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A Rockstar's Heart

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Bethany Borges is a girl who falls for a rockstar. Then it turns out that he isn't as perfect as it seems. View table of contents...


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Chapter 29: Epilogue: They are my family

"Fuck this is uncomfortable and I look fat in everything. You didn't tell me pregnancy will be so damn uncomfortable." Alicia said sitting on my couch in my penthouse. Well....me and Lance's penthouse.

I picked up my son, Kenny from the floor. He was 11 months now crawling away. He had Lance's everything. You could hardly tell he was my son. I recently had a miscarriage and the doctor told me that I wont be able to have kids again. And hearing that killed me for days. But Lance, Alicia and Andy helped me through it. And soon I was fine. I just wish I knew what caused the miscarrige. I did everything right.

Anyway, Alicia was seven months pregnant right now and she was pissed. It was an accident although I don't understand how if she takes birth control. "You got 2 months left. You'll be fine."

Lance and Andy and Logan walked through the door. Yes. Logan also. Logan and Lance made up and continued the Daredevils band. Me and Logan talk sometimes. He has a daughter named Melanie now. She's one and a half. She looks just like Logan and her mother who I met and who is very friendly.

"Where's your little girl?" I asked him.

"Daycare and I'm happy. She kept me up all night watching Twilight."

"She likes that?" He nodded.

Lance came over and kissed me and grabbed Kenny. "Hey little man, you almost as handsome as your daddy."

"He is. He looks better than you." I said. Lance flipped me off and I did the same to him.

Andy went over to Alicia and kissed her. "On a scale of one to ten, how much does your life suck today?" He asked.

Alicia thought for a second. "About nine." She answered. He kissed her forehead. "Two months baby. Two months."

Logan leaned against the wall right next to me and smiled. I smiled back at him. "We're getting older." He said.

"We're almost in our mid twenties." I said.

"Yeah you are. I'm 29."

"Damn you are old." Logan playfully pushed me. In our penthouse, there was a little area in the livingroom for the band to rehearse. I was a member of the Daredevils now. Lead singer. Logan played the guitar while Lance played bass and Andy played the drums. Two CDs. Out of this world and It doesn't matter anymore.

My mom and dad came to every gig we all had. No matter how hyper or loud the audience was, I always saw them there. My mom actually had another baby. Autumn. She was one and so cute.

Lance made Kenny stand up on the floor. I smiled at him and stood two feet from where he was standing. "Come here, baby." I said. Kenny's brown eyes looked into mine. "Come to mommy." I whispered. He took one step and then another. He took one more and another and fell into my arms."

"Yay." I said while kissing him. "Hey he get that smarts from my side of the family." Lance said getting him from me.

"Oh whatever. My family is smarter."

"Right. Half my family went to Harvard."

"That's because half your family works there." I said.

"So?" He kissed my cheek.

"So thats the only reason they went to Harvard. They didn't earn it." I said. Lance rolled his eyes. "Hey my aunt earned it."

"Yes because she's so pretty and flirted with the administrator when she was seventeen."

"Okay if my family don't have the smarts....they damn sure have the looks." He had a point. I have not met one family member of his that was ugly. Lucky bastard. My dad was already getting wrinkles and he was in his mid forties.

I sat in the corner of the room in a white chair and stared at my family. They weren't my friends but my family. Lance, Kenny, Alicia, Andy, and even Logan. I loved them all with all my heart and if I ever lost any of them, my heart would break.


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