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Better Things (or People) to Do

Novel By: Angelica Jai

Brianna Taylor is in love. At least she thought she was until a Christmas vacation turns her whole world upside down...... and she likes it! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 19, 2011    Reads: 1,268    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

"So here's the deal. If you're hell bent on meeting my family and spending the holidays with us, I should prepare you now." Brianna Taylor warned her boyfriend of three months.

Ethan Brindell smiled at her over his cup of steaming coffee, making her smile in return.

Bri pulled her long chestnut tresses up into a messy ponytail, then sipped form her own cup.

"My parents are totally anal about cleanliness." she began as she picked an invisible piece of lint from her old gray sweatshirt. "And they're a bit... eccentric to say the least. Please, please, please just smile and bear with it. My brother Aiden is great so he's probably the least of your worries."

She stopped to catch her breath, then continued.

"The piece DE resistance, would be my baby sister Zoey. She's perky and perfect and everybody loves Zoey." she finished, sarcasm thick in her voice.

Yeah, she was a little bitter when it came to her sister, not that she wanted to be; but growing up the middle child with a brainiac brother and a gorgeous sister made Bri feel...well... ordinary.

"Honey," Ethan said lovingly, taking her hand. "Things will be fine. Besides, as far as I'm concerned, you are perfect."

Bri blushed as he kissed her hand gently.

They had met at a Starbucks on a rainy day after she dumped a hot mocha down the front of him, on accident of course. She'd slipped on the wet floor and flipped ass over tea kettle, hurling her drink in the process. Oops.

Instantly they clicked after Ethan assured her that he was no worse for wear, and made sure she was okay. He was handsome at six feet tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes, and mostly treated Brianna like a princess.

Mostly being the operative word, but after years of dating rejects and mental midgets, she actually thought he might be 'the one'.

"I'm seriously a million miles away from perfect Ethan." she protested. "Just please promise me that you won't let them scare you off."

"No way babe." he assured her. "I've got plans for you."

Bri gazed into Ethan's handsome face, hoping he was being honest. She was falling for him, but figured it was way too soon to tell him that. Instead she opted for giving him a very special Christmas gift.

Her virginity.

Brianna was raised old school and her mother always told her, if you can't wait for marriage to hop in the sack, at least wait for love. She held true to her values and had been called everything from a cock tease, to a prude, to a lesbian.

Brianna always shrugged the insults off, never caring what anybody thought of her. At least she wasn't like her sister, who screwed anything that moved.

Score one for the ordinary sister.


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