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look at me now!

Novel By: lenna lovegod

xavier thomas was a a-class popular guy with the whole of his high school at his feet.selena lightwood was his little sister's best friend. they hated each other. but she loves him and has since she was little. he hates her but when he sees her at her best....and worst he relises that he has been in love with her but doesnt want to admit it to himself. after a disaster happens everything changes.... View table of contents...



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Xavier pov

I remember the first time I saw her . i was five. At kindy at the age of four years old she had black hair down to the waist that was so fat I laughed at her for hours on end. Her name was selena lightwood. I met her when I was picking up my sister anabel with our mum. She was talking with my sister. my mother and her mother were friends. Her mom said she could come over. So she did but it was weird. I Was in my room when I heard a laugh so happy it was anabel. I ran to her room and saw her and selena playing with my trucks and hot wheel cars so I gave her barbie dolls and throwed them out the window. She yelled so high my ears still ring. That was the day we ended hating each other for years.

Flashback age 7

I was sitting on my couch and reading that's right a boy reading I had a passion for books. When anabel stormed in 'okay no funny stuff please Xavier!!! It is my first more than one sleep over. Got it' my bossy little sister age six got everything but then I remembered that dad said I could have a sleepover 'what dad said I could' she looked at me weird 'really? Fine just stay away from my room. And don't tease selena.' Selena eww I hate her.

End of flashback

I come back to the present time.I am walking down the halls of kellan high school. With my mate eric and my girlfriend emma when I stop and stare. My sister was sitting on the swing in the primary school section caz our school was yr1 to Yr 12. She was sitting with selena and a boy named billie. They were in year seven . I walked over 'hey Ana…Billie…fatso.' Selena gave me a look of hate than billie lauhed 'shut up you two haven't you heard of bullying and she is a year younger than you Xavier and three years younger than you billie so lay off. She is only fifteen' I rolled my eyes and signed 'yeah yeah' my sister had heaps of friends but she calls that thing her best friend. Nothing has changed to selena . she still has long black hair to her waist and she was very slowly losing weight but was still fat. Her eyes were a dark blue with flects of green that was cute …I guess but still I hate her. She was now laughing at something emma said 'that is so true he always does that' I froze when I relished she was talking about me. 'what was that fatso?' she bit her lip 'um that you always drift off in space' she mumbled to me. 'at least im not fat' I smirked at her as she ran off crying. I love being a jerk to her. The bell went to say that school was over so I wited for anabel to come to the gate to walk home. 'hey what you said was cruel and mean why cant you just be nice for once?' she said as she walked up to me with emma and eric traling behind her. 'um she's a bitch to me and I hate her' emma came up to me and we started making out 'arr gross bro gross' she turned to eric 'what are you doing ?' he was shocked that she was talking to him. I rolled my eyes. My best friend had a crush on my little sister and he knows that I know because he looked at me than her than said 'nothing much what about you?' he was blushing. Man im going to save him from embrassing himself 'hey sis eric has a crush on you will you just go out with him please?' I wanted to laugh at the looks that passed her face : shock,surprise,happiness. He was giving me a dealth stare and blushing at the same time. Emma was shocked I could tell I mean it was her cozsin that liked my sister. 'well…i…yes!!' she turned to eric and jumped on him as I laughed at his eyes went large. 'I told you she would say yes! But no' by this time mum was late and everyone but emma,eric,ana and myself were the only ones at school. Than I saw a girl walking towards us. It was just selena but she was crying and had hair everywhere and blood. I was shocked when I saw her run to anabel and hug her and in small sobs told us what happened……

Selena pov

I was crying in the girls bathroom when two girls came in. 'hello bitchface' they both had blond hair and when I looked at them I knew them instantly. The meanest girls in school. Maia and kaia. 'hey' I whispered to them. I was always shy around others. They both said 'what was that bitch?' I didn't say anything when they both started to hit me over and over again. I swayed out of the bathroom into a guy who fell over with me in his arms. He was on top of me when I tried to sit up when I heard 'oh so now im good enough now?' I saw than henry tomsa the uy who always follows me and says he is in love with me. 'no no no' I whispered to him as he started touching me. I ended up kicking him in the balls and running to the gate with my bag. I saw anabel making out with eric and emma making out with Xavier. I knew that if henry followed me anabel and eric would bash him. I Fell in to anabel's arms. And sobbed what happened. Than I sat down on the ground and stared at the group. I was shocked with what I saw. Anabel had her hands in fists and her eyes looked as if she was ready kill. Emma looked pissed off and happy at the same time. Eric was crying and had his face in his hands. But the biggest shock was Xavier's face. His eyes were angry and mad. His fists were hitting the gate with madness. But as I thought I was safe henry came out of the gate holding his balls. I whined and got up and to my horror hid behind Xavier who looked strong. 'hey bitch get here I will have you' he was walking to Xavier as I started to cry again. Xavier put his arm around me and hugged me which had me shocked. 'leave her alone henry because if I hear that you don't you will deal with me got it mate' his voice was scary and I was looking at him with respect. 'why Thompson? Do you want her too because you need to have all of the girls don't you' emma was looking very angry. 'is that true babe?' he closed his eyes 'I …no babe im just protecting her from that jerk' she smiled as did henry. 'but why would you protect her if I wanted her if you don't than?' I was shaking as I stepped out from behind Xavier. 'because he is like a brother to me. A mean pig-headed big brother that most of the time I want to kill but when I need him he is there and I don't like you so he is keeping me safe from jerks like yourself got it ?' Xavier was grinning at me. And so was the group all but henry who was smirking. Which scared me even more. At that moment Kathy pulled up. 'hey guys get in. and henry leave my kids and their friends alone.' But by the time she finshed her sentence he was running away. I climbed into the car and closed my eyes……

sorry if it is to short but i was unsure of what you would think. in the comments below write what you think. and if i should write more tell me so please


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