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The Bakery's Brand New Treat

Poetry By: Bobby Evans

This is very GRAPHIC.. Please don't read it easily offended I don't wanna hear about how wrong I am that I wrote something like this.. This is a poem about a serial killer couple who owns a bakery and kidnaps kids to eat them for dinner and uses their bakery to lure them in. They also like to make love after they get done with dinner.. Like I said I don't wanna hear about how messed up I am to write something like this..

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****Please don't read this poem if you are easily offend or have a weak stomach.. I don't want see comments about how you can't believe I would write something like this.. Just see it as art and leave it as that.. As long as one person out their likes it, That is all that matters.***


The Bakery's Brand New Treat

A normal couple with a normal life

She loves her husband and he loves his wife

Passing by them there is no way you could tell a difference

They have the art of blending in down to a science

Living in a big city is the perfect place with plenty of customers

They get business from church families to dirty ol' bikers

Together they own and run an amazing bakery

Kids stop in daily after school to get a cookie

They always make the treats fresh that day

It get so busy that the line almost stretches around to the old cafe

Inside is filled with any treat for any taste

The fill the bakery with treats perfectly placed

Neon on lines are seen from the outside

The best bakery in town it can't be denied

Having only one kid in the bakery at a time is quite the feat

But once they are in the wife lures them to the back to sample a brand new treat

She takes the kid's hand and walks them through the door

Shows them around gives them the grand tour

On the table in the middle of the room sits a treat looking so delicious

The kid's eyes light up like it's their first Christmas

Can I try it please, can I please, please

What kind of person would she be If she didn't allow them to try the fresh new goodies

As the child runs to the fresh baked treat, he wastes no time

The man's job is to tend the front during this part of the crime

He cleans when the store is empty

When the last few people straggle in he tries to rid the shelves of the goodies, if there is any

Two bites left and he would have finished it whole

But the sedative inside the treat has taken it's toll

In a matter of seconds he's flat on the ground

It's their special little mix of animal tranquilizer and sugar compound

She drags the boy into the storage closet and goes back up front

The bakery is going to close in one hour, just got to be patient

As closing time draws near they do their normal daily routine

They finally get to lock up and enjoy their cuisine

They grab the boy from the closet and lay him on the table

Then strap him down, a strap for each wrist and each ankle

The wife grabs the silverware

The husband pulls out her chair

Seated at the table ready to devour the body

Stomachs growling, they want to dig in so badly

Got to grab the gag, the last one with all the bawling and yelling

She places the gag on his mouth, now the little bastard is snoring

The man pulls out scissors from his back pocket

Starting with his shirt down to his socks, he begins to cut

As the nude child lay upon the table about to be dinner

They shake the kid to wake him from his slumber

When he realizes what is going on he begins flail his body around

The couple begin to cut into his skin, they actually like it when the children make a whimpering sound

The fear overwhelms the child as his body flutters

A common sight for his hungry captors

Sounds of agonizing pain comes out as they carve into his body

A lot of good meat on this one, he is defiantly healthy

The child is going in and out of consciousness

With one arm off the child is half way armless

Tears rolling down the sides of his cheeks

From the hole where his arm used to be blood leaks

The wife smiles, I like it when the parents don't care about their kid's weight

This particular kid has enough meat to feed a family of eight

The perfect age, I love the juicy tenderness

The husband finally talks his wife into trying brain, this time without a fuss

The wife still loves the ass meat the best

The husband says that is fine just leave me the rest

Once dinner is over is time for desert

She takes off her apron, blouse, and skirt

Husband helps with the underwear, he gets naked also

Then with rope he makes it so the child and her are bound

With every thrust more blood hits the ground

With rage they begin to fuck like blood thirsty animals

He loves to suck all the little pieces of kid meat of her nipples

Sweat dripping smeared with blood their bodies move with such beauty

The wife yells yes cum inside baby

As they get off the child and the table the walk to the shower

The husband says tomorrow do you mind if we get our meat a little darker

By Bobby J Evans


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