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A Rockstar's Heart

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Bethany Borges is a girl who falls for a rockstar. Then it turns out that he isn't as perfect as it seems. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 16, 2012    Reads: 256    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Author's note: So sorry it took so long to write this last chapter and the epilogue. Had a huge fight with my boyfriend and we're broken up now. So I've been a little on the depressed side but im better now. I know this chapter and the epilogue is short. sorry but enjoy.

Chapter 28: He's definitely the one

I didn't know what to do or what to say or even how to react. The crowd was still cheering loudly telling me say yes. My heart was saying yes. And my brain was saying yes. I got down on my knees with him. "Yes." I said into the mic and Lance hugged me tightly. Alicia and Andy hugged the both of us and the crowd cheered on.

We soon, all left the stage and I kept looking at the diamond ring that Lance gave me. It had a gold band with a medium sized diamond in the middle and five little diamonds on each side of it. Alicia was basically screaming like it was her that was engaged. "Oh my fucking god. I'm jealous." Alicia said smiling. I smiled back at her. We hugged each other tightly.

"Hey, don't be getting any ideas." I heard Andy say. Alicia pulled away and turned to him. "Get me a ring." She said.

"I'll give you something else." He said smiling deviously. Alicia walked over to him and kissed him.

"So," I turned to Lance. "Probably wouldn't be a good idea to tell your parents yet because you're still in high school. I think your father will kill me." He said smiling. I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Nothing can take you away from me. I love you."

Lance brushed my hair back out of my eyes. "I love you."

"Aww. you two are so damn cute." Alicia said grinning. I blushed. Lance sighed into my hair. "Want to get out of here?"

I nodded. "Alright I got to go talk to the owner but I'll be back." He brushed his thumb across my cheek and disappeared out of the room.

Alicia walked over to me. "I'm the maid of honor."

"Of course. But you know we have to keep this a secret from my mom and dad."

Alicia nodded. "I know. I know. I'm just so excited." She said.

"I better be his damn Best Man because I deserved it." Andy said. He still had a slight black eye from when Lance and Logan was fighting.

"You'll get it don't worry." She kissed him on the nose. I smiled.

"I love you both." I went up to hugged the both of them and they hugged me back just as tightly.

4 months later.........

"You're not getting married to that kid. What's his name rudolph?" My dad asked. I sighed.

"Lance is his name and yes I am. I'm not going off to elope but i will marry Lance when its legal for me. After graduation when I'm eighteen."

"She's right honey, she's legal at eighteen and if she wants to get married than thats her choice." My mom said as she was washing dishes. They mistakenly saw the engagement ring that Lance gave me a month ago. My birthday was only two months away. Me and Lance already decided that we'll get married five months from now. On his birthday.

"Anybody who gets married that young of an age will not stay in a marriage very long."

"Dad, its my relationship. Okay? Mine."

"Beth....I said n-" Someone knocked on the door. I walked away from my dad and answered it. Lance was standing there. Sexy as usual. "You had something you wanted to tell me?" He asked. I nodded and pulled him in the house. "Now before you walk any further into the house, I should let you know that my dad hates you."

"Yeah i already knew that since he caught us making out in the backseat of my car last month."

I nodded. "Well now he hates you even more."

"What? Why?"

"Well my mom somehow got a Facebook and she became friends with me, Andy and Alicia and she saw Alicia's status and it was talking about our wedding. And plus they saw my ring."

"Fuck. So, with your dad.....is it a "I'll never accept you with my daughter." kind of hate? Or a "You have five seconds to get the fuck out of my house before I shoot you." Kind of hate?" He asked.

"A little in between." I said.

Lance nodded. "Okay well, I'll talk to you later, baby." He kissed my cheek and opened the door but I pulled him back.

"No. Come on." I grabbed him and pulled him back in the house. My dad walked to us and glared at Lance.

"Hi....sir." Lance whispered. My dad smirked. "Are you scared of me, Lionel?" He asked. I rolled my eyes.

"No sir." Lance responded. My dad smiled. "Good. I want you to protect Beth at all cost and if you don't, you're going to get drop kicked. Do I make myself clear?"

Lance nodded. "I love Bethany, sir."

My dad nodded. "You get her pregnant, thats your responsibility."

"I know." Lance said. My dad nodded once and walked away. I exhaled and looked up at Lance. "Wow. You're really not scared of him?"

"Hell yeah I am. I was lying my ass off." He said. I smiled and he wrapped his arm around me.

My mom came and brought us to the dining room where we all sat and talked about my school and the wedding and me and Lance's band. It was going amazing. We began getting gigs after gigs. I got more notebooks and filled them up with more songs.

After dinner me and Lance went up to my room. He was laying down and I was straddling him singing from one of my notebooks.

"How was that?" I asked when I was done. Lance nodded. "Fucking awesome but I think the chorus need top be a little more deeper." He said.

I nodded and erased the lines to the chorus. "No matter what I write in the chorus, its never good enough."

"No. The chorus is great but the song that you wrote, the verses are unbelievably deep and the chorus have to match the verse. Just spend some time alone like you did the one time after you got out of the hospital and you'll get the chorus." Lance said.

"Yeah, you're probably right." I replied. Lance grabbed my hand and smiled at my engagment ring. "I think you were always meant to wear it."

I leaned down and kissed him. "Me too." I whispered. I laid down on Lance's chest and he wrapped his arms around me. "I love you."

"I love you." I whispered. And we both drifted off to sleep.


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