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Better Things (or People) to Do

Novel By: Angelica Jai

Brianna Taylor is in love. At least she thought she was until a Christmas vacation turns her whole world upside down...... and she likes it! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 27, 2011    Reads: 536    Comments: 3    Likes: 8   

"Oh my God!" Brianna said with panic.

"What's wrong?"

"It's Ethan! He's out there Nate!"

Nate chuckled and kissed the top of her head.

"He's buying you something naughty huh?"

"Not unless he thinks we're going to...." Brianna trailed off.

Nate raised his brows and crossed his arms over his well muscled chest. Bri groaned and buried her face in her hands.

"Well, we're just going to have to sit tight until he leaves then." Nate suggested.

Just then Bri heard the door to the fitting room next to them open and close.

"Shhhh." she said quietly.

"Is he a cross dresser?" he mouthed. She tried to stifle a giggle and shook her head.

It wasn't long before a woman moan floated through the wall. A moan of definite satisfaction from the sound of it. Nate gave Bri a wicked, knowing smile making her blush. She quickly peeked out the door again and saw no sign of Ethan.

Bri gestured for Nate to follow her when she heard a mans voice come from the same dressing room the moan had originated from.

"Oh yeah baby. Harder! Fuck that cock."

Bri's mouth dropped open and her eyes bulged.

It was Ethan's voice.

Ethan was in the next dressing room screwing some woman. The realization of it stunned Brianna.

Nate must have heard it to, because he paused only a second before grabbing her hand and quickly pulling her out of the fitting room and through the store. He stopped long enough to throw some bills on the counter and stuff everything in a bag, then he ushered her out the door. Once they were in the parking lot, he put an arm around her shoulders.

"You okay sweetheart?"

Strangely she felt a small amount of hurt, but mostly relief. She didn't have to feel guilty about her feelings for Nate when her boyfriend was messing around, did she?

"I'm okay." she assured him.

The ride back to her parents was quiet as Bri stared out the window at the dark clouds that were rolling in. She could tell a storm was coming.

"You didn't have to buy me all of that lingerie," she finally said, breaking the silence.

Nate entwined his fingers with hers, then pulled her hand over and kissed it.

"I wanted to Brianna. I'd rope the moon if you asked me to."

When they got back to the house, he took all of the packages and bags in while Bri went to the kitchen and put on a kettle of water for some hot chocolate. Not two minutes after they had walked in the door, Aiden, Zoey, Daniel and Ethan poured in, laden with shopping bags.

Ethan immediately came to Bri and tried to kiss her, but she turned her head and he pecked her on the cheek instead.

"When's the last time you washed your hands?" she asked with disgust.

Ethan gave her a puzzled look.

"You never know what kind of nasty things you can pick up at the store." she informed him, her words dripping with sarcasm.

"Uh, okay." he said warily, then turned to the kitchen sink and began scrubbing his hands.

"So what did you do today?" Ethan asked as he dried his hands on a dishtowel, which Bri promptly picked up and threw into the trash.

"Nathan and I went to breakfast, then did some shopping."

Possessive fury flashed through Ethan's eyes.

"Darling, your father and I have to go to the grocery store. There is a storm blowing in and we want to make sure we are ready for it." her mother said as she entered the room.

"Okay momma." Bri said, then turned and left the room without another word to Ethan.

Nate was in the family room lighting a fire in the fireplace.

"Hey sweetheart. What say we round up Aiden and wrap some gifts/"

"No need." Ethan huffed as he stalked into the room. "She'll be upstairs with me."

He took hold of Bri's hand and tried to pull her to the stairs. Bri wrenched her hand away and shot him a dirty look.

"Sounds good." she smiled at Nate.

"Brianna." Ethan hissed.

"Hey Sparky, get lost." Nate said with a mocking smile. "This is a family thing, and last time I checked, you're not family."

"Technically neither are you." Ethan spat back.

"That's where you're wrong son. I may not be blood, but make no mistake. I am family."

The two men stared each other down for a few minutes before Ethan relented.

"Fuck it." he grumbled and pounded upstairs.

Brianna put on Christmas music and made them all mugs of steaming hot cocoa while Nate tracked down Aiden. Before long they all sat on the family room floor, laughing and wrapping like they had done so many years ago. They were having a great time when Zoey finally made her appearance a few hours later.

"Well, aren't we all cozy." he said icily.

"You're welcome to join us." Brianna offered, determined not to let her sister ruin her mood.

"I don't like being an afterthought."

With that Zoey spun on her heel and left.

When Bri's parents got back, they all helped unload mass amounts of groceries into the kitchen. The snow had already begun falling and was coming down hard, coating everything in a thick blanket of white.

"Looks like we're going to get nailed." Nate commented, looking up at the sky.

"Maybe we should start shoveling." Aiden suggested.

"Nonsense darling, it's time to eat. There's plenty of time for work later." Vera insisted, as she pranced around the kitchen.

She had made a heavenly dinner of roast chicken, bread sticks and salad, which everyone loved.

The mood had lightened and everyone sat drinking wine well after the meal was over.

Brianna was wedged in between Ethan, who was constantly refilling her wineglass, and Nate, who would every now and then caress her thigh under the table sending shivers up her spine.

Zoey sat across from them shooting Brianna dirty looks every few minutes. This family was going to drive her crazy.

"Did you finish all of your shopping darling?" he mother inquired.

Brianna nodded.

"Yeah, I think I have pretty much everyone covered."

"Hey!" Nate protested. " I went shopping with you remember? I don't recall you getting anything for me."

"I'm just good like that." she laughed. " Just call me James Bond."

She heard Ethan give a loud sigh.

"This will be a wonderful holiday with all of my babies here with me." Vera continued.

Zoey snorted in disdain and poured herself another glass of wine.

"What's your issue today?" Aiden finally asked a fuming Zoey.

"None of your damn business, brother." she snapped, her face beet red.

Brianna couldn't take the sniping anymore. She stood up and pushed her chair in.

"If you'll excuse me, it's getting late and I'm feeling a little tired. Goodnight." she announced, then headed up the stairs to her room.

Just as she reached her door, someone turned her around and pushed her to the wall.

"Ethan!" she cried out."What the hell are you doing?"


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