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My name is Sapphire and we're in the middle of a war between the sexes. I am the leader of the women in my Clan. There are over 1000 of us women in my Clan. This war was not our fault. It was those neanderthals the men in Darik's Clan. He was the one who started this and I'm going to end it once and for all.

What he thinks is women aren't smart or strong enough to win this world wide war of the sexes. If you're a woman and you're here to help keep reading. If you're man you may read, but you will loose against any woman you face. Just saying.
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What the hell happened to me? I used to be an man ass kicking machine. Now I'm in love with a man. Not just any man, but a leader of the Clan my Clan was fighting. How did this happen?! But I had to stop myself. But did I want to stop seeing him? No! I had to stop for my Clan and so we can win this god forsaken war. It's been going on for 12 years. Since I was 10. But while I was in deep thought I was shot with a cross bow. I fell to the ground and passed out not knowing if I was dead or not. I knew I deserved to die and couldn't lead my Clan any more.

Chapter 1

My story begins when I was 10. The world was fine in the year 2020 everything had been perfect. Men and women got together just fine. And my bestest friend was a boy named Darik. But you wanna know how we became enimies? He and his idiot father turned against women and started this damn war. I couldn't be friends with Darik any more so me and my mom spread the word and we began to make Clans. After 5 years of the war my mother and Darik's father both died in the war. Now Darik and I were the leaders of our two clans. I was only 15 when I became the leader of my Clan, and there were women in my Clan older than I. Darik was 16 when he became leader which in his Clan means he's become a true man. Bullshit right? Most people in my Clan, including me, were Pegan. Some were Christian but we all got along great. I'm not really racist against men but they brought this on themselves. I am now 22 and was in my Clan's campgrounds.

I walked out of my tent and saw another woman was hurt. I grabbed my special medicine and ran to her. Did I forget to mention I was part cat with a tail and little ears. My mother was a decendent of a special cat Clan as welland passed her genes on to me. Since I was a decendent from that Clan I was an amazing healer. I had cuts all over me from this war, but they all healed very quickly.When I saw her face it was one of my real best friends way before this war. She had a long slice down her face and tears streaming down her pale face. I put two drops of medicine in the slice and screamed for someone to patch her up. You might be wondering how we get more women. Some places in the world aren't part of the war and send more women and we send back the elderly. We rarely ever get killed in this war because we have such a great medicine dept. I was my Clan's leader and their best healer.

"Sapphire!," Anete screamed.

I turned around and she was carrying Tanya. Tanya's eyes were wide open, but there was no life in them. Everyone got down on their knees and began to pray. I held my hand over over Tanya's eyes and whispered our sacred prayer.

"Oh goddess of our dead

take this young one and bless her into

the afterlife.

We wish our fallen all happiness

and this new

named Tanya to know we will miss her

and that she will always live in our heart and souls.

Thank you o' goddess.

Blessed Be!"

Everyone repeated 'Blessed Be!' and went back to what they were doing. I closed Tanya's lovely green eyes and Anete carried Tanya to our tent were we keep every fallen woman is kept until we can get someone to come out here and give them a proper burial.

"Sapphire?," a voice mummbled.

I turned around and saw it was Nalee. Someone had patched her cheek up.

"Hey," I said, "how ya doin?"

"Fine just a little pain," she replied.

"You did great out there today," I beamed.

"Darik told me to give you a message if I made it back here alive," she gulped.

I looked at her wide eyed and sighed cause I knew any time Darik sent a message it wasn't good. I nodded to her and she sighed.

"Darik said he would like a word with you because he had something important to say to your face," she said.

"Did he say where?," I asked seriously.

"He said you'd know," she was begining to sweat, "but you're really not going to go are you?"

"When?," I ignored her question.

"Tomorrow as soon as sun breaks," she responded.

"Thank you, dismissed," I waved her away.

She bowed and walked away. Iturned away on my heels and went back to my tent. I sat on my bed and thought about the message Darik sent. Not much of a message, but it was a request. I would only bring Nalee with me tomorrow though she probably be scared. She's brand new at this, but one hell of a fighter. I kicked off my boots, stripped, and put on my sleep clothes. I starred at the top of my tent and drifted off. I knew if I didn't meet Darik he would come after me. And the place I had to meet him at was where we used to hang out when we were little. It was this old cemetary that was still standing today.


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