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While he's away

Short story By: autumnevers

These are various fantasies I have about a boy in the military.

Submitted:Aug 27, 2012    Reads: 860    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

He walks towards me, smiling. it's been so long but he is just as handsome as hes has always been; those blue eyes pierce through my soul and I forget where I am for just a moment. He pulls me in and kisses me, oh yeah, I remember. After four years you would think some of the feelings would wear off, but they haven't. I still get butterflies in my stomach when he is around, and when he touches me, oh, when he touches me my mind goes crazy and my body craves him. I feel complete when he has his hands on me, I have been with other men, but none like him. He is the best. I mean, I love him, but it's not about our relationship or in this case the lack thereof. It's about our attraction toone another, physically and sexually. I always thought I had an insane sex drive naturally, but I don't think thats the case. I think he gave me the sex drive I have. I want him, I desire him in all of his forms. He kisses me again, pulling me out of my mind and back into the moment with him. I've waited so long for this, him to come home. It felt like he was in Korea forever, but now he is home and I can finally do everything I've dreamt about doing to him. It's been to long, I can hardly believe he's home. I feel semi distant from him almost like it's not real. I don't know where to begin, luckily for me he does, he kisses me again, slowly pushing me towards the bed. I've always loved that about him, the way he takes control over me. I continue to kiss him, and I run my hands over his body. I know his body so well, but somehow he seems so foreign to me. It must be the time, he has been away for a long time and I am nervous. The whole time he was gone I couldn't help but worry that he would find someone better and not come home to me, but this was obviously not the case, I mean he was here with me, right? I'm over thinking things, and he can tell. "Stop worrying so much, I'm here for you" he whispers into my ear, and I let go. By this time were laying on the bed and he's on top. I love when he takes control it's so hott, and soon enough he will see how wet he is making me, but not yet. I climb on top of him and take off his shirts, God, I love his uniform, I told him that was what I wanted to take off of him the next time we had sex, and sure enough thats exactly what I was doing. I rub my body against his, and he takes off my shirt. I kiss him, slowly making my way down his body. I take his pants off, and he is close enough that I could literally taste him, but I don't, I let the tension build a little more. I kiss his dick through his boxers, I can tell he wants me, but not yet. I make my way back up and kiss his lips, he tries to take control, but I don't let him, not yet anyways I have plans. I run my hands over his body again, I can feel his anticipation as my hand reaches his dick. I slowly start rubbing it, I finally release his dick from his boxers that were constraining him before. I make my way down again, This time I lick his shaft, and tease him for a moment before fully taking him into my mouth. He lets out a small moan, and I feel myself getting wetter. After five minutes of this I begint o use my hand as well as my mouth, and he loves it. I can feel his breathing becoming shallower and faster, he finally says to me, "I'm gonna cum" I continue to please him, and then I feel him start to cum. He knows I don't mind him cumming in my mouth, in fact I love it. After it's all in my mouth I swallow, like a good girl should. After all, ladies dont spit.


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