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I wonder about the two minds we have. The sinner and the saint.

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Every day millions of people wake up hungry. They go to bed hungry. The eyes tell the tale so much more than any number of essays or activist agendas. I wonder to myself, why do their eyes affect all of us so much. Why do we distract ourselves when we are reminded of such a thing?

Every day billions of people hunger for one very simple human need - freedom. They know that life can be so much more, but they have no idea that they can actualize their own latent potential to embrace this freedom.

No mainstream classroom curriculum will ever give you this information. Why? It is because it takes an extraordinary level of courage to realize that freedom is a choice, not a right or a privilege. Which is not what teaching is in its present form. It should be precisely this, but it isn't.

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying certain people don't deserve freedom. Every single sentient being, human or otherwise, deserves freedom. I am saying something else. Most of the bondage we see today is self created. It takes an enormous amount of reflection to see that this is indeed the case. If one dug much deeper, through the subtlest traces of one's thoughts, and through those quicksilver complexes we call identities, one would realize that indeed all bondage is self created. Obviously such a statement will be controversial, but reflect a little, and come back and talk to me.

What does this have to do with anything? We all know what the right thing to do is. We just don't do it. We procrastinate. Only by five minutes, or another day. Nonetheless, we procrastinate.

This brings me to a personal quandary. I can't imagine that this enormous compassion that keeps intruding my mind is the sideshow, while my own personal desires are the main event. I think I've been focused on the sideshow too long, and the main event is asking me to pay attention. Powerfully. Dramatically. Yanking the ground from under my feet.

Can we all self actualize? That is, can we all discover and actualize our own latent potential?

Are you aware that within you, there is such an enormous wealth of potential, that the moment you see it in action, you will wonder why you worried in the first place? Abraham Maslow, the psychologist, said that self actualizing people must be what they can be. In other words, the moment you realize you can be a self actualizing person, you must be a self actualizing person.

If you can write a great short story, then you must write it. If you can make a good speech, as long as you dig deep enough within, then you must dig deep enough within. If you can touch the lives of so many hungry human beings, animals and others, then you must touch those lives.

So why is it that this staggering potential is hidden from us? This is the reason so many of the romantic poets from the nineteenth century ended up dying early or committing suicide. They stumbled upon the gateway to such potential, but didn't have the means to access it. So they thought it was some mysterious force that flowed from some mysterious source. Since such a thought was utterly dis-empowering, they gave up on the lovely and lively business of living.

To us, today, this needn't be the case. If only you turn and take one hard look at yourself, precisely when your habits of thought are telling you to distract yourself - you can discover yourself to be, by far a greater person than you ever dreamed you'd be.

Where does this take me with my personal quandary? I don't know. I am all for allowing every form of expression, and I refuse to partition myself into a holy persona and a devilish persona, which vie for supremacy in a schizophrenic contest. Instead, I am going to reflect. Deeply.


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