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Goodbye's the Saddest Word

Short story By: BeautfulPixiePrincess

Its not done im slowly working on it
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Goodbye's the saddest word.
She places the candles on the edge of the bathtub, lighting themfor those she loves. She just can't do it anymore. She finally broke; her life just wasn't as she hoped. All she ever wanted was a family who loved her, who wanted her in their lives. But instead she got a family who has nothing to offer her anymore; they lost her even before she walked out that door. She turned the lights off; candles glowing, a symbol of their lives. Seven candles burning, one will be blown out before the end of the night; a symbol of death.She grabbed the pill bottles, taking off the lids she placed them buy the candle, her candle. She picked up the knife and set it in the same place. She decided it'd be best to keep her clothes on; wearing short shorts and a tank top, she let her hair down and climbed into the tub. Allowing herself to relax, she put on her music. She took one deep breath before grabbing the knife; she placed it against her skin and wrote "Set me free". Her arm stung as the water ran over it, she sucked in the pain allowing it to give her the release she so desperately needed. Taking the bottle of pills; putting her lips to the bottle, her mind began displaying pictures; everyone she cared about and who cared for her in return went flying through her mind. Out loud she said"I'm sorry, I love you. Please never forget that." She choked down the first bottle and without hesitation she took the second one as fast as she could. Then she leaned over and blew out her candle; it's finally over. She could feel them kick in; her heart beating fast like an addict on crack. She started to lose feeling; only thing that was working was her mind. It was stuck on one image; a beautiful and intelligent young woman, one who saved her countless of times. She began to cry, her face was haunting her. Her face was the last thing she saw before blacking out.
An hour passed by since her sister went into the bathroom; does she ever stop thinking about herself? I need to go to the bathroom. Ah fuck it, Imma go anyway; She grabbed the door handle and to her surprise it wasn't locked. She screamed the moment she opened the door. There her sister was, in the bathtub still. Bloody water, empty pill bottles; She began to cry, running for her phone she dialed 911 in hope they could still save her. She couldn't image a life without Jade, she was the funniest person she has ever met. She barely heard the knocking, she allowed the medics in. Pulling her sister out of the tub she looked so helpless. They laid her on the stretcher and headed to the door. Before they put her in she read what was written on her skin. "Set me free." She didn't understand. In the ambulance she began trying to figure this all out. Why would she engrave a song onto her arm? Why would she do this? She seemed like the happiest person, always making jokes. She had a temper, an attitude you'd say. The only thing that was in her mind was why? She didn't even realize she was at the hospital and her sister was already taken in. She slowly made her way to the doors, once she did the nurse took her to Jade's room. The doctors are trying to revive her; they had already pumped her stomach, trying to get all the pills out. Hoping it wasn't too late. It was too much to handle she ran out of the Hospital, not stopping.
Dr. Andrews
Come on, open your eyes! Staring down at this beautiful girl, she looked around seventeen-eighteen. She wouldn't give up! She couldn't, her family would be so heartbroken. The writing on her arm broke her heart. "Set me free" what did she want to be free from? They began reviving her again. Praying to God to help save her. It must've worked because they got her heart beating again. "Thank you Lord" she whispered. Something isn't right here, why isn't she opening her eyes? No, it can't be; the girl went into a coma. She walked out of the room with tears in her eyes. In all her years as a doctor she never felt this way about a patient; she has seen babies pass away and she would never shed a tear. She would be sad but not heartbroken. She went back to the room with bandages to wrap up her arm. She asked the other doctors and nurses to leave the room because they've done all they could. Before walking out her friend looked at her and said "Don't get attached. It'll only bring pain." She closed the door behind her. Little did anyone know she was already attached, has been since she seen her. She began wrapping up her arm, once finished she picked up the girl's hand and began whispering. "My dear please wake up. There are so many people who love you; I don't even know you or your name but for some reason I can't leave you. You need to wake up; I know you must've touched so many people's lives. I know you touched mine." She got up and went to the door, before leaving she said "I will come back, I promise."
Mrs. Jacobson
In her office finishing up her work; she just finished the last paper. She shut down her computer, and started getting ready to leave. The phone rang as she put on her jacket; she got it just in time. "Hello". The voice on the other line began talking, their voice was sympathetic. She thanked the lady and hung up. Sitting on her chair she began to cry, she just didn't understand, she knew she was unhappy but she didn't think it was that bad. She remembered the last time Jade tried taking her life. She found out through an e-mail, she cried a little bit but she knew that Jade was okay. She grabbed her car keys, got into her car and drove to the hospital. She asked the receptionist where she was, the girl came from behind her counter and led her through the emergency room. Seeing her lying there helplessly, she began crying again. Closing the door before approaching the bed; she sat down in the chair, taking her hand. "My sweet girl, I don't understand why you did this. But baby girl you have so much to live for, look at how you touched my life. I need you, I may not show it but I do. Those days when I am miserable I look forward to seeing your face at the end of the day, it means so much to me. I'm not ready for you to leave. Please love just wake up." She sat there holding her hand until it was time for all visitors to leave. It was raining outside and usually she would run to her car. But not today she walked slowly to the car allowing the raindrops hit her face. She just couldn't believe it, She wished she pushed her into telling her what was wrong; she wished Jade would have came to her with her troubles; she knows she can trust me. She got into her car and started heading home. Half way there and she had to pull over, she just couldn't do it. She let it all out; the tears fell like rain in a thunderstorm. She couldn't stop even if she wanted too. She prayed to God she'd make it through and come out that coma; she loved that girl like her own. Her baby girl, she didn't care about her real parents they don't deserve her; they were cruel and unfair.
