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Captive Purity

Novel By: Loves mystery

Tags: Mystic, Romatic

A jealous sorceress, and innocent beauty. A cold killer pawned to destroy elena. But will he? In this embarkment to kidnap the girl and return her to his mistress to be killed, will he be able to withstand her stubborn irritable attitude? Or will they fall in love? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 18, 2011    Reads: 36    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

September 22nd, 1632
Lorana paced impatiently in the great hall, awaiting Arterio's entrance.She was tired of waiting, the deed had to be done..Tonight. Too long had this been unsettled, for as long as she lived, her reign of power would be destroyed.Arterio, her apprentice, is most trusted to see to her most important tasks.He heard his mistress's call.He put his sword away into it's sheath, rising from the stone bench in the castle's garden from where he was sharpening his weapons.His bright blue eyes scanned to the glimmer of light flickering from window of the castle's great hall.Quickly he walked in through the dungeon passage to lead back to the main halls.As he walked, servants cleared way, never looking upon him, for it was forbidden by her majesty's order.
Once he came to the doors of the great hall, he knocked briskly, patiently waiting for the servant to open the doors.The servant stood aside, and formally announced his arrival."Your majesty, Lord Arterio has arrived."Lorana stopped pacing and turned to her visitor."Well, I almost had to wait."She said irritably.Arterio bowed slightly his cool gaze upon her never faltering."Forgive me your majesty."He said quietly."See to it that it doesn't happen again!"She snapped at him, her violet eyes smoldering. He straightened his stature and waited for her to speak.She walked over to the fireplace, the fire roared in anger flaming in its orange hell. Arterio joined her and sat into the tall chair behind her gazing upon the great hall with its tall white ceilings, walls covered with shelves of books of all kinds, stone gargoyles that sat on each side of the hearth snarling at him.Light was dim coming from the window on the left wall overlooking the forest below where villages beyond sat.She turned to face him giving a quick glance to the servant who stood by the entrance doors."Leave."She told her.The servant immediately curtsied to her and rapidly opened the door and left shutting the door silently.All of the castle staff knew never to anger Lorana, or else suffer the consequences.She turned her gaze towards Arterio, and began to speak."I'm sure you're wondering to why I have summoned you here." He looked at her, his silence encouraging her to go on.
"I have an assignment for you." She began.As you are well aware, I am queen ofAerigan, Castle, the village, and the people. I hold the greatest power of dark magic in all of the land. However, my reign of my power is endangered now that an heir of purity has been prophesized to destroy my existence.She walked over to the corner of one of the bookshelves and pulled down upon a secret book that opened a hidden compartment where she pulled out her crystal ball.She walked back over to Arterio and placed the ball upon the small table.The crystal ball began to glow an eerie green as smoke filled in the orb."There is a maiden in the village who upon her sixteenth birthday will be bestowed the power to destroy me.However, she will not know of this power since her parents, is no longer a part of the living to help her learn to tap into it.Her ignorance will be my upper hand for her death.I cannot take any chances of her obtaining any knowledge of her powers."Arterio listened and absorbed his mistress's words, he stood and looked upon her entranced in her beauty. Her red hair, wavy lay upon her shoulders, her milky skin glowed pale even in the warmth of the fire light, her body slim in her black dress, accented with violet to enhance her eyes.He then spoke, his expression emotionless. "It will be done."She smiled, pleased to his obedience."Very good my love, now, gaze into the crystal ball.It will show you the face of the maiden.You must find her, take her away from here to the mountains of Raven's Thorn.There you are to kill her and dispose of her body, burn it so that there is no chance of her powers to revive her existence."He spoke, his tone cold."As you wish."Lorana looked upon him, her body filled with lust, he was a very handsome man, and his black hair lay in layers down against his neck, his skin, lightly tanned from the sun and his body lean but muscular. He stood taller than her, her lips just barely reaching his.His body cloaked in his black open neck shirt and black pants with his black boots, helping to keep him hidden during his missions at night.His narrow hips holding the weight of his sword andknife.She wanted him, desired his touch, his body entwined with hers in heated love making."Complete this task before October 27thand you shall be rewarded greatly." She said walking towards him taking his hand and gently pressing it in between her legs she let out a small gasp of pleasure.He swallowed trying to control his lust to take her right there.The warmth upon his hand tempting his groin.
Now go Arterio, hurry, your reward awaits.


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