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In the Duke's Bed

Novel By: Mayleila

(COMPLETED) At ten years old Fiona was terribly teased by her older brother’s friend James Maddox, Duke of Rothbury. She grew up despising him and wanting nothing more than to prove him wrong. Therefore, this season was Fiona’s first entrance to the ton and she is more than excited. Before that nobody ever recognized her during the time when her older sister Charlotte was introduced to the season. They ton knew her by nothing more than Charlotte’s younger sister. She’s desperate to prove people wrong and to show that she too has what it takes to be a bride…

James Maddox, Due of Rothbury was growing weary of his grandmother who has been constantly complaining about his rakish way. She wanted him to settle down and bear a heir to the next dukedom. Most importantly, she wanted to see her future grand son before dying. In attempt, to make his grandmother happy he decided to go to Lady Caroline’s Ball in hopes of finding a potential bride.

All those years has gone by and when they finally meet again would love spark or would fire flare?

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Fiona took one last look at herself in the mirror before sighing with satisfaction and turning to see her older sister looking at her. She was now married and pregnant. Her husband simply adores her and she is living the happiest in her life.

Fiona smiled at her and walked to hug her. "You look beautiful, Fiona. I swear the other girls will look plain when standing next to you." Charlotte teased.

"Do you think so?" Fiona smiled.

"I am absolutely sure." Charlotte assured her.

"Well then, I am ready." Fiona said.

They both walked down the steps and with Fiona's hand in her father's they walked into the carriage along with her mother's hand under her father's other arm. As the carriage started Fiona began to feel anxious and afraid that about her first season. Her mother must have known because she silently shook her head at Fiona who nodded slowly.

When the carriage stopped the footman came to door and extended his hand to Fiona as Fiona placed her hand on her arm. She looked up at the door entrance to see people already ushering in.

Taking in a huge sigh Fiona headed inside. The ballroom was a huge ballroom with classical music playing and people laughing. Fiona felt warmth run through her as she stepped for the first time into her first season.

"Well, it's your big night." Fiona's mother sighed happily.

"I'm anxious." Fiona admitted.

"You will be the beauty of the ton, honey." Fiona's mother smiled sweetly at me.

Fiona sighed. Fiona looked around to find the one person that Fiona been hoping to see for nine years. Last year Fiona saw him dance with her sister once or twice and then moving on to the girls who has constantly been sending him flirtatious glances and each time that he shot them one of his devilish smiled they fan themselves and giggle. The thought of it makes her want to groan but she held it back and straighten her spine as Fiona walked down the steps with her mother along side.

"Men are staring." My mother acknowledge as she slowly nodded her head at some people she knew.

"Are they? I'm too scared to look." I said nervously.

My mother chuckled. "It's all right, sweetie. Smile at everyone."

And Fiona did just that. She turned her head slightly and recognized that many heads did turn their way. She could feel herself heat up as she nodded her head at a nearby man who made a bow at her.

"Oh dear, look who is here." My mother stopped and looked ahead of her.

Fiona was now curious so she turned her head slightly to see that Duke of Rothbury was here. He was talking among her brother and his wife exchanging words back and forth. Her breath seems to be caught in her throat as she gazed at him. He had soft brown hair and his suit hugs his body tightly revealing fine muscles. He was definitely the choice of husband.

"Let's go meet your brother, shall we?" Fiona's mother smiled and without another word moved ahead to where they were now.

Fiona could feel herself heat up more and more but she told herself to not make a fool of herself. It was her time to prove everybody wrong. She is now a woman. She lifted her chin as they climbed the steps. When they reached Fiona's brother she moved to hug him tightly.

"Fiona! You look amazingly beautiful, tonight." Alexander said.

"Astonishingly refreshing to see someone new in this season." Alexander's wife commented and kissed Fiona's cheek.

"Thank you, Alex and Mary." Fiona responded. She was afraid to meet Lord Maddox's eyes but gathering her courage she finally looked up to find a beautiful shade of blue and green looking straight at her. A warm shiver ran down her body as she found that his gazed did not remain on her face but continue to explore her body.

Alex coughed. "Fiona, you do remember Lord Maddox, Duke of Rothbury?"

"Yes, of course. How can I not forget the day he handed me a full pie." Fiona said slyly at him as she curtsied.

He quirked an eyebrow and Fiona thought he was going to be mad but he chuckled slightly and bowed. "It is a pleasure, my lady Fiona."

His voice was low and masculine. Awkwardly, Fiona turned away to look at the dancing floor. However, he wasn't done with her. He wanted to know more of her. In fact, he was intrigued at how a small plump little girl could grow into such a beauty. He couldn't take his eyes off from her the minute he saw her. He noticed the environment as changed and men has already have their eyes on her but he couldn't believe it was his Fiona. The Fiona he has been teasing years ago.

"May I be so bold as to ask if there is a place on your card for me? I would like a waltz with you." James said quietly.

Her eyes snapped back to him. "Of course, my lord. I do have a spot for you."

