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What Happens In Society

Novel By: Jane Tehan

Its a mix between The Hunger Games and Matched by Ally Condie. I love ready about differnt society's and hopefully you'll like this one too :) xx View table of contents...


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"Scarlett come on! You're too drunk already! And the authority will be here soon!" "Shut up Melissa! I don't fucking care! What's my mum gonna do? Send me to boarding school? Ground me? Already did that! Didn't work!" Dylan's party was great! He had tons of booze, lots of hot friends and his house was huge. "Fine Scarlett! I'm going!" yelled Melissa. "What?" "I said I'm going! I don't wanna get caught by the authority!" She walked away and out the door; "Pussy!" I yelled. The loud song changed as I finished the drink I had in my hand. "Hey Scar! This is Jeremy, he goes to school with me and he thinks you're hot" Dylan was shorter then Jeremy but more muscular; Jeremy had red hair and was on the skinny side but he was still cute. "Come here!" I grabbed the back of his head and stuck my tongue in his mouth. "Yeah!" yelled Dylan. "Told you man! When she's drunk she'll do anything!" I stopped kissing him and said "Shut up Dylan! I only did it cause he's cute!" I suddenly heard sirens wailing and the door bursting open. "Shut it down boys!" Twenty or more men in grey clothes swarmed the party. "Get off me you asshole!" said Dylan. "You're coming with me miss!" he grabbed my arms and put them behind my back "No I'm fucking not!" I kicked backwards and got him in the knee and ran for it. I pushed my way past the people and burst through the back door. It was dark and I could hardly see but it was better than getting caught. "Stop! In the name of the authority!" He must have jumped because before I knew it he was handcuffing me and attempting to bring me to my feet. "You're coming with me!" "No!" I felt a sudden pain in the back of my head and my body started to go limp.

My back ached and whatever I was laying on hurt like a bitch; I opened my eyes and saw where I was. "Oh shit" I said to myself. My dress was black and crinkled it hung on my upper thighs slutty? Yes but I hadn't spilt anything on it from last night .My jacket was warm but my stockings were ripped in places but not that much. And my boots hung on my feet so I sat up and tied them up properly. It was the local detaining centre, it is usually filled with messed up teens (e.g. Me), caught prostitutes, the occasional drug dealer but mostly people who the authority say were doing wrong things. Like drinking, smoking, partying (without written consent by your local authority station), public displays of affection; the list is endless. This was the fifth time I'd been in here and apparently five strikes and you're out. "Penrose! Your stepfather paid your fine. Big one this time Scar!" said Officer Benson. I stood up and walked to the front of the cell "Andy! Really? Thomas showed? How much this time?" He paused and looked at me seriously and said "$500" I paused. "Shit! I'm gonna get in trouble for that one!" He looked down and started to walk away but I just heard him utter "You've got no idea…" I dismissed it and looked for the other officer with the keys to get me out of here. I waited another five minutes but nothing; "Hey! Boys! Where's the man with the keys? Hello?!" I cried out again a few minutes later but still nothing.

Suddenly I saw men walking towards my cell "Hey boys, you guys got the keys or?" The door suddenly slid open but something wasn't right. They weren't dressed like police officers more like solders. "Ms Penrose, on behalf of the authority and we as witnesses are hereby sending you to the outer provinces where you will be kept until further notice." "What?!" They suddenly grabbed me and started dragging me down the hallway; I kicked and struggled as hard as I could but nothing worked. As the pulled me down the hallway I started to hear crying; it was a woman. I came to the front of the centre and there was my mother and step-father. I had never seen her cry so hard before. She reached out but my step-father pulled her away from me. "I love you baby! Always! Remember that! I love you so much!" she wailed. "Mum! What's going on? Where am I going?" She didn't respond; she just collapsed on the floor and sobbed as my step-father held her.

They pulled me out on the street then pushed me into a black car. A man was already sitting on the other side of the back seat and one hopped in beside me. The man in the passenger seat turned and said "We're taking you to the train station, a man named Mr Thompson will be waiting for you". "Where am I going?! Why are you doing this?!" "You'll find out on the train Ms Penrose" I went to ask something else then I felt something against my side, I looked and the man next to me was sticking a gun in my side. I sat silently and tried to sit as still as I could.

As I climbed out of the car behind a large man I heard the loud siren of the train. I suddenly saw a man in a black suit; he was handsome and about six feet tall. He walked in front of me and said "Ms Penrose?" I nodded. "Here is your ticket and we'll be in the last carriage, come with me" he turned and started to walk. I glanced behind me and the car was gone but one of the men was still standing behind me; before he gave me another nudge with his gun I was walking briskly behind Mr Thompson. There were a lot of people at the train station and they were all headed to the train. Mr Thompson gestured to me to follow him close. We headed to the end of the train; I felt a bump behind me and I knew it was that man and his gun. Scared wasn't a definition anymore. We got to the last carriage and I gave the man my ticket and as soon as I walked in the door I saw them.


Teenagers like me; drinkers, smokers and partyer's. I could feel the fear coming from all of them. "Your seat is there Ms Penrose" he gestured to a seat next to a girl. She had strawberry blonde hair, green-yellow eyes and I could see a tattoo on her neck. I sat down and kept my mouth shut for the majority of the train ride. "I'm Alice… What's your name?" she whispered as quietly as she could. "I'm Scarlett" I whispered back. There was a small moment of silence then I asked "why are you here?" "I've got six tattoos, been pregnant twice and haven't been a virgin since I was fourteen. In short my mum hates me so they ratted me out to the authority". I laughed quietly and said "I think you and I would have been good friends". Alice smiled; "Do you know where we're going?" I asked. She looked at me and said "To the outer provinces… where we're going is pretty much a torture camp…" I could hear the fear in her voice but she continued. "They dump us in a rundown building where the guards beat you, the food is gruel and there are no beds or showers! And it's all because all of us are messed up teens". "How do you know all this?" I asked.

"My brother got sent there a few years ago… he managed to write one letter and it barely made it home…" she looked away from me and stopped talking. I turned my head a little and saw some of the other kids, there was a boy who looked a little younger than me, maybe sixteen or fifteen. There was another girl few girls all looked about the same and one that looked older than me.

We all sat on the train; completely silent, for what felt like forever. The train siren sounded and I heard footsteps behind me; Mr Thompson had gotten up and was walking to the front carriage. He turned and faced us. "When we get off the train there will be three vans waiting for us. Five in a van not four, not six; five. Then you will be dropped at your destination and you will begin your stay". We all moved quickly and quietly off the train and onto the vans. I was scared but I was hoping that what Alice's brother wrote wasn't true. But it was…


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