What's going on? Why can't I move my arms or my legs? Why can't I speak, I wanted to talk to her. I needed to talk to her. Mrs. Jacobson was the only one she ever truly let in; she knew that all her secrets would stay safe. I don't know what's happening, why aren't I dead? It's what I wanted after all. What did I do wrong? Did I take enough pills? Did I bleed enough? Oh God why can't you just take me away and set me free. I'm a prisoner in my own life, nothing can change that. If only they would have opened their eyes, maybe they could have stopped her. Even though she hated the fact they never asked she knew it was her fault; she became distant and quiet, too afraid to talk. She tried so hard to open up but the words never came out. She figured all she needed was a break down, you know? Scream, punch, yell and cry. Thats it, just a chance to let it all out. but her pain became so silent she ended up taking it out on herself. Now shes in the hospital, with no movement of her body, a wrapped up arm from the knife. She did this to herself, know she regrets it. She wished she was back at home, pretending. At least this way I could still kill the pain, now im stuck inside my mind. I wonder if my dad will come? WIll Andrews come back? When will Jacobson return? Wheres Allison, why hasnt she come yet? I hope she doesnt hate me for all that ive done, i know ive caused her great pain. Please God just get me out of here, I hate it here. My life is so fucked up! Ugh, please just fucking end this shit!!
Dr. Andrews.
Shes been seeing that girl in her dreams, haunting her. Maybe she is trying to tell me something, or does that sound crazy? I wish I could figure out what was going through that girl's head. She doesn't seem like an unhappy girl; she is very beautiful and could do anything she dreamt of. Those words keep replaying in my head! Set me free, what does it mean? What was she trying to forget? What happened that made her want to throw it away? I wish I could understand, when she wakes up I will ask. Closing her eyes, she saw her. This time it was different; there was another woman. They were in what looked like an office. The lights were off but there was christmas lights on and candles burning. The woman looked like she was about to cry, it was silent. No one talked for another five minutes than the woman started. "Jade, I just don't get it, why do you hate her so much? She's your sister, you cant hate her. There is no such thing as a perfect family, my sister and I fight but I could never hate her." Jade sat there not looking at her or saying a word. Another moment of silence before Jade began to talk. "I guess thats the difference between you and I. You easily forgive and forget, I dont. What she did is unforgivable and one day you will truly understand. But I can not face it right now, I don't want to go through it all again. One day Jacobson, one day I will tell you." Jade held tears in her eyes and tried hard to blink them away but at this point there was no escaping it. Mrs. Jacobson stared at Jade with sad eyes she so desperately wanted to pull her into her arms but she knew Jade would pull away. Knowing she was staring Jade looked away as tears fell. "Babe, don't cry. I'm sorry, please come here." She opened her arms and Jade ran into them. Tears falling harder than before she quietly sobbed. Holding in her arms Mrs. Jacobson felt a little better, she never held her like this before and it felt right. Like a mother holding her daughter after a boy broke her heart. But this was more than a boy, more than a broken heart. But what was it? Slowly tears fell from her eyes too, she couldn't stand to see her baby girl like this it was way to heart breaking. In the moment of silence a loud beeping went off and woke Mrs. Andrews from the horrible dream. Rolling over she turned off her alarm clock and got into the shower hoping that the water would take away the scenes of her dream. She didn't want to go to work today; it would only bring pain. Getting out of the shower she quickly got dressed and jumped into her car. She rushed into the Hospital; already late for her shift, She knew Jess would understand. Jess saw the look on her face the night they brought Jade in; the pain it brought. Dr. Andrews signed in and made her way to Jade's room with clean bandages.Closing the door behind her, she looked at the beautiful girl who laid there so lifeless. "Hey Jade, its me. Dr. Andrews. I said I would be back, I had a dream about you last night and some Mrs. Jacobson, it was one of the saddest things I have ever witnessed. I wish you'd wake up and make things easier." Dr. Andrews started cleaning Jades cuts. "Ohh m'dear, these cuts will become ugly scars; I wish I could erase them but I cant. Jade, you have people who care for you, so please wake up'' There was a knock at the door, Jess stood in the doorway. ''Dr.Andrews, there is a guy who has been beaten up badly and we need a doctor right away.'' Andrews rose, giving Jade`s forehead a kiss before leaving. ''It`s a shame isn`t it Jess, a beautiful girl stuck in her own mind.'' She didnt wait for Jess to reply she walked out and went to help the man who would in the end make it through. As she cleaned up the man`s face she kept seeing Jade; She needs me. Rushing into Jades room, all her moniter`s were freaking out, her heart rate was going down, dangerously low. Calling for back up, she began reviving her. Praying to God to keep her alive; her heart moniter beeped than went back to a normal beat which allowed Andrews to relax. She didn`t even realize that Jess was behind her, looking worried. Jess touched her shoulder. ''Rae, Im worried about you; you`ve been so hung up on this girl you`ve abandoned other patients. I`ve never seen you get attached to anyone before, what is it about her that gets to you?'' Rae looked at Jess and gave her a sad smile. ''Oh Jess, I don`t know; I`ve been asking myself the same thing over and over again. I want to treat her like another patient but I can`t. It`s like I have to fight for her.'' Jess wrapped her arm around Andrews and guided her out of the room. Taking her down to the Counsellor`s office. ''Babe, Just talk to her about it. Maybe you can come up with an answer.'' Jess said before pushing her into the office and closing the door behind her.
I just dont get it, why would Jade do somethg so stupid? Allison found out about Jade the night it happened but hasn`t gone to see her yet because she`s been so furious at her for it. She knew I needed her, everything was falling apart and she just made it worse! She grabbed her smokes and went outside; lighting one she started walking. Trying to figure eveything all out she didnt even notice she walked all the way the the Hospital. Taking a deep breathe she went in, asking the recepionist for the room number. Stopping at the door, she didnt know if she could go through with ité


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