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Submitted:Apr 20, 2009    Reads: 84    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Let no one come to you to make you what they are

Man is a creative machine and as you think so you are, see the problem has never been the porno actress, if your husband cheats it is because he wills it in his mind, there is never an action before a desire. If your wife complaints it is not because of you it is simply she is regretting something in her heart. Nature has provided the ground for all of us to experience what we wish to experience and that's why the masters have come here. They have come to tell you this truth: the mind is the plate served to you. Man is an idea and the god of man is and idea of the god of his. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Man is an idea of goodness, that's why man is aware of the goodness bestowed upon him, but man is free the chose how he experiences that goodness. Do you think the beggar is the victim of society? Do you think the prostitute is a victim of society? None of us is a victim. You have a choice and you have always had one. Whenever you think of something the cosmic well is moved by the thought you are contemplating. That's why in meditation you are asked to contemplate the goodness of life, by contemplating it you will be enveloped by this energy and you will feel just what that energy is. There is never a god who awards people some sort of Grammy for whatever reason. The only thing about god that is amazing is her willingness to let men decide how they experience her goodness. Do you think two adults who fight and get wounded should talk about the unfairness of life? No there too they have found the goodness of her lady god. God is energy in and out of man waiting to take form and whatever man feels and likes is what god feels and likes. There is no big bearded man holding a thunderbolt in his to judge man. Your bible is saying it clearly to you, have you ever wondered why the world was created in two times? Desires first and action second. Now is it not clear that it has never been the gold and the money but man? The only problem you face is you and as long as you refuse to acknowledge it you will die in shame and sorrow and there would be no one apart from you to get you out of the struggles and troubles you are facing. What is the kingdom of heaven? The kingdom of heaven is the father of the prodigal son always willing to offer to his child what the child greatly desires. Now you have come here hoping to find sweet words of comfort yet you have found out that truth is an ugly child no one really wants to carry across town. Away with the pinky stuffy kind of god and welcome the unmoved mover providing to man what man desires. Whatever happens to you is in you not out of you. This is the whole truth, now go and learn


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