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Love passion sex

Short story By: Nadiiahh

Tags: Sex, Love, Passion, Boy, Girl

Here a short something I wrote awhile back, this is my first erotic story. so I hope you enjoy :)

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"Come on babe, a quickie please." Nadia ran her hand up and down her boyfriend's back.
"No, baby I'm too tired I had a long day at work I just want to relax." he turned around and kissed her soft lips. She frowned she wasn't going to give up that easy.
" please babe I'm really horny tonight." she wined, her big brown were pleading to be fucked.
"Nadia I love you but not tonight."
Now she was pissed.
" But baby I really need your dick tonight." she began to rub Josh over his jeans hoping to get him hard. She was getting fucked by him tonight no matter what it took.
He turned around and stared at his girlfriend she had on a short black lace night gown, her small perky breast could be seen through the thin fabric he could see that her nipples were hard, they priced through the night gown. The tiny night gown exposed her curvy body, how he loved her body. He looked deep into her large brown eyes, they looked pleadingly at him.
Nadia leaned down and kissed him she trailed her tongue on his lips she bit them gently and tugged on them. Josh could feel his dick getting hard, it pushed up against his jeans begging to be let out.
" Ah looks like someone wants to come out and play" she smiled at the large bulge in her lovers pants.
Her small fingers reached for his zipper she slowly un-zipped his pants his hard cock greeted her, a huge smile spread across her face she licked her lips she hungry for his dick. She leaned forward and began to kiss Josh her wet tongue outlining his lips, his tongue met hers.
Josh grabbed a handful of Nadia's black hair and pulled her head back, he began to gently kiss her neck and slowly down to her small round breast, he lifted the night gown off her shaking body, her body was crying to be fucked but he wasn't going to give it to her yet. He tossed the gown to the floor and he took his shirt off too., he admired his girlfriend's beautiful body Nadia grabbed his head and pushed it onto her breast, he could feel her hard nipple on his lips. He began so suck softly on them, Nadia moaned in pleasure. This encouraged Josh to keep going he loved hearing her moan.
Nadia could feel his hard cock rubbing against her wet pussy, she wanted him so bad, but she had to wait until he wanted too stick his hard dick in her tight hole. She had to be good and did what he asked.
He stopped sucking on her erect nipples she frowned.
" on your knees babe" he whispered into her ear she felt his hot breath on her neck it made her shiver in pleasure. She jumped off the bed and and kneeled down. Josh sat on the edge of their queen mattress he kicked off his jeans and boxers he slowly began to rub his aching cock.
"suck baby." he demand. She did as she was told, she began to lick his shaft up and down, Josh groaned. Nadia smiled, she shoved his 6in cock deep into her throat, she began to bob her head up in down deep throating his cock, his breathing got harder
"don't stop baby, please." he begged he loved the feeling of his girlfriend's wet mouth on his shaft her hot breath intensifying the great feeling of pleasure on his dick.
"faster baby." she sucked faster and rubbed with her left hand while her right hand was playing with her pussy, Josh noticed that his girlfriend was playing with herself, it made him even more horny then what He already was.
Nadia flicked her tongue on the head of her boyfriend penis, and sucked on it softly, Josh threw his head back and moaned in pure pleasure, once more she shoved his hard dick into her throat Josh pulled her hair back as he watched her take in all his dick, this pleased him.
" I'm gonna cum baby." he pulled his dick from her mouth and began to rub it his hot liquid landed on her faced and dripped down to her breast, she licked his sweet cum off her lips and cleaned what was left on this cock.
He picked her up from the floor and laid her on the bed he put her long legs over his shoulders and he kneeled down, he shoved his head in between her legs and slowly began to lick her wet pussy, she moaned she could feel his tongue deep in her wet pussy, she shoved his head deeper into her cunt
"oh god" she moaned, "keep going babe, oh Josh."
He enjoyed being wanted by her, she never showed it out of bed, but in bed she was a needy little slut who needed to be fucked and shown her place in the relationship.
She thrusted her hips forward into his tongue "babe, I think I'm about to cum." she groaned
"no, not yet babe." he shoved two fingers into her tight pussy she screamed in pure ecstasty. He curled his fingers feeling her warm insides he needed to get her ready for his cock. He fingered her hard while sucking on her clit, Nadias body began to quiver as she came all over her lovers tongue.
He licked his lips and smiled, he had done good. Nadia sat up and smiled she began to kiss her lover she pulled him on top oh her their bodies touching, she wasn't done yet she wanted more.
"I want you to fuck me Josh." she whispered into his ear as she nibbled on it.
"Are you going to be a good girl and do what I tell you?"
"mhm, yes baby anything you want I'll do." she moaned
" now that's a good girl." he kissed her soft thick lips and trailed his sweet kisses down to her breast. He got off the bed Nadia frowned.
"Sweetheart, come back." she pleaded. He reached into the night stand next to their bed and pulled out a shiny sliver object Nadia smiled she liked where this was going.
" hands and knees babe." she obeyed, he pulled her arms and clamped a set of hand cuff on her small wrist he pushed her head into the pillow
"now stay like that my love." she nodded. He kneeled behind her and stared at her large round ass.
"are you ready for me babe?"
"I'm always ready for you." he spread her ass he rubbed his hard cock on her soaked pussy to lube it up, he slowly began to stick his hard shaft into her ass, Nadia winced in pain.
"it's okay baby, I'll be gentle." he slowly shoved it all the way in and began to thrust, being careful not to hurt his beautiful girlfriend. Nadia began to moan, the blood rushed throughout her body, his cock felt so good in her ass. He slowed down "that's enough baby I don't wanna hurt you." he began to rub it against her went cunt teasing her.
"I want your dick in my pussy." she begged him. He smiled whenever she begged him it made his cock quiver he loved being wanted.
He shoved his dick in her pussy she screamed.
"oh fuck baby you're so tight" he began to thrust his hips shoving his hard penis deep into her warm pussy, he shoved her head deep into the pillow and began to thrust faster, he smacked her ass and watched it giggle, his lovers moans were drowned by the pillow. He let her come back for air
" Oohh Josh." she moaned With every thrust she was closer to cumming.
"oh fuck Nadia." Josh moaned her body tingled at the sound of her name, she loved hearing him moan her name, it made her feel wanted and loved.
"faster, Josh harder." he obeyed he pounded her tight pussy with all his might, Nadia screamed in pleasure.
"I'm about to cum." he moaned he kept on thrusting, he could feel is cock ready to explode, the last thrust did it, he came. She could feel his hot cum in her pussy he thrusted 4 more times then she came all over his cock, he pulled his dick out and sat Nadia up, her arms still handcuffed behind her back.
She began to clean off his dick with her mouth, she enjoyed the taste of both their cum on her tongue. After she was done Josh un-cuffed her and threw them on the ground and he tackled Nadia on the bed in a bear hug, he snuggled up close to her naked body and whispered in her ear "I love you baby, you're mine forever and ever" Nadia smiled she turned around and kissed him and looked him in his pretty blue eyes, " I love you too babe forever and ever.
"pinky swear?"
"cross my heart ." she kissed him one more time and they both feel asleep in each other's arms.


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