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Better Things (or People) to Do

Novel By: Angelica Jai

Brianna Taylor is in love. At least she thought she was until a Christmas vacation turns her whole world upside down...... and she likes it! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 26, 2011    Reads: 587    Comments: 8    Likes: 5   

"Don't tell me to leave, cuz I won't. And you can slap me all you like princess, it turns me on." he smiled.

She tried to stifle an unwilling laugh and failed.

"Here sweetie." he said, handing her a plate of food.


"We missed you at dinner." he said casually, looking around the room.

"Yeah right." she snorted "With Zoey around, I doubt anyone even noticed."

"Bri, stop it." he chastised her as he sat on the edge of her bed and extended his arms out to her.

Brianna put the plate on the desk and went to him like it was the most natural thing in the world.

He pulled her into his lap and put his arms around her.

"Baby girl," he said softly "There is nothing wrong with you. In my mind you are the most beautiful, sexy, smart, sweet woman in the whole world. Don't beat yourself up."

Tears came to her eyes.

"Don't cry." he told her, caressing her cheek.

"I can't help it Nate. I'm so unhappy."

"Then let it out Bri. Better yet, let me make you feel better."

Softly, he pressed his lips against hers and she felt electricity arc through her veins at the touch. Immediately she responded, kissing him back with no hesitation. Her lips parted as Nate's tongue sought to explore her mouth and she let out a moan. Slowly Nate leaned back on the bed, taking her with him, never breaking contact.

"Brianna." he murmured, running his hands through her hair.

"Yes!" she whispered back with eagerness coursing through her.

Taking that as a sign, Nate rolled over, pinning her beneath him and kissed her deeper, letting his hands creep up her stomach and under her sweater.

Bri gasped as she felt Nate's hand cup her breast and his thumb gently tease her nipple through the lace of her bra.

"I've thought about you for years Bri. Now you're this gorgeous woman and I can't tear my heart away."

"Nate, we shouldn't be doing this." she whispered, not really wanting to stop. "It isn't fair to Ethan."

"Fuck Ethan." he said. "Fuck the whole world. Let me make love to you Bri. It's only us, here and now."

"No. Nate, please." she pleaded. "Really, I can't do this."

He stopped and looked at her, his eyes hard.

"Do you love him?" he asked coldly.


"Do. You. Love. Him?"

"No!" she cried, not knowing if she meant it or not. "Of course not. It's just... I haven't..." she stammered, trying to find the words awkwardly.

He cocked his brow and waited for an answer.

"I've never, um, been with anyone. Sexually." she blurted with embarrassment.

Amusement danced in his eyes.

"Nobody huh?" he grinned teasingly.

Bri shook her head.

"Soooo." Nate drawled, sliding her sweater and her bra up over her breasts. "You've never been kissed...here? "

His mouth captured her nipple and he took his time rolling his tongue over and nipping with his teeth. Bri inhaled sharply at the delicious sensations that flooded her body. Unable to hold it back, a moan escaped her throat.

"Feel good?" he asked with a wolfish grin.

All Bri could do was nod. He bent down and took her other nipple into his warm mouth, forcing another moan from her.

"Sweet, sweet Brianna." he whispered against her flushed skin.

He moved his hand onto her thigh and massaged it firmly, then his hand slipped between her legs and hit that hot, sweet juncture.


"Shhh princess."

He began to rub her and in seconds she was writhing and panting wanting so much more. She felt amazing. Touching herself had never felt like that!

"How bout here Bri? Ever been kissed here?"

"No." she gasped, wanting him to, oh so badly.

Nate moved his lips down, kissing the gentle swell of her stomach to the top of her jeans. Her heart pounded furiously as he undid the button and zipper and kissed along the top of her panties.

"I bet you taste sweeter than candy." he told her, trailing his tongue along her sensitive flesh. Brianna shivered in equal parts fear and anticipation. Just as he reached for her waistband, a pounding on the door startled them both.

"Brianna, this is enough now! Come out and talk to me." Ethan demanded.

"Shit!" she whispered, scrambling out from under Nate and buttoning her jeans.

"Ethan!" she said, trying to control her panic. "I, I'm sorry about earlier, really, I would just prefer to be alone right now."

"I'm not leaving until you come out."

"Shit!" she whispered again, turning her fearful eyes to Nate.

He shrugged and walked toward the door.

"NO!" she pleaded, trying to grab his arm.

He easily swung the door open, standing face to face with a shocked Ethan.

"Listen Sparky, she doesn't want to talk to you right now."

"Who the HELL do you think you are?" Ethan exploded.

"Seems to me, that I'm the guy standing on this side of the door."

They stared each other down as Brianna looked on in horror. Seconds seemed like hours as she waited for the inevitable first blow.

Ethan swung first, smashing into Nate's jaw. He didn't even flinch as blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

"That all you got pansy boy?" Nate taunted, with glee in his eyes.

Ethan then lunged for Nate, crashing them both into the wall then to the floor. The punches flew and landed with sickening thuds and Brianna began to scream.

"Stop it! Stop!" she ordered as the two men pummeled each other.

Everyone else in the house came running at the sound of her yelling.

"Make them stop!" she shouted to her family as they all stared at the spectacle.

"I could take off my top." Zoey suggested.

"Will you just shut up!" Bri yelled with disgust.

Zoey just shrugged and walked away.

"I say, let them fight." Vera said seriously.

"Mom, Nate will KILL Ethan!" Bri argued desperately.

"My point exactly."

Attempting to help, Aiden quickly jumped into the brawl, taking punched from both men as he tried to pry them apart, to no avail. After a few minutes of watching her brother take hits, Brianna had finally had enough.

"Brianna, no!" her parents yelled simultaneously as she stomped over to the now three fighting men.

Paying no attention, the guys rolled right into her, knocking her into the melee. Bri fell sideways after being kicked in the back of the knee and smacked her head into the corner of the dresser with a nauseating crack. The world went dark.


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