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A Rockstar's Heart

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Bethany Borges is a girl who falls for a rockstar. Then it turns out that he isn't as perfect as it seems. View table of contents...


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Chapter 9: Feeling Bad

His ex gave me her number if I had any other questions. Me and Alicia left out of the mall.

"You think she was telling the truth?" Alicia asked.

I shrugged. "I hope not. She couldn't have been. Logan would have told me."

"You two know everything about each other?"

"We spent one night on the phone talking about everything. And last night we talked about our lives. So yes….we should know everything about each other."

"Me and Andy know everything about each other." Alicia said smiling brightly. "He was born in Los Angeles. He has a ten inch cock. He likes to eat pussy and he loves anal."

"Okay. Okay. Thank you for that unnecessary information, Alicia." I said. She shrugged and smiled innocently. I remember when I was younger, how I wanted to be Alicia. I was her best friend but then became the third wheel when Andy asked her out at her brother's football game. But I told her that I felt like the third wheel and she fixed that problem immediately.

"So the Daredevils have a gig tonight." She said.

"Great, on the day Logan hates me."

"He doesn't hate you, Bethany. Come out with me tonight at the Otum club."

"The Otum club?" I asked. She nodded. I sighed. "Fine." I said. She smiled as we approached her house. We walked in and upstairs. Andy was lying in her bed watching her TV.

"Hey baby." She said as she got onto the bed and kissed him.

"What did ya'll buy and is it there something I can eat? I'm hungry as hell." Andy said.

"You can have my leftover Latte." Alicia offered. He took it and got up. He was still naked. "Whoa!" I closed my eyes.

"Oh damn! Sorry. I forgot I was still naked." I heard some clothes moving around.

"How could you forget that you were naked?" I asked.

I opened my eyes and he had some boxers on. He pointed his thumb towards Alicia. "Being with this girl, you'll get use to being naked. Trust me."

"Oh, I do." I said nodding. He chuckled.

"Ya'll want some McDonalds? I'm treating."

"I'm good." I said.

"Get me another vanilla latte, babe."

"You just had one."

"I want another." She pouted. He smiled and finally gave in. "Be right back." He grabbed his keys and left out.

"Now that he's gone, let's pick out an outfit for you to wear tonight."

"I have my own clothes."

"You have black, white and gray clothes. You're wearing some pink or blue tonight."

"I don't want…...."

"Yes you do."

Eight hours later, I had on a short blue jean skirt. A light blue tank top with a white short sleeved shirt . She placed a light blue headband in my hair and white stilettos on my feet. She placed light blue eye shadow on my eyes. I looked into the mirror.

"What do you think?" She asked obviously satisfied.

"I look like some rich cheerleader name Stacey."

"Yeah. You do. I need to get dressed. Give me six minutes. Andy is going to come and pick us up and take us."

"What if Logan is still pissed?"

"If he is then oh well."

Alicia went to change and when she came out, she looked like a hooker. That was probably her goal. For Andy. We soon heard Andy honking his horn and we both went downstairs.

I got in the backseat and Alicia slipped in the front seat. The car ride was silent except the loud Metallica music Andy was playing that was no better than his band. I think he was playing it just so we'll think the same way. Alicia turned the music down, turned sideways in the front seat and rested her feet in Andy's lap.

"So is Logan pissed still?" She asked.

Andy shrugged. "He hasn't been talking to anyone."

"You sure he'll want to sing tonight then?"

"Positive. He made us rehearse a new song. "

"He needs to stop treating you like shit, Beth. Tell him you made a mistake." Alicia said.

"I know but I accused him and if I loved him, I would have trusted that he wouldn't do that to me."

"I'm going to kick his ass if he blows you off."

"Don't. Everything will be fine." I said. But I was unsure.

We pulled up to the crowded parking lot and got out of the car. Andy wrapped his arm around Alicia's waist and they walked ahead. I stopped and looked at Logan's car parked in the front.

I walked up with them and entered the club. The lights were dark and there was music playing. It wasn't loud nor was it silent. Andy gave a man a ticket of some sort and he led us backstage. Down a hallway and into a dressing room. Lance was looking in the mirror running his fingers through his hair.

Logan was sitting on the couch. He looked at me for a second and then looked away. I sighed and went over to him. I sat down and looked at him. He slowly looked at me. "Are you going to ignore me forever?" I asked.

He sighed and got up. "We're about to go on in a few. You two should get out there in the audience." Logan said grabbing a dark blue and white guitar. "Can you talk to me?" I asked. He didn't answer. He just turned and walked out. I felt horrible. I wanted him to talk to me. I didn't mean to falsely accuse him. "Can I have permission to kick his ass for you?" Lance asked as he turned to me. It was odd. All me and Lance ever say to each other is either hi or bye.

"No. It's fine. He's still angry. It's okay."

"It's not." Alicia said.

"Everyone calm down. We have a song to do, Lance." Andy said. Lance grabbed his white guitar and smiled at me as he walked out.

Alicia gave Andy one long lust filled kiss before wishing him good luck. He said bye to me as he walked out. Alicia grabbed my hand and led me out into the audience. Andy was at the drums. Lance was standing up with his guitar in his hand smiling at the crowd which I very rarely ever see. Logan was at the microphone looking down at everyone.

When the crowd died down, he began to speak. "I haven't been having the best day. Hopefully this moment can cheer me up." He slightly smiled when the crowd began to cheer.

When they died down, he smiled. "I have a new song for you all. I hope you like it."

Andy whispered, "1,2,3" before banging hard on the drum. Soon, Lance followed with the same beat. His electric guitar echoed through the room.

And Logan soon followed but his played a different beat than Lance and Andy. The beat was amazing. I stared up at Logan who had his eyes closed as he was playing his guitar.

I stared at him in a trance, falling in love with him all over again. His eyes went straight to mine.

"How could you think I'd ever hurt you?

When I'm so damn in love with you.

How could you accuse me like that?

I thought we were better than that.

I know I got angry at you.

I don't know what to do.

You apologized after you accused

But some part of me is still mad at you.

That's called a relationship.

I'm sorry.

I love you more than anything

I'll never hurt you.

I'd die for you

I'd cry for you baby.

That's called a relationship.

I never will break your heart.

We'll never grow apart.

You put me in a depressing place.

But I think that's where I want to stay.

I understand that you don't understand me.

When you accused do you know what you've done to me?

You made me out as the bad guy.

I can't tell you how much that hurts inside.

That's called a relationship.

I'm sorry.

I love you more than anything

I'll never hurt you.

I'd die for you

I'd cry for you baby.

That's called a relationship.

He did a guitar solo and then looked at me as he sung the chorus again. And once again. When the song ended, I could have sworn I saw tears in his eyes but I wasn't sure.


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