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Touched By Moonlight

Novel By: Amaris Maverick

Teresa is a normal woman living a normal life as a single parent in a crappy city. She does her best, and has made it thirteen years with no problems. But one night, one drink, one bar pick up lands her attacked; and waking up a Werewolf. With a psycho pack leader after her, her crazed ex boyfriend and a daughter in puberty she cant handle monthly transformations and her hunger for meat. Help arrives in a place she didn't know existed, in a more fearsome monster than the werewolves after her... in the Vampire Jake. View table of contents...


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It was cold this night, as Tera walked the dark streets from the down town area into the run down bar district. She had a shitty day at work, her boss had tried to cop a feel... again. Then threatened her job if she went to the big boss over it, again. She was at an all time low. She didn't have the luxury of a sexual harassment suit, or even temprary job loss. She had a thirteen year old daughter to care for. Tera was too afraid to risk losing her job over some prick who was so full of himself he gropped every woman in the office. Tera stopped as she heard some heavy metal music next to her. It was a bar, she smiled as she entered listening to the beat that matched her mood. Sure she was dressed in a shabby pair of business pants and a lavender silky blouse, but metal was her secret pleasure. Somewhere in the mind numbing, ear bleeding music... she could find peace. She sat at the bar an ordered a drink, the bartender eyed her oddly before nodding and passing her a tumbler of whiskey. She'd had a shitty day, perhaps one drink would ebb the irritation away.

She turned as she noticed a man next to her, he had white hair, possibly dyed that shade. He looked about thirty right in her age range, being twenty eight herself she was inclined to oggle just a bit. Though she knew nothing would ever come of it... she had Rachel at home and she never, ever, brought men home. He smiled and she was captivated by his two toned eyes, one green, one brown. He smiled and offered a hand."This doesn't look like your scene." He chuckled.

"I may not look it but I'm a metal head at heart." She smiled and took his hand. He looked intent at her as his hand curled around hers.

"Interesting, I'm Lucas." He introduced.

"Tera." She spoke, unwilling to share her full name with a stranger much less one in a bar. He watched her and she suddenly felt uneasy, she knocked back her whiskey and pulled from him. "Sorry, I should be getting home."

"Let me walk you." He spoke.

"No thanks." She stood and passed some cash to the bartender and hurried away. She shouldn't have come, she felt uneasy, and restless. He had completly weirded her out. She had to admit it had been a while, what had set her off? No matter. She was outside and she suddenly felt much less clustered, she moved into an alleyway and out into a residential street. She walked to the apartment building she lived in.


Jake eyed the door the human had just vacated... it was odd for one to venture into a bar filled with supernatural creatres. He looked to his companion, an italian man about twenty one... or he had been about twenty years ago. Ramone was a man dying of a stab wound when Jake had happened upon him. Pitying the youth who had only been going to college that night had been swept up in a mugging gone wrong. Jake had acted out of the usual and turned the man into a creature of the true night. Ramone was his one and only fledgling. Jake was one hundred and sixty years old, having been a vampire for a long time he knew the ups and downs of the whole city. He knew the territory better than anyone. But looking at the bar where the woman had fled from he saw the last thing he wanted to see. Lucas Orphan. The pack leader of the city.

Lucas was just this side of insanity. He was power hungry, and a peice of work. As a vampire it was Jake's job to protect the humans from the werewolves. Humans were vamp cattle not wolf prey. He frowned as his second came up next to him to speak. Lucas darted towards the door and Jake was up leaving Ramone to handle the bill. He was out into the night seeking Lucas. He was going after that woman, Jake couldn't let that happen. He inhaled trying to catch the scent, but there was nothing under the scent of wolf and magic. He froze as the smell of vanilla washed onto him, it was the woman. Jake phased into the dark following her trail, he stopped as he saw her entering an apartment building. She stopped to pick up her mail and Jake got a good look at her.

She had long and curly honey brown hair, and bright amber brown eyes. She was lithe but curvy where it counted, she was wearing black pants that might as well have been painted on. And a lavender blouse that highlighted her ample breasts. She bit her lip and examined a letter intently as she read the adresses. Jake growled as his body woke at the sight of her. She turned and he watched her walk shamelessly. She entered the stairwell and Jake shook his head, damn she had enthralled him better than any vampire could bespell a human. He jerked as he saw Lucas, in wolf form clawing his way up the brick walls. Jake phased after him, scaling the wall easily before sliding into a partially open window. He sprinted down the hallway and looked into the stair well. He listened trying to find the woman.

He heard a door open above him and he surged after the sound, he made it to the door just as a scream rent the air. He kicked the door open swining his gun off his hip and turning the corner into the hallway. He saw Lucas, his monserous werewolf body taking up the hallway as he shook the woman in his jaws. Her left shoulder tight in his teeth. He shook her like a ragdall as she shrieked. Jake lifted his gun and shot at Lucas, the silver bullets siking into his bulk and sizzling the flesh and fur. With a wild howl he let the woman go and retreated out the broken window he had come through. Jake sprinted to the window and leveled his gun at the werewolf running across rooftops.

A whimper rose behind him and Jake stiffened, she was alive. He twisted and pointed his gun at the woman. He should end her now, they didn't need another feral creature stalking the city streets. She was face down, her blood darkening the carpet. "H-help...me., she whimpered as she sobbed.

Jake felt his dead heart thump for her, he put his gun aside as he approached the woman. Looking at the extent of the damage she would die. He offered a hand that she grabbed, her grip weak but solid. He frowned as she looked up at him, her eyes glowing an eerie amber. She passed out and Jake looked at the wound again, it was already beginning to stop bleeding. He cursed, she was turning, and it was two weeks to the full moon... Lucas had been in this for an easy conquest, but he didn't kill her yet. She was going to wake a werewolf and turn on the full moon. He pulled his phone out of his pocket, he dialed a number from heart and ordered a clean up for a werewolf mess. He gathered the woman into his arms, her blood smelling suspiciously delicious. He leapt out the window and into the night.

He had to hide her and make sure she was aware of the situation she was in, she was in danger now. If he knew Lucas, he'd come for her again and again until he killed her. Target prey was just that to Lucas, something to hunt, something to kill. He made his way to his shop, his home. She would be safe there, he'd ensure that.


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