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Blood Moon (Mortsanglune )

Novel By: bittersweetsinTK

Who would have guess that Nana's life would have been turned upside down upon her meeting and interaction with the young and gorgeous Raven. Raven is the Alpha of all werewolves. When an encounter with a vampire group reeks havoc on his life and brings danger to his mate, Natalie, he travels to the underworld for both Justice and Healing for her.

He not only meets the well-known Soon-to-be Vampire Alpha, Stone Gem but gets tangled in a mess that leaves him with a new group of Allies, enemies and love for the young girl he has named his mate.
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"Nana get out of bed, you have school! Come on. Don't let me come up there!"
My name is Natalie Tsukiko; I don't like it so everybody calls me Nana. I just move to New York City, I'm living with my grandmother. I was living in Tokyo, where I was born. My mom is black and my dad is Japanese no one ever believed me when I tell them.

They had to work and left me with my grandma she's my mom's mother; who hate my dad for some reason. 'Like, I do not know why'.

I slowly move out of bed trying not to fall over; the way I see it is, I got two left feet. Well that what Chichi always complained.

You wouldn't even believe how many times I almost died, falling off or on something.

I slammed my foot on to a chair clip that hurts. "Owww… shit …. Owww ...Why me?" I cried.
"Nana, school!"
"I am coming!" I stepped into dull bathroom which used to belong to my mom.
The paint was peeling and tile was green but you could tell they used to be white. I step into the rust color tub taking a bath; when I was done, I got out the bathroom. I put all my clothes on the floor trying to find something to wear. It was the first day of school. School started September 4, so it still feels like summer.

I pulled on a lime green summer dress that I got from forever21. It was about five inches above the knees. Pulling on bronze nine west flats, I put on my bronze earrings to match. Grabbing my lime green headband and putting on some eye shadow that complements my honey brown complexion. I grab my "it's hard. Not life" bag that I got from a thrift shop last year with mom.
"Little girl if you don't get your butt out of this house".
"Coming I'm almost out gram"
Mirror. I looked in the mirror to see if everything was in line, sticking my tongue out exposing my tongue ring. "Nana Now"!!

Pushing the door open I yelled, "Gram I'm leaving!"
"You are late!" She yelled back in a rude tone. I still don't understand New York subway system, so I ran out my house trying to catch the bus.

Finally, I got to the school it took me 3 hours, if took the train it would be one hour and some change.

I walked up to the school, Angel High. Ugh… It's sound like a drug name, nothing I didn't expect from New York City. Kids were still crawling into the school. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. 'Ready or not here school comes.'

The paint on the wall still seemed fresh, you could still smell it.

It was a very big school, children slowly walked in the hallway that looks like it ran miles long. The classes seem small, but Nana did not care because it wasn't Tokyo; it wasn't home. For a second the whole room seems to stop everyone stared as the Goth kids walked in the school. Each was covered from head toe in black and piercings.

Everyone stopped what he or she was doing. Staring at them when they passed I couldn't take my eyes off the boy with long black hair and a white streak. He had light green hazel eyes and lip ring and a septum piercing. My mom would die if she saw him; he looked like he got the where-is-his-mother question. Every part of him screamed danger.

I couldn't keep my eyes off him I couldn't keep my lips from moving I walked away trying not to look like a freak. Walking fast is not an easy thing for me, all I knew was I on the ground and my dress was over my head. I wasn't wearing shorts under my dress, what a day everyone stopped and looked at me. "Damn" when I pull my dress down I saw him looking at me dirty, I changed my mind he is an asshole.

He walked over me, he didn't even help me up; I feel my heating up… I wanted to crawl in a hole and die. A boy with light red and a tip of green in his hair helped me to my feet. "Wow honey what a fall."

"Oh, then everyone saw" I mumbled.
"Yeah" he said "we all did".
"I'm Ben what your name?" His smile was huge.
"I'm Nana"
"Who is your homeroom teacher?" he asked.
"I don't know" I replied.
"Look at your program card." He suggested.
"Mr. Anderson" I answered.
"What? Me too… that means we have all the same classes."
"Oh" was all I could say. He looked at me
"Yeah it total middle school but we have all the same classes."
"Oh… Cool," I said shaking my head agreeing with him. He pulled me up by my hips.

I couldn't get the jerk out my head how could he walk over me. I hate the fact that the whole day I was thinking about him.

"Nana pass the ball" Ben was so sweet even though I made him fall and busted his nose. He still wants to play with me. I had all my classes with the sexy-mean Goth kid. He walked over to me, he looked as if he was not walking, and more like floating. I don't know how to put it. Was I the only one who saw him move at the speed of light to get over to his seat?

