead, he was looking at Fiona.
"Fiona? Is everything all right?" Nicolas asked her.
"Oh yes, definitely." She responded turning her attention back to him.
"You seemed miles away for a second there." He replied.
"Oh I do apologize. I tend to do so sometimes."
"No worries, you aren't the only one." He said. He stepped a little closer to her. "You are quite different from other ladies in the room."
She gave a nervous laugh. "Yes, well that's just me being me."
"And that Fiona is what is revitalizing about you. For a lady, you are very open hearted." He said.
She blushed. "Thank you."
"Your hair is falling." He said and smoothed it back without her permission but it was an impulse.
"Thank you for fixing." She nodded hoping that no one caught that little small movement. She likes Nicolas. He is a very sweet man and she wouldn't mind marrying him-her thoughts were interrupted when James came to her side instantly.
"Lady Fiona, your brother needs you." James said lowly.
"Does he?" She looked around the room and frowned. "But he isn't in the room."
Damn her, James thought. He wanted her for himself. He didn't like how Lord Collins had touched her. The minute he saw from the corner of his eyes how Lord Collins have reached out to smooth back some of her loose hair made James blood run cold and his heart thump even harder. He doesn't know why his reaction was like this but before he knew it he was beside her side and when she looked at him questioningly he didn't know what to say other than that to get her away from Lord Collins but then she had to look around.
"He had asked me to take you to him." James lied smoothly.
Her eyes narrowed scrutinizing him then it relaxed. "Very well. Well, it was nice speaking with you, Lord Collins."
"It was a pleasure, Lady Fiona." Lord Collins bow and looked at James oddly.
James lifted his arm as Fiona hooked her arms through his. Possessively he placed his hand on top of her hand that was placed in the crooks of his arm. They walked to the foyer.
"I can't believe you would be deceitful like that, James." Fiona spoke.
"I didn't." He lied yet again.
She turned her gaze upon him. "What is your problem, James? One minute you are all over Lady Keira and the next you are all mad at me for something I didn't do to you."
So she did see him with Lady Keira. She was just ignoring him. He pulled her into a library and shut the door. She didn't notice it because she was still fuming over the fact that he was such a jerk.
"What is my problem?" Yes, what is your problem James, James thought. He didn't even know what he was doing. His anger took over him. He ran a hand through his hair. "I don't know."
"Why are you doing this to me?" She looked at him straight in the eyes.
"I-I…" He stopped. He didn't know how to continue. "I don't like you being Lord Collins."
"You have no right to choose who I am with or who I will be with." Fiona gritted out. He definitely has no right to be in control of her-especially when he is just her brother's best friend.
"I know but it's not like what you think it is." He muttered.
"Then what is it, really James? Because I am getting confused as to what you are trying to tell me." She stepped closer to him. So close that she could feel his breathing on her.
"I get angry when I see you with any other men." He looked into her eyes and it showed so much passion and desire. She couldn't seem to back up.
"You do?" She whispered.
"I do." He replied and his lips came crushing down on hers as he kissed her possessively-showing her physically how much he desires her. Her body shivered in response and she wrapped her arms around his neck.
"What the hell is going on in here?" A voice boomed in a distant but low enough only for anyone in the library to hear. James broke away from Fiona and stared at her brother.


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