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Better Things (or People) to Do

Novel By: Angelica Jai

Brianna Taylor is in love. At least she thought she was until a Christmas vacation turns her whole world upside down...... and she likes it! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 20, 2011    Reads: 673    Comments: 10    Likes: 8   

Brianna felt guilty for all of five whole minutes for leaving Ethan alone with her parents, who were obviously insane. She flopped on the bed and flipped on the TV only to doze off a few minutes into the program she had settled on. She napped peacefully for what seemed like only a few minutes when a sharp rapping on the door startled her awake again. Looking at the clock, Bri realized she had actually been out for a couple of hours.

"Go away!" she cried grumpily, throwing her pillow at the still closed door.

"Aiden is here darling." her mother called through the wood. "Stop being a baby and come down to say hello."

"Are you sure I can even roll my fat ass out of bed?" Bri asked sarcastically as she stretched and sat up.

"Can you?"

She brought the blanket up to her face and screamed into it loudly. God, that pocket sized woman drover her mad! Nothing had changed in the twenty-nine years Brianna had been alive. After her anger subsided enough to where she was certain she wouldn't strangle the woman who gave birth to her, she got up and hastily tried to make herself look presentable.

Quickly she pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a black sweater, then ran her fingers through her unruly hair trying to tame it back into submission. Bri cast a glance in the mirror, then zoomed down the stairs to greet her big brother.

Aiden Taylor stood at the bottom of the steps, arms outstretched, already waiting for her. Brianna ran to him and they gave each other an obnoxiously tight hug.

"Aiden! It's so good to see you!" Brianna exclaimed with joy.

"I know! Once a year just isn't enough, hey?" he said, smiling ear to ear. "How are you sis?"

"Besides being driven insane by the pod person who calls herself mother?"

"Yeah me too."

They both laughed roarously, already knowing how this visit would be.

"I heard you brought someone." Bri finally said as the fit of laughter died down. "How long have you been seeing her?"

"Well, it's not really a her." Aiden said sheepishly as he shrugged off his coat and moved to hang it over the back of the dining room chair.

Brianna was shocked, and gasped aloud.

"Oh my God! You're gay?" she asked loudly with obvious disbelief in her voice. "Not that I'm judging you, but I just didn't think that you swung that way!"

"Brianna, stop."

She quickly closed her mouth by slapping her hand over it in an exaggerated cartoonish gesture.

"Yes, it's a man, but I am not, and I repeat, I AM NOT GAY." he said with mild irritation.

Brianna sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Then it had better be Vin Diesel for there to be this kind of hullabaloo over him. You being gay would have been much more entertaining I'm sure."

She was a little annoyed at the fact that her brother wasn't coming out of the closet. Not because she wanted him to be gay, but because at least then she and Aiden could discuss men and have the kind of relationship she and Zoey had never had.

"How about someone better than Vin Diesel?" a familiar voice asked from behind her.

Brianna turned slowly to see a gorgeous dark haired Adonis in the doorway. Her heart leapt into her throat and beat triple time when she realized that it was Nathan Mackenzie, her childhood crush, all grown up and in the flesh.

"NATE!" she screamed as she ran and flung her arms around him. It was surreal how she felt inside as he easily picked her up and swung her around, grasping her in a bear hug.

"Hey sugar. I missed you." he said softly in her ear, not letting go.

Brianna's body responded on it's own, her skin flushed and tingly, her breathing shallower.

A shiver went through her as she inhaled his intoxicating scent and felt every rippling, rock hard muscle rub against her body. Finally she forced herself to let him go.

"God, it's been, what, 15 years? I'm so happy you're here." she gushed like a boy crazy teenager.

Time had been amazing to this man, she mentally noted as she gave him a slow once over. The last time he had been around was when he had been 20 and she was 14. Brianna's heart had been broken when Nate's parents had shipped him away, and a few letters a year hadn't been any comfort. Besides, back then she was just a kid and he was already a man, they had nothing in common and nothing between them except friendship and the fantasy in Bri's head of him being her boyfriend.

From a handsome young man, Nate had exploded into an exquisite creature. He still towered over her, standing at least six four. His dark hair, a standard military crew cut and his body bulged with just the right amount of lean muscle.

The only thing that hadn't changed were those sexy as sin, smoldering dark chocolate eyes. Nate smiled a billion watt smile at her and her insides instantly turned into a puddle of goo.

"You're all grown up Bri. Look at you all sexy and curvy and beautiful."

Brianna blushed deeply, feeling embarrassed but his rapt attention.

"And you've got a really nice rack."

Her mouth gaped open until she saw the amusement dancing in his eyes. He was just trying to make her squirm.

"You pig!" she laughed, swatting him hard in the arm.

"Nathan, darling!" Vera cried, bursting into the room and kissing him on both cheeks over and over again.

"Hey momma V." he said cheerfully, hugging her delicate frame as he bent over.

"Oh, my darling, it is so good to see you! Don't you ever stay away so long again, do you hear me you bad boy?" she chastised.

"Yes momma."

"Good boy. So what you think of my little minx here? She grew up beautiful, no?" Vera asked, putting her arm around Brianna's waist and hugging her tightly.

"Yes momma. Very beautiful." he complimented, smiling at Bri.

"Beautiful, but stupid. She brings home some little pansy boy who's up to no good I tell you. Now, you and my Brianna, you make me dozens of perfect grand babies like I had always hoped."

Brianna's eyes got so wide they could have popped out of her skull and she began to cough and sputter as she sharply inhaled at her mothers outrageous remark.

"Come on mom, don't be so hard on her." Aiden said, coming to his sisters defense.

Vera winked at Nate and whispered.

"You chase away no good boyfriend for momma, my Nathan."

Nate laughed heartily as Bri tried to hide her face, and wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.


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