"Thank you, Lady Fiona. It is truly an honor." He whispered his eyes still on Fiona. She had the most delectable lips he had seen in his life. Her eyes are a deep violet which is strange because James have never seen such beautiful eyes-mysterious and intoxicating. He couldn't help but notice, how much she has grown.

Alex cleared his throat and James looked back up blinking once. James easily divert his eyes and glanced at my mother and he kissed it. "And Lady Matthews it is a pleasure to see you tonight."

"Right back at you, James. It has been such a long time since I've seen you and may I say you are a grown man." Fiona's mother teased.

"Years gone by makes me older by the second, Lady Matthews." James answered.

"How is your grandmother?" Lady Matthews asked.

"Quite well! Thank you for asking. She has been a spirit lately." James said.

A song came on and James gaze came back to Fiona. She looked at him and he put his hand out for her. He then turned to Fiona's brother and mother.

"May I?" He asked them.

"Of course, go have fun." Fiona's mother giggled.

James led Fiona to the dance floor and when his hand ended up on her waist and the other on her hand it was hard to concentrate on the waltz when all her senses are on what is on her waist and what is on her waist. She slowly breathed and told herself it would be fine. This is just a small futile attraction-nothing more.

"So, my lord, as I have heard many has said you are looking for a bride this season is that correct?" Fiona asked looking nonchalant.

"As a matter of fact, I am looking for a bride. The ton did not lie." He smiled devilishly at her.

So it is true about what the tons have been telling her. James Maddox is finally looking for a bride and settling into marriage not to mention setting aside his rake hood. Fiona thought herself lucky to be out this season. She too was looking for a husband.

"This is your first season, is that correct?" James asked as he slowly moved them around.

"Yes it is." She bit her lower lips and James loin tightened. He couldn't help but notice her teeth lightly grazing her lower lip.

"Are you nervous?" James continue to ask her.

"Well of course I am. It is my first year. I just-I am just afraid that I might make a mistake." She told him.

"You won't. As a matter of fact, many men already have their eyes on you. If you take a look around you would see them gazing hungrily at you." He mentioned and Fiona lifted her gaze away from his eyes to look around. She didn't have the chance to before but now she did.

He is correct. Men were looking at her-although not hungrily. She smiled sweetly at them before returning her gaze back to James who has been observing her all along.

"What's wrong?" She asked him.

"Nothing. I'm simply looking at you." James grinned. "You have grown, Fiona."

He had said her given name. The sound of it coming from his lips was husky sending a shock through body and tightening her stomach. She slightly let out her breathing letting it go steady.

"I have. I am a grown woman now." Fiona enforced.

"Yes, I can clearly see that." His gaze dropped to her bosom and her breath quickened. God, does he have to look at her like that.

"My lord." Fiona whispered breathlessly out.

"Yes?" His gazed moved up slightly but was gazing her lips now.

"Will you stop gazing at me like that?" Fiona whispered yet again.

He chuckled lightly and broke his gaze briefly. "I am just merely curious."

"You are being quite bold, my lord." Fiona told him. "Have you notice how much ladies have been looking at you tonight?"

He briefly glanced around and shrugged. "I have notice them looking but none to my likings yet. However, I met a particular someone."

Fiona's heart fluttered with hope. God, she was like the other girls who are shamelessly waiting if he would choose her. She pushed aside the hope and looked up at him to see if he would continue but he stopped continuing.

"And…who is that particular someone?" Fiona urged.

He lowered his eyes and looked at her. His hand tightened on her hand. "I was thinking about Lady Keira."

"Oh." Fiona said softly. She couldn't help but feel crushed but she wasn't going to let James ruin her night. She had plenty of eligible bachelors out there awaiting for her attention as well.

"Have you had your eyes on someone as well, Fiona?" He asked and there was a hint of hesitation to it.

"I-I was thinking about…" Fiona hastily looked around and saw a tall handsome man standing and looking at her and hasn't taken his eyes off from her. When he saw her looking her bowed low she returned with a smile. "Lord Campbell."

"Lord Campbell? He's a well known man." James said quietly. In a way somehow James didn't like that man but he didn't want to let Fiona know that.

"Yes he is. I've met him once but it was only a brief moment. I do hope to see him more." Fiona silently said to James.

"Are you sure you like Lord Campbell? Can't it be Lord Burke?" He pointed out.

Fiona threw her head back and laughs. "Lord Burke is too busy looking at himself to recognize that I am there."

"How would you know that?" James asked.

"Well, I talked to him once at a Mrs. Pennington's country party. He couldn't stop talking about himself. It was quite tiresome hearing him speak about his eyes and where it came from. Do you know what he said about his eyes?" Fiona asked him with a smile that laughter hid behind it.

"What did he say?"

"He said that his eyes were from God of Ares. He asked me if I have ever seen Ares eyes before I plainly told him I didn't. He then proceeded in telling me more about the specific colors that are in his eyes which I do not see it in his eyes." Fiona frowned after saying it. "It was complicated."

James chuckled. "I can see why you would say Lord Burke isn't suitable even I wouldn't find him amusing in explanation."

"Precisely." Fiona grinned.


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