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The crack echoes out into the forest as the male body slams into the trunk of a young euculiptus tree, and a flock of brown birds erupt into the sky as the tree comes smashing down to meet the mossy ground. A moan can be heard as the last remaining hunter sees the stillness of his companion, and that flash of weekness becomes the trigor as a flash of red and black whirls through the trees to land ontop of the helpless human. His scream pierces out into the last rays of the evening light, frightening away the last of the birds, and blood runs profusley down his arm in a torent of red, covering his arm.

"No, no" he moans, tears of pain and fear running down his cheeks, his right arm has been snapped in the joint, bending the exact oposite way it should be, and through the Blood his bone can be seen sticking out of the flesh. She sighs in annoyance.

"Honestly, can't they send anyone decent out? I'm begining to bore, picking off puppies like you" her eyes bore down into the mans, and the piercing green of her eyes stuns him into silence. His eyes shift bellow her face, and he holds his gaze, she follows his eye line, and slaps him when she sees her clevage.

"You ought to be gratefull I'm not killing you for that" he looks up at her in confusion.

"Your not going to kill me?"

"No, I won't kill you, but only if you deliver your bos a message" she falls silent for a moment, waiting for a reaction, when none comes, she continues, "tell him that I'm sick of all his little puppies, tell him, that I want him to send out his dogs, and only his best" Her wide, wicked grin spreads further out across her face, lighting it up. "Go" she demands, getting off him. He scrambles up onto his feet, grabing his arm and scurrying off, he's almost out of view when her chuckle rings out from her long, arched throat,

"I wont kill you, but they will when they see all you've come back with is a message" she walks off in the opposite direction of the man, chuckeling to herself. Annother figure stands waiting for her ten or so trees away, standing perfectly still, a dazed look on her pale face. She enfolds the dazed girl in her long, flexible arms, and the grin on her face turns seductive.
"Tonight, everything will unfold, tonight, the real action will begin." the girl nods her head mechanically, acnowledging her words. "tonight, he will be too tempted, he will have no choice but to take advantage of me in my sleep, then tomorow, when I tell you about the scandal he commited, you will have no choice but to dump his ugly excuse for an arse. Then that day, I will take you into my bed, and you will be mine" the girl nods up at her big, green eyes, and the lids close over the eyes as her mouth envelopes her's, crushing into it, her hands gripping onto the girls face, after a minute she pulls off, and her words echo out through the trees.

"All mine"


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