Raven sat on the chair to the corner, yeah right next to me. I could feel my heart jumping out my chest, I wanted to jumped on him and kiss him. Eww… what am I thinking, God.
'He walked over me for crying out loud. '

He sat at the edge of his seat pushing off towards the window as if he was trying to escape me. I slowly felt my hand placing it over my head trying not to look like I am smelling l my armpit just to see if it's me… no it's not. Believe or not, I sweat a lot yeah, I know it gross but I do. I got it from my dad, but dove has this cool deodorant that absorbents wetness I never had that problem again. I kept my head down trying not to get on his voodoo list.

I feel his eyes on me, it made me nervous, and my legs started shaking. When I looked up I saw him look away. He covered his nose as if he smelled a dead body. Oh, my god is it me do I… smell, that is the only thing, I could think.
"You Stink" the words shocked me like lightning. Everyone looked at us. One of my eyes closed and my mouth dropped. 'There goes that retarded looked again'
"uh…. I what?"
"You stink." He repeated.
"No I do not." I said in low voice.
I never had a mouth to talk back to people, I am a big baby.
"Are you crying? I should be the one crying, I have to smell you." I could feel the tears coming. Ben stood up, Raven my sexy Goth asshole got up. He took the bathroom pass and walked out the class. Mr. Smith yelled,
" Raven come back and say you are sorry"
but Raven disappeared in to crowd of kids changing classes. Ben's cold hands dropped on my shoulders.
"It's ok Nana you don't smell. He just said that to get out of class, that asshole."

"He thinks he's better than everyone else" I could see Ben hated Raven.
"Don't cry Nana your way too hot for that." Everyone was looking. This reminded me when I was in pre-k, I wet myself, and everyone started laughing at me.

I quickly lift my head off the table and slammed into Ben's chest.
"Owww… Ben you are like a rock"
He ran his fingers through my hair. It feels so good, I moaned… He stopped and I looked away "Are you always this red." He asked.
"Yeah" I said in a low voice he smiled let's go to class.

Everyone was talking about Raven's comment, in science; no one wanted to sit next to me. Everyone is talking how I stink- which I do not. Many boys were saying I don't, but the girls are another story, I hate N.Y.

Therefore, in science class we had to sit in a group of threes Ben already had a partner and I cannot take him away from Spell. She's like a queen B or something, she doesn't like me and I really don't care. She was all over Ben.
"Nana, come sit with us" Ben said, and all the girls around him held their noses.
"Eww, Ben why you want Nana- the stink bomb- next to us." she hissed.
"What… No…" I said, ill go over here. Ben looked as if he was about to come over but spell pulled his hand.

Our science teacher walked in, he was hot he had long black hair to his shoulder which was in a ponytail. He was wearing black Levi's jeans and a white t with some classic all-stars.

"Ok people welcome to Earth Science I am your teacher but you can call me Angel." He looked like the kinds of person you wake up to make breakfast for.

Everywhere was full except for the table with the two Goth kids in the back. There was a seat open in the middle. Next to Raven and this girl. She was beautiful and eyes that would astound you. They both looked at me I slowly walked over to their table. Raven pull to the edge of the seat and she move over to the other side. Great she thinks I stink too.

So Mr. I mean, Angel gave us group work. They both did not want to talk to me. The girl got up, and left me and Raven alone. Go change your pad he said in a low voice. "What?" I looked up at her. "I don't have my period"
I felt my belly pulling my body inside of me.
'Why he is being so mean'
"I not mean"
'what… how did he know what I was thinking'
"Because you are saying it out loud"
"I know that"
I got up and my whole chair was wet. I began gasping for air, breathing faster.

The room started to spin, everyone was looking at me.
"Nana, calm down." Raven said, but his lips were not moving.
"No, it hurts."
"Come to me Nana."
I felt the blood running off my legs.
"Raven I mumble it hurt, I know just come to me get off the ground. I got to my knees and pulled my body up with the help of the table. I see spell smiling, where is Ben?

Forget Ben and come to me, now he yelled but his lips are not moving. Blood ran out my mouth as I screamed for help.
"Nana, help is on its way" I could hear Angel's voice but I couldn't see him. Angel pushed passed the crowed of kids.
I made it over to Raven I couldn't remember much only I wouldn't let go of Raven.

I felt as if I was flying. He smells like L.I.M, so sweet I licked his cheek. When I woke up Raven was in the same bed as me. I heard talking, it was Angel and the doctor.
"Yeah she just passed out like that"

-T.O. <3


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